rolex vs hublot

Rolex vs. Hublot – How Do They Compare?

Hublot and Rolex are two high-end luxury watchmakers known for their respective styles in creating masterpieces.

Although these brands have little in common, it would be interesting to see how one brand fares against the other.

If you’re choosing to buy from either of these two prestigious brands, you may as well be more informed on what each of them can offer.


Rolex has been in business for more than a century, but they remain to be the most recognizable high-end watch brand in the world.

The continuous use of traditional watchmaking processes to produce timepieces with classic designs has made them a leader in the industry for more several decades.

Aside from highly accurate movements, Rolex is known for introducing patented innovations like Oysterclasp bracelets, Parachrom Bleu hairspring, Cerachrom bezel inserts, and Triplock locking crown, among others.

The revolutionary technologies they continue to contribute to the horological industry has made the brand the standard of what a luxury watch should be.

Everything you need to know about Rolex Diver Watches


  • Recognizable worldwide brand
  • Higher resale value
  • Designs are made with finesse
  • Highly accurate movements
  • High water-resistance rating on dive watches


  • Expensive price tag even on models with basic features
  • Limited strap choices
  • Not as many limited-edition models compared to Hublot


Hublot was established in 1980 and is relatively new compared to Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and other luxury watchmakers.

They’re known for creating unconventional timepieces that are unique to the brand.

The most eccentric horological masterpieces Hublot ever made can be found under the MP collection.

Hublot’s unique watch designs are a perfect match for trendsetters and people who want something different.

The brand’s market is the younger population who has a more forward-looking and adventurous taste for accessories.


  • Trendier designs that call the attention of anyone who sees them
  • They have numerous limited-edition and special-edition models
  • They offer a variety of watch straps
  • They use different combinations of case materials


  • Entry-level watches are slightly more expensive than Rolex
  • Not as popular as Rolex
  • Their designs are not for everyone

Comparing Rolex vs Hublot

Here’s a comparison between the two luxury watch brands:

Movement and Quality

Rolex is widely recognized for its Superlative Chronometers which are known to be some of the most precise movements ever made.

With an accuracy of -2/+2 seconds a day, it would be hard to find other mechanical watches that can produce the same numbers.

Hublot uses in-house movements that flaunt massive power reserves.

The Unico movement already provides a 72-hour power reserve which is longer than what mechanical watches usually offer.

But Hublot is not stopping here because they’ve made innovative approaches with their MP-11 movement that boasts an incredible 14-day reserve.

Style and Variety

Rolex is known not only for the accuracy of its products but also for the iconic models they’ve produced throughout the years.

The Datejust, Submariner, GMT Master, Day-Date, Explorer, and Cosmograph Daytona are some of the most notable collections from the brand that remain to be relevant and valuable today.

The style of Rolex watches has a more classic appeal but has limited room for fancy variations.

The inclusion of chronograph subdials, precious gem insets, and the use of different materials in the case and bracelet are the only different things you’ll notice on the watches.

Hublot has more avant-garde designs that make the watches stand out.

Out-of-the-box designs are the trademark of Hublot with their Big Bang, Novelties, Classic Fusion, Spirit of Big Bang, and MP collections.

Most Hublot watches feature skeletal dials that let you see through the inside mechanisms that run the timepiece.


Rolex is the most popular Swiss watch brand in the world and remains to be undisputed in this area for years.

Hublot, on the other hand, lands at the fourteenth spot in terms of popularity.

Although they’re a major luxury watchmaker, they can’t compete with Rolex in terms of brand recognition.


Hublot watches are guaranteed for 2 years against defects and issues borne of manufacturing problems.

Registering your Hublot watch on their website will earn you an additional year of warranty service.

Rolex has a longer warranty service that extends up to 5 years.

Make sure your Rolex watch is serviced only in authorized centers because any modification made by unauthorized parties will cancel the guarantee on your watch.


The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39mm is the cheapest from the brand, with a price that starts at around $5,700.

Hublot, on the other hand, has the Classic Fusion Automatic 38mm which costs around $6,600.

Both of these watches use mechanical movements and nothing less, which should be the case considering these are made by high-end luxury watch brands.

When it comes to resale value, Rolex has a better chance of recovering a higher percentage of what you originally paid for it.


Hublot and Rolex are highly regarded brands that produce watches with outstanding quality, iconic designs, and reliable movements.

Between these two, the choice will come down mostly to your design preference.

If you’re more adventurous and are aiming for a non-traditional look, there’s no better choice than a Hublot watch.

But if you want to go with the easily recognizable and time-tested brand, go with Rolex and you’ll never regret buying any of their products.