Seiko 6139 Watch review

Seiko 6139 Pogue Watch – A Deep Dive in 2024

Want to know more about the Seiko 6139 Pogue in 2024 then check out this full review.

There are so many exciting things that make the vintage Seiko automatic chronographs a must-have for Seiko fanatics.

Besides being iconic, gorgeous, collectable, historically appealing and significant, we are thrilled that this watch is affordable.

Though it’s pretty hard to give a specific number, findings reveal the iconic Seiko 6139 could cost anything between $100 and $400, which is a pretty good bargain, especially if you compare it with the plethora of options from other luxury watch brands out there.

Now, the million-dollar question is, what makes the Seiko 6139 such an impressive watch to own or add to your collection?

Please read our detailed Seiko 6139 review to find out.

About Seiko

The Seiko story started in 1881 in a small shop in Ginza, Tokyo, where their 21-year-old entrepreneur Kintaro Hatori started selling and repairing watches.

Since stepping foot into the watch industry, Seiko has released tons of iconic watches that are still very valuable even today.

Thanks to their consistency, the Seiko brand is a force to reckon with in Japan and globally.

In 1892, the Seiko brand kicked off its Seikosha factory, which soon followed with the launch of their wall clocks.

Given the unprecedented success of their wall clocks, the company launched their first pocket watch, nicknamed the Timekeeper, in 1895.

To capitalize on the gains of their iconic Timekeeper, Seiko released its very first wristwatch to carry the Seiko brand name in 1898.

Even after more than 30 amazing years of innovation, Seiko is still very dedicated to the perfection that has brought the company thus far.

Popular specification

  • Crystal: Hardlex
  • Frequency: 21,600 BPH
  • Jewels: 17 and 21, depending on the variation
  • Power reserve: 41 hours
  • Movement: Seiko 6139A/6139B movement
  • Diameter: 40mm (including the shroud)

Seiko 6139 Series

Being an iconic watch, the Seiko 6139 has many variations.

That said, the differences between them isn’t so much.

For some of these watches, the only noticeable difference was their bracelet and dial.

Even for the dial, the difference wasn’t so much.

That said, the Seiko 6139 models used the same movement and looked almost identical, so you may have a hard time differentiating which is which.

That aside, any of these watches will still leave the same impression you get the first time you stumbled on them.


The Seiko 6139-600X features a gorgeous stainless steel screw-back case along with corners measuring 40mm in diameter.

Like other Seiko watches, the Seiko 6139 has a case back that houses the serial and model number of the watch.

Also, the case back has distinct markings with the word “Waterproof” and “Water Resistant” clearly inscribed.

For starters, keep in mind that Seiko watches that carry the markings “Waterproof” were made between 1969 to February of 1970.

Subsequent pieces produced after then came with the marking “Water Resist.”

While earlier Seiko 6139 had their notch placed on the side, we have come across some variations with the non-notched case just near the crown.

We like that this watch’s large screw-down case back features some highly sculpted tubes, allowing the pushers to fit in nicely.

Thanks to its impressive design that doesn’t scream cost-cutting like many Swiss only collectors watch out there, you’ll love everything about this timepiece.

Seiko 6139


The Seiko 6139 features two powerful movements that have been lauded for their impeccable performance.

While they aren’t specific to the 6139 models as they have featured in other Seiko watches, we are happy that these movements perform exactly as designed.

The first movement is the 6139A movement which was popular from 1969 to 1971.

The second movement is the 6139B, a unique movement that replaced the 6139A.

While there isn’t much difference between these two movements, we found that the 6139B series movement has a more robust central chronograph wheel.

Also, the B movement was believed to feature a more simplified chronograph bridge.


Despite all of its impressive design, what people have come to love about this iconic timepiece is its mesmerizing dial.

Yes, we love the bright yellow internal bezel that is adjusted smoothly through the flush-mounted crown at 3:00; the hour and minute hands get our attention.

To start with, the hour and minute hands in this watch look superbly clinical and sit just next to the bright red Chrono hand.

This is closely followed by the teardrop-shaped 30-minutes counter.

Like other Seiko watches, this one has an applied lumed hour marker that runs along with the dial.

And before we forget, let us quickly add that the applied Seiko brand logo and the Suwa factory symbol sit just below the centre of the dial.


The Seiko 6139 series has four variations when it comes to the bracelet.

The first variation of the bracelet was the H-link bracelet, which has straight ends.

This bracelet was very popular from 1969 to 1973.

After this came the H-link bracelet, which featured tapered ends.

Like the first variation, this one came with every 6139 model until it was eventually discontinued at the end of production.

Another variation we have come across is the Stelux bracelet.

While we aren’t exactly sure when this bracelet was used, we learned it was combined with the silver dial.

The last variation came with 6139 models that were destined for the Japanese market.

Commonly called the JDM bracelet, this bracelet was included in every JDM model throughout the period of production.


  • Features Hardlex crystal which helps protect the dials
  • Water-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Impressive movement and dial.


  • It looks somewhat bulky and may not fit people with small wrists.

Frequently asked questions

How many variations does the Seiko 6139 have?

Based on available information, there are about 4 Seiko 6139 models out there, and they include Seiko 6139 X 6012, Seiko 6139 X 8002, Seiko 6139 X 6005 and Seiko 6139 X 8029.

How much does the Seiko 6139 cost?

Depending on the variation you opt for, the Seiko 6139 should cost anywhere between $100 to $400.

Is it worth it?

For a watch that features pristine specs, automatic movement, impressive dial and more, we can say for sure that this watch lives up to its promise.

So yes, it is worth the money spent purchasing it.


If you have always wanted to lay your hands on an iconic watch, especially one of the very first chronographs to be ever made, you’ll not be disappointed to give Seiko 6139 a try.

And because it doesn’t cost a fortune, you won’t spend much to get this watch.