Chopard vs Cartier – Comparison Guide 2024

If you are wondering in knowing how the Chopard vs Cartier in 2024 then we will explore them more in this article.

Chopard and Cartier are high-end jewelry brands that eventually manufactured their own watches.

Both brands usually make jewelry pieces for women, so it was a surprising and bold move when they announced they’re making timepieces for men.

Both are renowned jewelry makers battling against each other in the high-end market.

This is why it’s not surprising to see people comparing them when both brands ventured into making watches for men and women.
So, which of them is better in terms of quality, movement, and design?

Here’s a short guide that will help you purchase the brand closer to your preference.



Chopard is a Swiss manufacturer that was established in 1860.

In their early days, they were known as a manufacturer of pocket watches and high-end jewelry pieces.

They later moved into making wristwatches, with their signature model being the one with a free-floating diamond behind the sapphire crystal.

chopard watches review

Chopard is one of the handful watchmakers that’s totally independent in terms of making their products from scratch.

They manufacture their cases, create their in-house movements, and assemble everything in their facilities.


  • Large power reserve capacity
  • Uses complex in-house movements
  • Flawless craftsmanship and polish
  • Fashionable designs, especially the Happy Sport model which has floating diamonds


  • Expensive compared to its peers
  • The brand is less recognizable compared to Cartier
  • Some may see Chopard watches as having too much bling


Cartier was established in 1847 by the famous jeweler Louis-François Cartier.

From 1900-1920, Cartier made significant contributions to the watchmaking industry by presenting the Tank, Tortue, and Santos watch models, all of which have become classics.

These are followed by more noteworthy creations like the Ballon Bleu, Pasha, and Calibre.

Cartier continued its legendary run until 1964 when the last direct descendant of the founder died.

The company was then sold to the Richemont Group and Cartier continued its operation as an independent business under new management.


  • A wide variety of classic and sophisticated designs
  • Its long history and numerous contributions to the industry make Cartier watches more valuable
  • Features accurate movements used by other popular luxury brands
  • High resell value
  • Legible watch face


  • Oversized crowns
  • You can’t choose alternative straps upon purchase
  • Small watch sizes

Comparing Chopard vs Cartier Watches

Here are the major points between Chopard and Cartier you should consider before making a purchase.

Movements and Quality

Chopard manufactures in-house movements at a high level while smelting their cases in a plant in Geneva.

They create the materials for the movements through machining and assemble each part by hand.

Chopard produces chronograph movements, tourbillon watches, and perpetual calendar complications.

Hand-finished movements are the best in the industry because they undergo meticulous testing, timing, and balancing.

With Chopard’s scrupulous watchmaking process, you can rest assured that their watches are of the highest quality in the market.

Cartier has a long history of creating fine movements.

They produce chronograph watches, tourbillon movements, and dual time complications.

Cartier is also known for creating sophisticated timepieces which they never release for mass production.

These concept watches are sometimes created for the sole purpose of competition entries as they’re often impractical and highly expensive for daily use.

This just shows that Cartier is capable of producing exceptional movements if they want to.

Style and Variety

Chopard features more playful and contemporary collections compared to Cartier.

There’s the Alpine Eagle which has a sporty look, the Happy Diamond which has moving diamonds, the LUC which has a classic look, the luxurious L’Heure du Diamant which combines watchmaking and gem-setting, the Classic Racing which features chronograph complications, the colorful Imperiale, the Ice Cube’s iconic juxtaposition of minimalistic and graphic styles, the Classic which has a traditional design, and the La Strada which exhibits elegance like no other.

Among all these, the Happy Sport’s diamond-studded case is the most popular collection from the brand.

Cartier, on the other hand, promotes a more classic look by retaining the Roman numeral hour markers and the simplistic dial design.

Among Cartier’s collections are the Ballon Bleu which has a complex winding system, the Ballon Blanc which is a gem-studded version of the Ballon Bleu, the sporty look of the Calibre de Cartier, the square-shaped elegance of the Santos de Cartier, the Drive de Cartier which has a unique elliptical shape of, the Cle de

Cartier which features luxurious soft curves, and the Rotonde and Ronde which have sophisticated movements.

The Tank collection is still Cartier’s most iconic and most popular model up to this day.

Cartier is the more popular brand between the two.

Cartier watches will most likely have a higher resell value compared to Chopard because of the brand’s reputation.

As a multibillion-dollar company, Cartier manufactures rarer and more timeless watch models compared to Chopard.

Chopard is a smaller company that won’t be able to compete with Cartier head-to-head in terms of sales.

Although their sales also reach up to a billion dollars a year, the brand is less recognizable to the average person compared to Cartier.


Cartier offers up to 8 years of limited international warranty, in addition to a range of complimentary maintenance services.

Just register your watch on their website to allow them to track legitimate purchases.

Chopard, on the other hand, offers a 2-year warranty on their watches and this covers manufacturing defects.


The cheapest Cartier watch can be obtained for $2,400.

Most likely, you won’t find a discounted Cartier timepiece which means it holds its resell value well compared to other brands.

The entry-level Chopard, on the other hand, costs around $4,400.

You can sometimes get a discounted price for this from authorized resellers.

Final Thoughts

Chopard watches seem to be designed as ornamental accessories that will catch the attention of anyone who sees them.

Cartier watches, on the other hand, are consistent in exhibiting the classic look that’s best partnered with a formal dress.

Chopard and Cartier are known not only for their luxurious jewelry pieces but also for their gorgeous and classy watches.

Whichever of the two luxury brands you go with, you’re sure to get a high-quality timepiece that will retain its value for a long time.