Oris vs Longines – How They Compare in 2024

Wanting to know how Oris vs Longines compares in 2024 then we discuss this topic in-depth and you don’t want to miss out.

Longines and Oris are often compared because their watch designs look somewhat similar.

However, they have different movements and overall appeal.

Their prices differ only a bit, depending on the complications on the timepiece.
It may still be confusing which of the two pieces to purchase next.

Here’s a brief discussion on the two watches and what separates them apart.


Oris, having founded in 1902, is a relatively younger company compared to its peers in the luxury watchmaking segment.

During the World Wars, Oris became known for their hardy alarm clocks more than their wristwatches.

Just as when the company was gaining momentum in the market and making a name for itself, it entered a low during the Quartz Crisis.

To save the company, they were bought by the Swatch Group in the 1970s as an independent subsidiary.

After several experiments, the company finally decided to focus solely on manufacturing mechanical watches, and this saved them from total bankruptcy.

Today, Oris watches are easily recognizable by their red winding rotor which the company adopted since 2002.


  • Legible watch faces
  • Designs are built for professionals with a specific purpose in mind
  • They use mechanical movements on all their watches
  • High water resistance rating of up to 1,000m


  • They’re a bit costlier than Longines watches
  • Limited design selection compared to Longines
  • Less popular compared to Longines


Longines was founded in 1832 and is the oldest registered watch manufacturer in the world.

They used to manufacture pocket watches before they shifted to wristwatches.

For decades, they’ve been producing thousands of timepieces, and some of them have become timeless classics.

Longines is known for producing a wide variety of watch styles for sports, casual, and business use.

The reliability of their watches made them the official timekeeper for the French Open and has been a long-trusted partner of the International Aeronautical Federation.

The brand was acquired by the Swatch Group in 1983 and this helped it further propel its popularity in the community.

Kate Winslet, Andre Agassi, and Simon Baker are some of the most famous brand ambassadors of Longines.


  • Lower entry price because of their use of quartz movements
  • Their models come in different shapes, sizes, and colors
  • Quartz watches provide better accuracy and require less maintenance
  • High water resistance rating of up to 300m


  • They have a lower resale value compared to other entry-level luxury brands
  • Having quartz watches in their lineup, make them less sellable relative to pure
  • mechanical watchmakers
  • They don’t produce highly exclusive models like other luxury brands do

Comparing Oris and Longines

Here’s a comparison between the two luxury brands.

Movements and Quality

The COSC, which is short for Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (translates to the Swiss Institute of Chronometry), is the leader in testing movement precision of watches.

They conduct a series of tests to ensure a watch doesn’t exceed the recommended deviation of -4/+6 seconds.

Both Oris and Longines have COSC-certified watches in their collections.
Oris only manufactures mechanical watches while Longines creates both quartz and mechanical products.

Mechanical watches are harder to produce, which is why Oris has a higher price tag and limited availability.

Style and Variety

Oris has the Diving, Aviation, MotorSport, Artelier, Artix, and Classic Date collections available for both men and women customers.

Their watches have a more straightforward design with high legibility.

They have a more rugged appeal that’s built to be used for outdoor activities.

Longines has numerous collections for men and women, including the Master, Heritage, Hydroconquest, La Grande Classique, and DolceVita to name a few.

The overall appeal of their watches looks like they’re suited better with formal and business wear.


Longines is one of the oldest watch brands in the world.

They’ve been around since 1832 and their winged logo is the first-ever watch logo ever trademarked.
According to a recent report, Longines is the 5th more recognizable brand in the world.

Rolex, Patek Philippe, Chopard, and Omega are the only watch brands that have eclipsed Longines in terms of brand recognition.

Oris, on the other hand, is a popular but less recognizable brand compared to Longines.

Nonetheless, they’re still valued for their reliable and quality products that justify their price tags.


Longines and Oris both come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty for repairs.


Both Longines and Oris are considered high-end brands.
The cheapest Longines is around $600, but it’s hard to compare this with the entry-level watch from Oris that’s priced at $1,000.

The cheapest Longines is made of low-cost quartz movement, while the Oris uses an inexpensive self-winding automatic movement.
in terms of resale value, neither is better than the other.

Curiously, though, Oris watches tend to sell faster compared to Longines products even if the latter is more popular than the former.

This is probably due to how Longines uses quartz movements while Oris is a mechanical purist.

Final Conclusion

In terms of brand prestige, durability, and quality, Oris and Longines bear high marks compared to other watch manufacturers.

But when it comes to design, price, and movement, each brand falls under its specialty.

Oris has a more rugged look and a build designed for outdoor activities.

On the other hand, Longines suits office and formal attire better.

Additionally, Oris uses mechanical movement while Longines uses quartz on some of their products.
The choice of which of the two luxury brands is better will depend on the purpose of the watch and the budget you have.