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Owning A Tag Hauer Monaco – My 1 Year Review

If you’re like me, someone who has a fascination with watches, I’m sure you’ve found yourself looking in the window of your local jewellers staring at the £10,000 Rolex wondering how you will ever afford a watch like that.

I found myself doing that pretty much every day on my way into work, looking at all of these fabulous watches wondering what it must be like to own one.

Well, just over 18 months ago I took my first step into luxury watches purchasing a Tag Heuer Monaco in black.

I didn’t know what the movement was or much about Tag Hauer as a brand but I thought it looked interesting, different and unique compared to the dozen other watches with circular faces.

Having now lived with this watch for the past almost 2 years and having expanded my own knowledge of watches, on the whole, I thought it would be handy for anyone in a similar position to see no what these watches are like to look at, but what they are like to live with day-to-day.

At first, I felt almost as if I was holding a newborn baby, ever so gently handling the watch, that faded after a couple of weeks when you realise that the Sapphire glass is made to deal with everyday life, the knocks & bumps that come with getting in and out of cars, typing at a keyboard, wearing it on a night out or even going go-karting wearing it.

The watch was comfy but felt ridged but again after a couple of weeks the crocodile leather softened and moulded to my wrist.

Photo Credits: @apc_watches on instagram

As someone who is on the go a lot and spends the majority of his day Infront of a screen, comfort was the number one key.

I had wore a Citizen Eco Drive in that past and while this is a great watch, found it to be a little heavy, not with the Monaco though.

I have been able to wear this watch consistently for 18 months without too many issues, the main places I have worn the watch have been in the car, while at work and while travelling.

In the car.

Driving while wearing a watch is an everyday habit most people will do so having the right watch in this moment is extremely noticeable.

Being English we have the steering while on the right side of the car and with me wearing my watch on my right wrist it is in constant movement.

The watch does slip a little with constant movement but not enough to disturb you.

I also find the watch face very easy to read, even in bright conditions, having the black face behind chrome hands really helps make the hands pop.

While at work.

I have worn the watch in 2 different jobs, one as an estate agent and one as a recruitment consultant.

In both of these times a large portion of my day is in front of a laptop typing.

Again I find the watch easy to live with, its light, doesn’t move around much when moving round a keyboard and is wearable all day.

It sits nice on the wrist also making it easy to tell the time or just gaze upon it when you have a passing moment.

Monaco quartz review

While travelling.

This is more to do with travel, I’ve worn the watch on 5 international holidays in the past 18 months and it’s a fantastic travel companion.

With the quick release clasp its easy to get off when faced with security at the airport, its super easy to change the time when changing time zones and its incognito.

This isn’t the flashiest watch in the world and for me that’s a bonus when travelling, it’s not as noticeable as something like a Rolex so less likely to be something that could be targeted.

Its also I’ve found a bit of a chameleon watch, it seems to suit any look I’m going for, it feels just as at home when I’m suited & booted as it does when I just want to play a couple games of pool.

The Pro’s and the Con’s.


  • The watch is light
  • Very well built
  • Reasonably priced at £1400
  • Looks great
  • Has a quartz movement so always keeps time
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • The clasp can feel bulky at times
  • The crocodile leather band has started to wear after 18 months

first year owning a tag hauer

In Conclusion

For me it has been a fantastic experience wearing this watch for the last 18 months.

As it has been my first step into luxury watches I have found it an enjoyable one.

At the end of the day if you are spending any amount of money on a watch you want to be able to ask yourself after a year, was it worth the money?


I would encourage anyone who is looking to seriously invest in watches but doesn’t know where to start to look at Tag Heuer.

The build quality is excellent, they are very affordable for the average person, have a long & fantastic history dating back to 1860 and are a well-known brand.

They are a company you can see in motorsport sponsoring the current F1 Red bull team and have been a historic partner of teams like Ferrari and McLaren.