Longines vs TAG Heuer

Longines vs TAG Heuer – Which is the best buy in 2024

Want to know how the Longines vs TAG Heuer compare in 2024 then we will explore this discussion in this guide.

Longines and TAG Heuer are two Swiss brands with comparable qualities.

In terms of watch accuracy, durability, price, resale value, water resistance, and popularity, these two brands don’t differ that much.

The deciding factor will be the brand name and style preference.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer was first known as Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG back in the 1860s.

The brand later changed its name to TAG Heuer after it was bought by the fashion company LVMH.

TAG stands for “Techniques d’Avant Garde”.

The company is based in Switzerland and is known for creating one of the first chronograph wristwatches.

The company is also famous for developing racing and aviation watches under the Autavia, Carrera, and Monaco collections.

Aside from high-end watches, TAG Heuer also sells fashion accessories.


  • Sporty designs with playful color combinations
  • Reliable and accurate chronograph functions
  • The wide selection of design selection


  • Watch connoisseurs see TAG Heuer products as fashion watches that are too expensive for what they offer to customers
  • Low-end models are expensive even if they use ETA movements
  • Counterfeit TAG Heuer watches flood the market


Founded in 1832, Longines is one of the oldest watchmakers in existence.

The Swiss company was later bought by the Swatch Group in the 1980s.

Longines has a long history of developing innovative complications like chronographs and tourbillons.

Although the company is known for making elegant dress watches, they became more prominent thanks to the HydroConquest collection which is designed for professional divers.

comparing Longines and TAG Heuer


  • Beautifully polished watches that have a classy appeal
  • Versatile designs
  • Durable and reliable functions
  • A reputable brand name that belongs to the high-end market


  • Even those with quartz movement are expensive
  • A bit more limited design options compared to TAG Heuer
  • The date window on many of their watches is too small

Comparing TAG Heuer vs Longines

Here’s a comparison of the major points between TAG Heuer and Longines that you have to consider before purchasing from either brand.

Movements and Quality

Both TAG Heuer and Longines use either quartz or mechanical movements in their watches.

Unlike other luxury brands, most of their highly precise collections run on a quartz movement instead of a mechanical one.

But this doesn’t mean that both brands don’t have anything to boast in terms of automatic movements.

Longines has the Longines Record collection and TAG Heuer has the Carrera Calibre Heuer 02T Tourbillon Chronograph model, both of which have COSC certification – the highest designation given to mechanical watches for their accuracy and reliability.

In terms of durability, TAG Heuer seems to have the upper hand compared to Longines due to the number of sports models the latter have.

TAG Heuer has a longer history and a more established reputation in the realm of sports compared to Longines.

Style and Variety

Although TAG Heuer is known for its sports watches, the brand offers to watch collections for formal and casual use.

The Aquaracer collection consists of watches made for water sports activities.

The Carrera and Formula 1 collections have a mix of simple and highly complicated watches inspired by racing.

The Link is for those looking for the perfect dress watch.

The Autavia collection highlights TAG Heuer’s prominence in creating high-performance timepieces.

The Monaco collection is probably the most popular among TAG Heuer watches because of its iconic square-shaped case.

The watches under this collection have chronograph subdials that give them a sporty look.

Longines has a range of watches fit for dress wear, casual use, and sports activities.

The Elegance collection features watches with simple yet elegant design.

Some of them are adorned with precious gems, giving a subtle sophistication to the timepiece.

The Classic and Heritage collections speak for themselves with their old-school yet modern designs.

The Sport collection consists of timepieces with high water-resistance ratings especially designed for diving professionals.

The Watchmaking Tradition collection features Longines’ long tradition of developing complicated watches.

Each timepiece under this collection is masterfully made to exhibit why people have high regard for the brand.


Both TAG Heuer and Longines are internationally recognized brands.

However, according to Interbrand, Longines is more popular compared to TAG Heuer.

Longines also has a higher brand value, which means people tend to place a better price on the company’s products over TAG Heuer.


Both Longines and TAG Heuer provide a two-year limited international warranty on their watches.

It covers material and manufacturing defects.

Repairs are free of charge within the warranty period, so long as they’re carried out in official service centres.


The entry-level Longines is priced at around $725.

This is slightly lower than TAG Heuer’s cheapest timepiece which is offered at around $1,000.

As the watches get more expensive, the difference between the two brands dramatically increase.

High-end Longines watches can cost as much as $16,000, while TAG Heuer ones cost more than $26,000.


TAG Heuer watches have a more rugged and sporty build compared to Longines models.

Longines has more refined timepieces that make them great dress watches.

Unless you’re aiming for the high-end models, the price between the two brands isn’t that big to deter you from buying one over the other.

It will all come to your preference, whether you want a sporty design for an active lifestyle or a classy style suited for business and formal wear.