Waidzeit Wooden Watch

Waidzeit Wooden Watch Review – Are They Worth It in 2024

Waidzeit is a renowned Slovakian watch manufacturer specializing in making timeless wooden watches that are sleek and trendy.

Since making headway into the watch industry, Waidzeit has enjoyed immense popularity, and that’s because the company chose to specialize in a niche that is gaining massive popularity.

Thanks to their unique collections of wooden watches, you now have access to incredible timepieces that showcase your personality and your pristine taste for only the best.

And just so you know, their wooden watches are an ideal gift for anyone.

We particularly love the fact that Waidzeit pays attention to details when producing their classy timepieces.

It’s the main reason why their watches look irresistible and all shades of classy.

Now that you know a bit of background about the company let’s take you through a detailed review of one of their best wooden watches yet- Waidzeit Wooden watch men’s Alpine Matterhorn brown.

Close up of the Waidzeit dial

Why we love the Waidzeit Wooden

There are watches, and there is the Waidzeit Wooden that makes you the envy of the crowd.

Designed to look absolutely stunning and unmissable, the Waidzet Wooden watch will add to your already impressive personality and style.

Though simple, the Waidzeit Wooden watch reeks of luxury, only that this time, you don’t have to break the bank to get this affordable wooden watch that has been thoughtfully designed with you in mind.

If fancy and stylish are what you want in a wristwatch, then be rest assured that this Alpin watch will make you stand out from the crowd, as it combines fancy and stylish in such a beautiful way that other watch brands don’t come close.

And the exciting part is that this brilliant and beautiful Waidzeit wooden watch model is designed for both men and women.

So for couples looking for a matching timepiece that fits their bubbling personality, you won’t be disappointed to give this superb wooden wristwatch a try.


The Waidzeit wooden Matterhorn model has been carefully made out of quality materials, including walnut wood.

Plus, it features a snow-white dial together with an elegant and crystal clear silver dial design.

Another cool thing about this wooden wristwatch is that it comes with a strong and reliable strap made of felt.

And just so you know, the felt comes from a workshop in Styria.

With a dimension of 41 mm, this watch is not bulky and will comfortably sit on your wrist without any hassle.

Thanks to its Swiss Ronda movement drive, you’ll always keep to time and will not miss any important meeting.

Though Waidzeit wooden watches are battery-powered, their battery is strong and reliable and will serve you for many years before fizzling out.

Fitted with a mineral glass screen that is durable, you’ll enjoy this timepiece for many years without any complaints.


When it comes to design, the Waidzeit Wooden watch will leave you mesmerized and flattered, and that’s all thanks to its pristine design.

Together with its Swiss Ronda movement drive, you’ll never miss out on important meetings or schedules.

Its breathtaking design, snow-white, and elegant clear silver dial mean that this timepiece can go head to head with some of the best brands out there.

And even though it looks every inch like a luxury wristwatch, we love the fact that this wristwatch is affordable, so you wouldn’t have to spend a fortune to get this beautiful timepiece for you or your loved ones.

We are thrilled that this wooden wristwatch isn’t bulky.

Thanks to its lightweight design, 41 mm dimension, and strap width of 20 mm, you’ll enjoy a comfortable experience every single time you step out donning this timepiece.

The Waidzeit Wood watch on the wrist

Who is this watch for?

If there is anything we love about this Waidzeit wooden wristwatch, in addition to its mesmerizing design, it is the sheer fact that this gorgeous timepiece is specially designed for both men and women.

So if you’re a couple looking for a matching wristwatch that suits your style and taste, you’ll fall head over heels for this superb wooden watch.

Also, it will make a thoughtful gift for your friends or loved ones celebrating their special day.


  • This Waidzeit wooden wristwatch is made from quality materials, including durable walnut wood.
  • It isn’t bulky, so it’s comfortable to wear all day long.
  • Though it looks sleek and every inch luxurious, it is super affordable.
  • It comes with a two years warranty.


This Waidzeit wooden wristwatch may look every inch perfect, but guess what?

We have identified some cons you should be wary of before getting this timepiece.

To start with, even though this timepiece is made out of walnut wood, the wood may eventually change properties when it comes in contact with water.

Also, there is a possibility that the wood may expand with time.

So, to ensure that your Waidzein wooden watch is in perfect condition, we advise you to keep it away from water.

Close up of the Waidzeit watch on a bed of straw

Other Models

If you’re interested in other models of Waidzeit wooden watches, we strongly advise you to explore the following models as they have everything and more you want from a beautiful wristwatch.

  • Waidzeit Women’s Watch “Sissy” with Loden Strap
  • Gravirovanie na hodinky
  • Waidzeit Alpine Pocket Watch
  • Waidzeit Wooden Wrist Watch “Peacock Collection”

If you want to learn more about their watches then check them out here.

Frequently asked questions

Are Waidzeit Wooden watches unisex?

While Waidzeit has watch collections that cater to different genders’ needs, some of their models, like the famous Wooden watch men’s Alpine Matterhorn brown, is perfect for both men and women.

Is Waidzeit Wooden watch worth it?

Made from quality materials, including walnut wood, Waidzeit Wooden watches are among the best wooden watches we have come across.

And because their watches are stylish and trendy, they will fit your personality perfectly.

The icing on the cake is that their watches are affordable.

Why is Waidzeit Wooden watches so special?

Considering how superb their watches look and the quality of the materials used to make their wooden watches, you’ll agree that their watches are a bargain, especially if you compare them with other similar brands on the market.

For people who want to make a statement with their timepiece, Waidzeit wooden watches are a must-have as their pristine design matches your intriguing personality.