Oris vs TAG Heuer – Afforable Swiss Comparison

Oris and TAG are often compared because they target the same market.

Both high-end brands use the movements manufactured by the same third-party company, so the question of accuracy is out of the question.

In terms of quality, they’re both made with excellent craftsmanship that makes them worthy of being called top-of-the-line brands.
So, what makes them different?

Which of the two brands is better?

Are they made for specific uses?

Comparing their major features will help shed light on which of the two brands is better suited to your preference.


Oris is a watchmaker founded in 1904 by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian in the small town of Hölstein in Switzerland.

By 1911, the company experienced rapid expansion and became one of the biggest employers in the region.

The birth of the Big Crown model further propelled Oris’s name in the industry.

Their pilot watches, together with their alarm clocks, became significant creations during the Second World War.

By the end of the 1960s, Oris became one of the biggest watch manufacturers in the world.

Today, Oris has a reputation for manufacturing superb diving watches that have high water resistance ratings and affordable prices.

Aside from their limited-edition diver watches and classic pilot watches, they also now have chronograph timepieces and sophisticated watches that can indicate the lunar cycle and tidal range.


  • High-quality watches for an affordable price
  • Versatile styles
  • Accurate movement
  • Legible watch face
  • High water resistance rating
  • Option for extended warranty


  • Limited watch designs
  • Lesser known brand
  • Lesser resale value

TAG Heuer

TAG is a luxury brand that’s often connected with sports and racing.

Founded in 1860, the company has built a reputation for precision timekeeping and innovative workmanship.

They specialize in providing accurate timepieces for sporting events which is why they were selected by Olympic sportsmen during the 1920s.

Tag-Carrera vs oris
In the 1930s, the company launched the Autavia, which is the first dashboard stopwatch created for race cars.

Later on, they developed the infamous Carrera model which remains to be the most popular collection from TAG along with their squared racing watch Monaco watch which was recently featured in many movies and shows, knowingly on Breaking bad.

TAG is a popular brand that has been serving high-profile customers including Hollywood celebrities, sportsmen, and musicians.

The brand ambassadors of TAG include Cara Delevingne, David Guetta, Leonardo DiCaprio, and the late boxing legend Muhammad Ali.


  • Reliable and durable build
  • Precision timekeeping on all watch models
  • A popular brand that’s easily recognizable
  • Excellent chronograph watches
  • More fashionable designs


  • Lower water resistance rating compared to Oris watches
  • They’re often counterfeited, so be careful in buying TAG watches
  • Some of the lower-end TAG watches use quartz movements that can be obtained at a
  • a lower price from another brand

Comparing TAG Heuer vs Oris

Here’s a brief description of what Tag or Oris offers better than the other.

Movements and Quality

Both brands mostly use mechanical movements in their products.

Many of these movements are “éboche” or Ebauche which means they’ve been built using a base caliber.

Oris and TAG often use movements made by Ebauche manufacturers like ETA and Sellita.

But lately, TAG is creating more in-house movements for their products.
Oris generally have better watches that can be used underwater compared to TAG Heuer.

TAG also makes water-resistant watches, but they’re not on par with those made by Oris.

Style and Variety

Oris is prominent for its diver watches that have high water resistance ratings.

They have limited editions under this category which professionals and collectors seek because of their reliability and history.

The brand is also known for its wide selection of pilot watches known as the Big Crown.

As the name suggests, the watch models have oversized crowns and highly legible watch faces suited for pilots.

Although most of them have a military-like appeal, there are classy versions that can be partnered with dress wear.

TAG’s most popular collection is the Carrera line.

The line features a variety of designs with both classy and sporty appeals.

Some of them have day-date or chronograph functions, and some feature gem-studded bezels for a more luxurious vibe.

TAG is making efforts to develop more complicated and sophisticated watches that can compete with other high-end brands.

Recently, they’ve been expanding their product line with the addition of smartwatches.


It’s no wonder that TAG is the more popular brand between the two.

TAG Heuer is owned by a massive French conglomerate called LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy).

This is the same company that owns Hublot and Zenith which are both high-end luxury watch brands.
Oris doesn’t have the same kind of backer that TAG has.

They don’t have the same amount of capital that can aggressively promote the brand to the international community.

Nonetheless, each product that Oris produces presents excellent craftsmanship.


Oris provides a two-year warranty on all their watch products.

You can get an additional year if you register your watch at MyOris.
TAG Heuer offers also a two-year warranty that covers watch accessories like straps.


The cheapest TAG Heuer watch you can get is the Aquaracer model which is priced at around $2,600.
For Oris, the most affordable model available is the Williams Day Date which can be purchased for $1,350.
TAG will most likely fetch a higher resell value compared to Oris because of its popularity.

Final Thoughts

TAG Heuer and Oris are two high-end brands that spell quality and elegance.

They’re perfectly positioned at the high-end segment, just below the luxury level, so they can offer high-quality products at an affordable price range.

The entry-level watch from Oris is cheaper than what TAG offers.

In terms of design, Oris is more of a dress watch with classic styles.

On the other hand, TAG has a wider variety and more playful combinations that you may want to explore.

Regardless of which brand you choose, you’ll undoubtedly receive a watch crafted by some of the most respected watchmakers in the market so you can rest assured about their quality and reliability.