Svenn Night blue Wood Watch Review

Since reviewing watches I’ve received many questions about wood watches, because as time has gone on many have been wondering “what makes a good watch?”, vs a bad one.

I managed to get in contact with Svenn watches because they are offering a simplistic yet elegant selection of wood watches that keeps true to the eco-friendly mantra without compromising quality and above all, it makes the perfect gifting option for those who seek the perfect gift for this years Christmas season coming up.

Svenn is a new contender in the world of quality wooden watches.

From the Netherlands, they made their inception in 2017, they’ve since culminated a beautiful range of modern and elegant designs for men and women and, even offering a couple’s selection of watches.

They feature the essential high-quality materials that make buying a wood watch for yourself or a loved one a no brainer.

You’ve probably seen them at your local gift shop, at the airport for $10 to $20 and you may have thought what the difference is between a high-quality wood watch and a cheap watch.

You’re going to be thrilled you read this article first because you are going to save yourself the time, money and the disappointment that many have faced before you because they wasted their money on a cheap wood watch that they thought was good at the time of purchasing.

Let’s get straight into it

Talk about bang per buck, Svenns watches come at a fair price which includes high-quality materials, a 1-year warranty and returns policy that will give you confidence that Svenn is not just another Pop-up watch brand trying to peddle cheap quality watches for exorbitant upmarket prices like many other cheap and nasty brands on the market.

Svenn’s watches come with a SWISS made Ronda Quartz movement for ideal time telling functionality, Saphire glass to protect the watch dial from scratches and dings, along with the choice of quality woods for their watch cases and bracelets.

They also offer personalized engraving services which means you can add a personal touch if you plan to make this watch a gift to a loved one.

Another thing, this is probably not the first time you’ve come into contact with a wood watch in the wild?

The main difference in quality is determined by the materials that are used to produce the watch.

Most of the time it takes a few seconds to figure out if a watch is good or not if you know exactly what movement it has running inside, the sound of that movement (if its an automatic) The type of finish on the case and, even the presentation.

The brand is another key indicator of quality, however with wood watches many have no idea what they are looking at.

Everyone knows that Swiss materials for watches are the best in the industry because they stand the test of time and the world’s biggest watchmakers are swiss owned.

So I think it’s safe to say that buying a watch with Swiss influence is a good buy, and Svenn watches have gone that extra mile to secure the quality in their watches.


Looking at Svenns Remio series Night blue, it comes with a beautiful tempered wood case and bracelet which has been sourced from the East Africa region.

The feel of the watch is highly refined with a good amount of attention to the smaller details with the finish and brand engravings.

No burs or fractures in the wood can be found and it’s very smooth to touch.

You can see the all-natural straight and wavy grains on the case and oyster style wooden bracelet which is a great reminder that this s an all-natural timepiece that’s made its way from the jungles of Africa to your wrist.

And to me, that idea makes this piece much more special to think about.

The dial is has a resemblance to the night sky with its deep blue color that changes depending on which angle you look at it from.

In the 6 o’clock position, there a 1 sub-dial to show the independent second hand effortlessly sweeping.

I love the seamless look of the deployment bucket on the wood bracelet, it looks slick and eye candy to those who have seen and tried on the watch in person which is another indication of its attention to detail that Svenn puts into their wooden timepieces.

The Unboxing Experience:

The watch comes in a simple wooden box, nothing overly extravagant like other brands, however when you open the watch box you are presented with a wholesome all-natural presentation.

The watch lays wrapped around a protective bag cushion, and its nestled in amongst a bed of straw.

I found that it gave me that organic farmers-market rustic mood, that same feeling that makes you feel all warm and toasty inside.

It also came with a little complimentary bracelet that adds a little something extra to the style of this watch.

Who is this watch for

If you have just read my experience of the Svenn watches unboxing then I think this watch is the perfect gift for someone who loves eco-friendly products that are made from quality materials and someone who is into fashion and styles.

Best of all this watch goes well for practically any season of casual fashion trends.


If you love what you see from Svenn watches and if you are wondering if they are worth the money, then I would say yes.

Along with the well-made watches they have great customer service and attention to detail with their watch line.

If you want to avoid the common pitfalls like the crummy quality of the cheaper counterparts then Svenn is a safe brand you know you are getting your money worth.

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