TAG Heuer vs Breitling – How Do These Compare?

TAG Heuer and Breitling have a sort of rivalry since they’re closely related in terms of popularity.

These companies have been on each other’s neck for more than a century now.

These two old Swiss watchmakers offer a variety of sports and casual watches that capture the attention of similar audiences.

Comparing what these two old-timers can offer would be interesting, especially if you’re torn in deciding which of their products you need to add to your collection.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer was established in 1860 by Edouard Heuer.

The company is popular for manufacturing impressive sports timepieces that made the brand a market leader in the luxury watchmaking space.

TAG Heuer is known for its exceptional chronograph watches.

The Carrera collection is the most prominent among them that it’s even compared to the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona and the Zenith El Primero collections.



  • Low entry price
  • Exceptional motorsport watch designs
  • Reliable chronograph features


  • Lower resale value
  • Limited selection compared to Breitling
  • Known more as a fashion watch in the market

tag hauer formula 1

Breitling has been in existence since 1884.

This brainchild of Leon Breitling is prominent for creating attractive and highly technical timepieces ever since then.

Breitling watches offer more sophisticated watches compared to TAG Heuer.

They have tourbillons and proprietary pilot watch functions that don’t have a counterpart among the products offered by TAG Heuer.

The most famous brand ambassador of Breitling is David Beckham.


  • Sophisticated models with numerous high complications
  • Higher resale value
  • Extensive warranty period
  • High water resistance rating
  • Accurate timepieces


  • Expensive entry-level watch
  • They use quartz calibers that some watch enthusiasts find distasteful
  • Few designs that are meant to flaunt extravagance

Comparing TAG Heuer vs Breitling

Here’s a brief description of what Breitling or TAG Heuer offers better than the other.

Movements and Quality

The highest award given to mechanical calibers is the COSC certification.

To achieve this the watch has to show an accuracy of -4/+6 seconds per day.

TAG Heuer has managed to acquire COSC certification on a few of their watches.

The company has still a lot more room for improving its caliber manufacturing process.

On the other hand, Breitling only has a few products that aren’t COSC-certified.

They also have Quartz Chronometers which is rare to see on quartz calibers.

These feats say a lot about the focus that Breitling puts in the calibers they create.

In terms of quality, there’s nothing bad you can say about either TAG Heuer or Breitling.

They use only the best components in manufacturing their products, so rest assured you’re receiving a reliable timepiece that will last for years.

comparing Breitling and Rolex

Style and Variety

TAG Heuer is widely recognized for having iconic sports watches that can be compared with those from more expensive brands.

Among their creations, the Autavia and the Monaco collections are the most loved by fans.

These models are inspired by motorsport racing, which is the lifeblood of the brand.

But TAG Heuer also offers a lot of other models designed for specific purposes.

There are the Carrera and Link for casual or formal attire; the Formula 1 has that unmistakably racing-inspired design that’s great for sports activities; lastly, there’s the Aquaracer that’s geared more for water sports without removing the racing theme altogether.

Breitling has a wider selection of watch collections compared to TAG Heuer.

There’s the Navitimer for pilots, the SuperOcean for divers, the Professional for formal use, the Premier for sports chronograph use, and a lot of other models that can be worn with casual or sports activities.

Breitling’s most iconic models are the Navitimer and the Chronomat.

The use of slide-rule bezel made the watches useful for pilots and intriguing for watch aficionados.

Recently, Breitling introduced their Emergency collection which is designed for conducting rescue missions.

This unique model is equipped with micro-transmitters that can be used for sending distress signals.


To the average person, the two brands are around at the same level in terms of popularity.

But fans and watch collectors beg to differ and have opposing views on the subject.

To many, TAG Heuer is more of a fashion watch than a high-end brand that can compete with Breitling.

This is probably the reason why some would say that Breitling is a more respected and prestigious brand compared to TAG Heuer.

Although the latter has been presenting products that are more sophisticated, they still have to work on a lot more to catch up to Breitling.


Breitling provides a two-year international warranty for any manufacturing defects you find on their products.

For the manufacture movement, Breitling offers a five-year warranty so long as the product is subjected to regular water resistance tests by authorized service centers.

TAG Heuer also has a two-year warranty on its products which is the average period offered by recognized watchmakers.


The entry price for TAG Heuer watches is $1,150.

For the most expensive TAG Heuer timepiece, expect to pay up to $25,000 for the Carrera Caliber Heuer 02T Tourbillon Chronograph.

On the other hand, the cheapest Breitling watch costs more than $2,300, which is double the price of those under TAG Heuer.

Breitling’s high-end model is the Bentley B06 which is priced around $50,000.

In this category, TAG Heuer is the clear winner because of its lower barrier of entry.

However, in terms of resale value, Breitling has a generally higher resale price because of the brand’s prestige.


TAG Heuer and Breitling caters to different tastes: the former has more sporty designs while the latter features more sophisticated models.

Breitling has a wider selection of watches compared to TAG Heuer.

On the other hand, it’s cheaper to buy a TAG Heuer watch than one from Breitling.

The choice between the two models will be based mostly on your budget and style.

Either way, you can rest assured you’re buying high-quality watches that will last for decades.