Seiko SKX013 Dive Watch – Updated Guide 2024

Wondering if the Seiko SKX013 is a good watch to own in 2024 then this guide will help you learn more if it’s worthy of your hard-earned money.

The Rolex Submariner is probably the most prominent dive watch in the market.

Numerous brands have made homage timepieces of the iconic model, while some take inspiration from the Submariner’s subtle but efficient design.

One of them is the Seiko SKX collection which features some of the most popular and most affordable dive watches.

If you’re looking for an entry-level dive watch that will fit your small wrist, the SKX013 is one of the best options to consider.

Why the Seiko SKX013

Dive watches usually exceed 40mm in width, making it uncomfortable for people who have small wrists to wear them every day.

For instance, the Seiko SKX007 is a well-loved dive watch, but its large frame is one of the biggest concerns according to users.

Seiko took the customers’ concerns and decided to create a smaller version of the SKX007.

With the SKX013, users can enjoy similar features of the SKX007 without being annoyed by the oversized case.

The Seiko SKX013 is a dead ringer of the SKX007 and is considered the smaller brother of the popular Seiko dive watch.

The SKX013 features almost every function, design, and material that the SKX007 has.

If you love the SKX007 or anything in particular in the SKX collection, the SKX013 is a considerable option if you have problems wearing big watches.

Design and Movement

The SKX013 measures 37mm wide and 13mm thick.

It has a case made of polished stainless steel that gives it a vintage look.

It has a solid case back to help improve the watch’s water resistance.

The stainless steel Jubilee strap provides versatility to the Seiko SKX013.

It also enables micro-adjustments to ensure the watch stays tightly strapped to your wrist no matter what you do.

The SKX013 also has a unidirectional stainless steel bezel with solid clicks and no play at all.

It has a ridged edge for easier grip.

You’ll notice the standard markers in index and Arabic numerals on the bezel, along with the luminescent triangular pip at the 12 o’clock position.

The screw-down crown at the 4 o’clock position has crown guards to prevent accidental adjustments.

It can be used to adjust the time and the day-date function of the watch.

There’s no option for second hacking though, which is acceptable considering the model’s price point.

Seiko SKX013

The Seiko SKX013’s black matte dial enhances the readability of the watch face, especially with the use of thick, white hour markers and thick-bodied hands.

And with both the hands and the markers filled with luminescent material, you don’t have to worry about telling the time even under low-light conditions.

All elements on the watch face are protected by a scratch-resistant Hardlex crystal.

It may not be as sturdy and as luxurious as a sapphire crystal, but it’s good enough to withstand shocks and bumps.

The SKX013 has a water-resistance rating of 200 meters.

It’s good for casual diving, swimming, and other water sports.

The Seiko SKX013 is powered by a 21-jewel 7s26 automatic movement with a 41-hour power reserve capacity.

It has no second hacking or manual winding option.

Seiko SKX013 Features

Here are some points to consider that will help you decide whether you should buy the SKX013.

Movement and Accuracy

The Seiko SKX013 uses a 7s26 automatic movement, which is on the tail-end of the spectrum in terms of accuracy.

With 21,600 BPH, the watch may gain or lose at least 5 seconds a day.

The watch also doesn’t have advanced functions like second hacking and manual winding.

But considering the SKX013’s affordable pricing, these minor hiccups shouldn’t pose any problem.

You still have a functional and stylish dive watch that works as good as more expensive watches.


Due to the affordability and incredible bang-for-the-buck value of the SKX013, you may have a hard time finding one even on online stores.

It’s not surprising if it’s easier to get your hands on an SKX007 than an SKX013.


It’s easy to change the strap of the Seiko SKX013.

You can use the standard stainless steel strap or replace it with a NATO, canvas, or whatever strap that will fit the 20mm lug width.

Although the SKX013 is small in diameter, it’s still a bit thick that you’ll have a hard time fitting it under the sleeve when wearing formal wear.

Nonetheless, you can still use the watch for any occasion, thanks to its subtle, black-on-black, sporty look.

Frequently Ask Questions About the Seiko SKX013

Can I change the strap of the SKX013?

The SKX013 can be purchased with either a black rubber strap or a stainless steel Jubilee bracelet.

You can also use a NATO or a canvas strap on this dive watch.

Some users recommend using an oyster bracelet as it’s better than the jangly stock strap.

What are the color variants available for the SKX013?

Black is SKX013’s only color.

A black bezel with a black dial is its only color scheme, so you have to stick with its military-like design.

However, you can choose different strap styles and colors to help improve the watch’s versatility.

Is it okay to use in diving?

The Seiko SKX013 has a 200-meter water-resistance rating, so it’s safe to use for casual diving.

The watch can withstand snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, and other water sports activities.


The Seiko SKX013 is a more compact dive watch that features the same functionality larger timepieces offer.

It has a striking similarity in design and features with the SKX007, which is one of the most popular dive watches from Seiko.

If you’re searching for an entry-level dive watch that has the usual functions found on larger and more expensive timepieces, the Seiko SKX013 is the perfect choice for you.

It’s a versatile piece of accessory that you can wear on almost any occasion.