Manufaktur Waldhoff Capital Watch Review

Manufaktur Waldhoff started last 2015 under the leadership of the Swiss watch designer Manfred Starck Uhren. Their goal is to create high-end automatic watches by combining Swiss design and German engineering. Assembly, calibration, and testing are all done in-house, so customers can rest assured they’re buying only high-quality products.

The Manufaktur Waldhoff Capital Diamond Silver 

The Capital Diamond Silver measures 44mm wide and 11.8mm thick, giving it the perfect size suitable for a dress watch; its thin build allows it to easily slip under the cuffs of your sleeves.  Its case is made of 316L stainless steel with an exhibition case back to match the skeleton dial. The dial is protected by a flat sapphire crystal sandwich with anti-reflective coating for enhanced clarity of both the dial and the engraved case back rotor.  


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