JORD MERIDIAN Dusk Watch Review

JORD is an American based company known for creating watches incredible wooden watches.

The company has been pushing the boundaries and recently they just released the Meridian collection that are highly detailed wooden and automatic powered watches.

If you love automatic complications as I do then you may be into the aesthetic and design of not one, but two open heart balance wheels are shown on the dial.

I guess you could say that JORD Meridian designs are a clear step up in uniqueness and experimentation, and you will see shortly why that is.

JORD was kind enough to send me one of their brand new Meridian series called DUSK for review and the watch, unboxing and presentation is on the highest level for the price point and we will be covering more of that in this JORD review.

The JORD Meridian Watch

The JORD Meridian Dusk measures 44m wide and around 15.5mm thick.

This watch is huge on my wrist and that’s expected with its movement that’s ticking in the inside of the wooden case.

The case is made of a mix of stainless steel, olive and walnut wood.

The wooden body sits on top of the stainless steel frame which reinforces durability and probably reduces wear from sweat from your wrists.

A notched, non-rotating, stainless steel bezel sits on top of the wooden body which compliments the treated natural color of the wood.

The impressive jubilee styled wooden links are harmoniously integrated with steel links for a nice contrast of the bracelet.

The Meridian Dusk has a domed sapphire crystal that makes the watch scratch-resistant against any knocks and bumps from wearing.

It doesn’t have an anti-reflective coating for clearer visibility which you may be able to tell from the photos (it was a little challenging to take photos of).

However, the dial is quite clear in real life but can be a little glarey and hard to read the time in bright and sunny situations.

The body of the JORD Meridian is completed with an exhibition case back is also a sapphire crystal which lets you take a peek into the beating heart of the 47 jewel JHLS32 movement and the massive rotor.

On the outer ringing of the case back it says “Born in St Louis” is it says “Crafted 08/22/2018” which I am not  sure if that was the date of production or when the design came to fruition, either way, it gives you insight of the true origins and the date it was made which I like.

Since the watch is made of natural wood, it’s pretreated with special oil to help it last a long time.

it’s understandable that it only has a 30-meter splash resistance rating.

Obviously, this watch shouldn’t be submerged in water for prolonged periods and be used for swimming, much less diving activities because its wood and it could probably have an adverse effect on the finish and links on the bracelet.

This is the special part I love about the JORD unboxing and presentation as the watch comes in an elegant cedar box complete with cleaning cloth and a 6-months’ worth of JORD’s own wood treatment gel.

The complete package ensures your watch remains in peak condition for more years to come.

My box came engraved with the logo which gave my a massive buzz when opening it.

Design and Movement

The main attraction of the JORD Meridian Dusk is the open heart dial that displays the dual wheel movement on the bottom 6 o’clock end of the watch.

In addition to this, you’ll find a power reserve indicator with its classy display in the 12 o’clock position.

The subtle color of the dial and the indices go seamlessly together with the wooden theme of the watch.

The overall attention to detail is overwhelming on such a watch because it is so precise and well crafted that I cannot stop looking at it. Its got a screw-down crown with 1 position for winding and the other for adjusting the time.

As briefly mentioned before, the JORD Meridian Dusk is powered by a 47-jewel, self-winding, JORD JHLS32 mechanical movement which boasts a frequency of 21,600 beats per hour and a massive 40-hour power reserve.

Its JORDS in-house movement which is roughly -/+ 40 seconds accuracy but I didn’t get proper tests it with a machine or anything.

Who Is This Watch For?

The JORD Meridian Dusk Watch is for watch enthusiasts looking for something new and unique, experimental, and exciting.

The combination of metallic and wooden elements already make this watch a cut above the rest.

But as if that’s not impressive enough, it features an open heart dial that’s usually seen in watches priced at more than a thousand dollars.

The JORD Meridian Dusk really is a must-have for collectors and individuals who want to strap on a captivating timepiece that will probably make your friends take a second look.

Wearing On The Wrist

I’ve worn this piece quite a lot during the making of this review and the impressions from other people have been mixed.

And Its mainly been attributed to the size of the JORD Meridian, at a whopping 44mm and its quite a hefty looking piece.

That said, I’ve enjoyed wearing it, its very comfortable, easy on the wrist and its visually appealing from the point of view that its not like many other watches out there.

Most people who’ve seen me wear the JORD Meridian loved the hybrid of the stainless steel and the wooden elements together with the Automatic self-winding movement and lets not forget that awesome space grey dial.

If I can break down what most people have said, it would be “Wow, that is cool!” and I think so too.

Yep, not everyone loves it as I do but it’s one of those pieces that showcase another dimension of craftsmanship with raw materials such as wood.

Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages you can expect from the JORD Meridian Dusk Watch and honestly there weren’t many things


  • Unique and impressive design that you won’t find in any other brand
  • Power reserve of up to 40 hours
  • Splash resistant up to 30m


  • No Hacking
  • The screw-down crown can be a little tricky



The JORD Meridian Dusk Watch is a very unique piece that combines wood and stainless steel into one impressive looking design that is going to get people asking.

For what you get in the box it costs $430 which is a very fair amount based on the craftsmanship and presentation.

Its design is an absolute wonder and although it has its own shortcomings, it remains to be an impressive timepiece that’s worth adding to your collection.

If you’re looking for something eccentric, elusive, and exciting, the JORD Meridian Dusk should be at the top of your wishlist.

You can get the JORD Meridian here