Seiko SKX007 vs. Seiko SKX013 Comparison Guide

Seiko SKX007 vs. Seiko SKX013 Comparison Guide

The SKX lineup of Seiko represents their collection of diver watches.

Among the many models in this series, the SKX007 and the SKX013 are often compared because of their uncanny similarities.

So, which of these two models is better?

What sets them apart from each other?

What makes one more preferable over the other?
Here’s a short guide that will help you decide which model is more suited to your needs.

The Seiko SKX007 Watch

The Seiko SKX007 has the same design and style often seen on diver watches: large hour markers, chunky hands, and a functional bezel all covered with luminescent material to enhance the watch’s visibility even under poor light conditions.

Seiko SKX007 Watch review
What makes the Seiko SKX007 on a closer look is the recessed effect of the chapter ring.

This tiny detail makes the Seiko SKX007 look like a Rolex Submariner from a distance.


  • Good lume brightness
  • Cheaper compared to the SKX013
  • Highly legible watch face
  • Durable build that can withstand rugged use


  • No seconds hacking or manual winding feature
  • Not for people with small wrists
  • Day-date feature can take a long time to adjust

The Seiko SKX013 Watch

This model is the smaller brother of the Seiko SKX007.

Almost every feature of this watch is identical to that of the Seiko SKX007 except for a few, minor modifications.

Seiko SKX013 Watch

The hands of the Seiko SKX013 are smaller and thinner and aren’t as sharp as the ones on the Seiko SKX007.

The luminescent markers also don’t stretch to the edges.

There seems to be another variant of this model under the name SKX013J.

However, the only difference between the SKX013J and the SKX013 is that the former is assembled and checked in Japan.

Aside from this, every feature you see on the two models are the same.

Rest assured that the Seiko SKX013 and SKX013J are built with the same materials and boast the same quality as the Seiko SKX007.


  • Lighter compared to the SKX007
  • It’s a better fit for users with small wrists
  • Good lume brightness
  • Highly legible watch face


  • No seconds hacking or manual winding feature
  • Day-date feature can take a long time to adjust
  • Smaller dial makes the watch face looks a little cramped

Comparing the Seiko SKX013 vs Seiko SKX007

Here’s a comparison between the two almost identical Seiko watches.

The Seiko SKX007 measures 42mm in diameter, while the Seiko SKX013 has a smaller build of 38mm.

The stainless steel casing of both watches measure 13mm thick, so they’re quite bulky compared to your average watch size.

The watches have a solid case back made of stainless steel with the Seiko tsunami insignia.

The case backs are screwed tightly into the case to ensure water doesn’t seep into the inner workings of the timepiece.

The watch face of both models is protected by a scratch-resistant Hardlex crystal.

Its quality is good enough considering the prices of the two models, although you have to set expectations on how easy it is for the crystal to get smudged.


The crown on both models has a fine teeth edge and is located at the 4 o’clock position.

The crown guards are perfectly sized to make the crown unobtrusive when worn.

The crown is larger than usual but not oversized to the point that it makes the watch irritating to wear.


Both models have a 120-click, unidirectional rotating bezel made of stainless steel.

The bezel also has a luminous triangular pip on the 12 o’clock position.

It also has index minute markers and Arabic numeral markers in 10-minute progressions.

Both the Seiko SKX007 and the Seiko SKX013 have classic black bezels with white markings.


The Seiko SKX007 and the Seiko SKX013 have black dials with luminescent markers for better visibility.

On the 3 o’clock position, you’ll find a day-date window in white background and colored lettering.

On the outer dial of both Seiko models, you’ll see silver-colored index minute markers.

The hour markers, on the other hand, are represented with a combination of triangular, circular, and elliptical markers.

Both models forego anything fancy to make the watch face as legible as possible.


You may think that for its affordable price, the watches are powered by a quartz movement.

However, both models use the entry-level Seiko 7s26 automatic movement.

The movement features a 40-hour power reserve and a day-date complication.

The Seiko 7s26 is equipped with a Diaspring mainspring to prevent the mechanisms from excessive winding.

It also has the Diashock feature that ensures the watch remains shock-proof and reliable even under stress.


The band of the Seiko SKX007 is slightly bigger at 26mm compared to Seiko SKX013’s 24mm.

This is barely noticeable whether you choose the Jubilee bracelet or the rubber strap for the watch.

Having the choice between two strap styles make these two Seiko dive watches versatile.

You can switch to the metal bracelet for a more formal look or use the rubber strap for sports activities.

Water Resistance

Both models have a 200-meter water resistance rating which is good enough for a diver watch.


The Seiko SKX013 is priced around $360.

The Seiko SKX007’s price ranges from $335 to $370, depending on the strap style you choose.

Final Conclusion

The Seiko SKX007 and SKX013 are two of the most noteworthy sub-$500 diver watches.

They’re tough as nails and can be subjected to rugged use without worrying about durability and reliability.

If you’re looking for a basic diver watch that’s affordable, functional, and tough, you can’t go wrong buying any of these two models from Seiko.