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We thrive on producing high-quality content for our growing readership who we know will benefit from it, and collaborations with watch companies and microbrands are the lifeblood of our hobby.

By continuing to produce the content we are making then we are interested in collaborating with watch companies and microbrands who have an authentic product and are proud to share it to our readers.

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How much does it cost to collaborate?

Its free, but we only review real and authentic brands that have a vision for the future. We don’t deal with dropshippers looking to make a quick buck.
We expect that you will send us your product for a full review at your own expense for us to do a review and showcase it to our audience.

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  • I would like to write for you, are you currently taking any writers?
    With some fine conditions would entertain on taking on new writers who think they can add to the content. Please email us above to discuss further.
  • Do you accept guest posts
    Yes, we understand guest posting is very important for online exposure and we are interested in collaborating just as long as its a fair and mutual compensation.
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    • Must be a whitehat website internally and externally
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    • Any article exchange must be of the highest quality