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TAG Heuer Aquaracer vs Oris Aquis – How They Compare 2024

Want to know how the TAG Heuer Aquaracer vs Oris Aquis compares in 2024 then we explore this discussion to help you make a more informed decision.

The TAG Heuer Aquaracer and the Oris Aquis are two watches that don’t differ much in terms of reliability, functionality, and design.

Their prices slightly vary from each other, but aside from that, the only clear determining factor in choosing one brand over the other is the dial design.

Since these two diver watches compete on the same market, it’s best to know which of the two watch brands fit your style.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer

The Aquaracer is TAG Heuer’s ultimate diving tool designed to withstand intense water pressure without losing precision and prestige.

Each watch is subjected to stressful watchmaking tests to ensure they perfectly reflect the traditional manufacturing processes and the incredible craftsmanship of people in the industry.

The TAG Heuer Aquaracer is easily recognizable with the 12-facet bezel that defines the uniqueness of the collection.

The beguiling design of the Aquaracer models makes them highly coveted among watch enthusiasts.


  • Stylish and sporty designs
  • Unique shape
  • High water-resistance rating


  • Oversized crown
  • Thick and heavy on the wrist
  • The large profile is not for those with thin wrists
  • Use of quartz movement

Oris Aquis

The Oris Aquis is a collection designed for divers.

The watches are equipped with functions made of high-performance components to ensure they work as intended without fail.

Each timepiece is designed with innovation in mind to make sure they retain the elegance and straightforwardness that Oris stands for.

Oris Aquis is one of the most popular collections from the brand because of its reputation as a solid tool watch.

They’re gorgeous, bold, stylish, and versatile, making them a relevant accessory for modern needs.


  • Cheaper compared to the Aquaracer
  • Available in a wide variety of styles
  • Highly durable build that makes it a solid tool watch
  • Watches feature different complications without sacrificing their high water-resistance rating


  • Thick and heavy to wear
  • Thick band
  • The large case is not for those who have thin wrists

Comparing The Aquaracer vs Aquis

Here’s a comparison between the two prominent diver watches:


The case sizes of Oris Aquis watches range from 40mm to 45mm and their thickness averages more than 13mm, so expect that they’re large and thick.

However, the collection also has a 36mm variant designed for ladies.

Most of the cases of Aquis models are made of stainless steel, but some special variations feature titanium cases.

The smallest TAG Heuer Aquaracer watch size measures 27mm, while the biggest is 43mm.

All watches are made with a stainless-steel material for increased durability against the elements.


The oversized, screw-down crowns of Oris Aquis watches are ribbed for easier gripping.

They also have crown guards for added protection against accidental bumps and rotations.

The screw-down crowns of TAG Heuer Aquaracer watches are also ribbed for easier gripping.

However, the oversized crowns have relatively smaller crown guards compared to those found on Oris Aquis watches.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer


Oris Aquis watches have coin-edge bezels that rotate in a unidirectional motion which is the standard for diver watches.

Their bezels have large index minute markers for the first 15 minutes and the rest are Arabic numeral minute markers in 10-minute increments.

The bezel of TAG Heuer Aquaracer watches also rotate in a unidirectional fashion.

The design varies though, with some featuring the usual 10-minute marker increments, while others featuring hourly increments to complete the 24-hour scale.


Oris Aquis watches feature a wide array of dial designs and colour combinations.

But you’ll notice that the dial colour themes use blue, black, silver, or white colors to present a water-like motif.

The legibility of the watch face is further enhanced with the combination of white-colored hands and index hour markers.

There are Oris Aquis models that have a day-date window, a small second subdial, a GMT dial, and chronograph subdials.

The special Oris Aquis Date Diamonds model, on the other hand, has a plain dial with diamond-studded index hour markers.

Like the Oris Aquis, TAG Heuer features different dial designs and may include a variety of complications including GMT, date, and chronographs.

The thing the different models have in common is the use of white-colored hands and hour markers for enhanced visibility.


Movements used in Oris Aquis watches vary depending on the complications and the purpose of the timepiece.

Those with a higher water-resistance rating have a different movement compared to one with a water-resistance designed for casual diving; the same goes for a watch with a day-date complication and a chronograph function.

All movements installed on Oris Aquis watches have automatic mechanisms with an average of 40 hours of power reserve.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer watches feature different calibres depending on the complication presented on the timepiece.

Calibres 5, 7, 9, and 16 are often used in the collection, along with quartz-based models that make the watches more affordable.


Oris Aquis watches are available in stainless steel and rubber straps, with the latter having different color options to choose from.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer watches feature a wider range of strap selections that include ceramic, alligator leather, gold, rubber, stainless steel, plated, and NATO.

Water Resistance

Oris Aquis watches have water-resistance ratings ranging from 300 meters up to 500 meters.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer watches have a water-resistance rating of 300 meters.


The cheapest Oris Aquis model is a ladies’ watch that costs around $1,000.

The most expensive one is priced at $3,500.

The cheapest TAG Heuer Aquaracer is valued at $1,350, while the most expensive is priced at $4,700.


TAG Heuer watches are a bit costlier compared to the Oris Aquis.

But in terms of durability, sophistication, and craftsmanship, the two watch models are the same in these aspects.

If you’re looking for a sporty diver watch with more flair on the designs, the TAG Heuer Aquaracer is a good choice.

But if you’re looking for a versatile dive watch that can be worn on any occasion, the Oris Aquis is the better option.