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Here at Watchdig we thrive on collaborating with companies who are producing quality timepieces. It helps us create evergreen content that satiates our audience’s desire to discover and add new pieces to their collections.

Its a Win-Win for microbrands and established watch companies for their watches to be showcased to the passionate masses and It helps us grow with you.

By participating with Watchdig, you’ll be tapping into a sophisticated top tier audience who are interested to invest in quality pieces.

Here are a few reasons to get started

  • Step in front of a stream of passionate watch enthusiasts without wasting hours on social media hashtagging and praying for someone to discover you – It’s virtually free.
  • The ultimate hack to crush “microbrand anti-trust syndrome” in its tracks and get watch enthusiasts to side with your vision.
  • The “Time Test Continuum” review that creates an evergreen buzz around your brand even if you are not marketing.
  • Bust these 4 potent triggers in your prospects mind that slaughter microbrands, and watch your new fans thank you for it.
  • We allow you to ethically bribe our amazing readers with exclusive Watchdig promotions to help them get the watch they have always desired.

How much does it cost to collaborate?

It’s free, however, we maintain a standard of reviewing real and authentic brands who have a story. We don’t except pop up brands, drop shippers and the likes as they will be respectfully declined.
We expect that you will send us your product for a full review at your own expense for us to do a review and showcase it to our audience.

For more information email us now at (remove the ‘at’ and replace with ‘@’).


  • I would like to write for you, are you currently taking any writers?
    With some fine conditions would entertain on taking on new writers who think they can add to the content. Please email us above to discuss further.
  • Do you accept guest posts
    Yes, we understand guest posting is very important for online exposure and we are interested in collaborating just as long as its a fair and mutual compensation.
    If you do reach out for a guest posting opportunity please consider the following and please be aware that we reserve the right to decline any such collaborations if the following has not been met.

    • Must be a whitehat website internally and externally
    • Must be active at least 1 year
    • Must be willing to mutually exchange links
    • Must have high-quality content on-site
    • Any article exchange must be of the highest quality