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How Much is A Relic Watch – Are They Worth It?

If you’re on the market for something fashionable, stylish, and affordable at the same time, you’ll definitely fancy the all amazing Relic wristwatch, which has become highly sought after by watch lovers looking for a brilliant timepiece that ticks all their boxes.

And just so you know, Relic is a sub-brand of Fossil.

For starters, the Fossil brand kicked off in the 1980s, and since then, the brand has been recognized for making some of the most exceptional and sophisticated timepieces.

While their watches are one of a kind, they are specifically designed for high-income groups.

Unfortunately, the staggering price tag of their products has forced many watch lovers to look elsewhere.

Thankfully, the brand thought things through by creating the Relic brand to appeal to the broader market.

While the company created the Relic brand to reach the unreachable, this dramatically grew its customer base.

Like most Fossil watches, the Relic brand was exclusively designed to produce luxury watches that don’t cost a fortune.

And because the Fossil brand houses the Relic brand, they both share quite many similarities when it comes to design and features.

While most of their models share an identical design, the quality of materials used by both brands differs a great deal.

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If you have always wanted to wear a decent luxury watch without digging too deep into your savings, you’ll most likely fancy the Relic watch.

Though they may not be as sophisticated as luxury timepieces from the Fossil brand, guess what?

Relic watches are not a walkover.

While relic wristwatches have a typical lifespan of 1-2 years for heavy wear, they can last up to 5 years or more with light wear.

To be honest, even though relic wristwatches are designed to look luxurious and attractive, they wouldn’t cost you a fortune.

So for watch lovers looking for a watch that is stylish, luxurious, and affordable, you’ll fall in love with Relic watches.

On the flip side, if you think you have the cash for high-end wristwatches, you can explore all of the various collections offered by the Fossil brand.

That said, one of the major complaints about Relic watches is that their outer coating and colorization tend to wear off with heavy use and high levels of perspiration.

Nonetheless, Relic watches have surprisingly good components that are durable.

So even if you get these watches for a reasonable price, they will live up to their promises.

Do Relic watches have a warranty?

Relic watches have some of the most unbelievable warranties you’ll ever encounter in the watch industry compared to other brands.

With a Relic timepiece, you’ll enjoy a limited warranty up to 12-years from the date of purchase.

Another cool thing about their warranty is that it covers both material and manufacturing defects.

During the warranty period, Relic ensures that their movement, hands, and dial are specifically covered.

This means your watch will be replaced or repaired at an authorized service center.

That said, keep in mind that you’ll be charged an extra $8.50 for shipping and handling fees as outlined by the Relic warranty service agreement.

Another exciting thing we love about the Relic brand is that they offer to repair watches with issues that aren’t covered by their warranty.

Here is a breakdown of the extra services the brand offers:

  • Relic charges $18.50 for battery replacement. Also, you’ll have to pay another extra $8.50 for the return fee.
  • To fix all components not covered by the company’s 12-year limited warranty, Relic charges around $45.00. Keep in mind that this doesn’t include the return shipping fee of $8.50

Note: To qualify for Relic warranty, you have to buy your Relic wristwatch from an authorized dealer.Relic-by-Fossil-Mens-Garrett-Quartz-Stainless-Steel-Sport-Watch


Are Relic wrist watches expensive?

Relic wristwatches are among some of the most fashionable and affordable luxury timepieces out there currently.

A vast majority of wristwatches under the Relic brand go for less than $100.

If you were to shop for a Relic at a departmental store, you might end up spending between $100 to $150 for some of the high-end collections from this brand.

And if you think that $100 is a lot to cough out for a wristwatch, you’ll be happy to learn that some watches from the Relic brand go as low as $50.

A brilliant example is the Relic Men’s Gunmetal which cost a meager $49 on some retail websites.

Similarly, the Relic Men’s Jake Strap timepiece comes at a retail price of $38 or less.

Are Relic watches worth the hype?

Reading through a Relic watch review will leave you absolutely impressed.

And the fact that Relic watches are super affordable makes them highly sought after.

While their attractive price point makes them appealing, their impressive features also make Relic watches worth checking out.

In case you don’t know, Relic watches feature quartz movements, stainless steel bracelets in addition to their mesmerizing design.

Let us also add that these watches are durable, heavy, and maintain time with utmost precision.

If what you want is an affordable luxury wristwatch that ticks all your boxes, you’ll not be disappointed to give a Relic wristwatch a try.

Frequently asked questions

Are Relic timepieces waterproof?

Even though Relic watches are designed to be water-resistant up to 165, there is no guarantee that they will hold up, so you’re advised to use them with caution underwater.

Also, you don’t want to use a Relic wristwatch in a pool with any kind of chlorine.

How good are Relic watches?

Without mincing words, the Relic brand offers quality and affordable luxury watches.

Though their watches may not be as sophisticated as watches from the Fossil brand, the Relic brand doesn’t disappoint in terms of quality.

With heavy use, Relic watches can serve you up to 2 years.

On the flip side, they should stay up and running for up to 5 years with moderate use.

Who makes Relic watches?

Even though Relic watches are designed in the US, many of their watches are manufactured in China.

As a sub-brand under Fossil Groups, Relic has warmed its way into the

hearts of many watch lovers looking for affordable luxury watches.