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Interstellar Hamilton Watch Khaki – Updated Guide 2024

Did you enjoy the Intersteller movie so much that you wanted to know which one of the Hamilton watches featured in the movie?

Then this 2024 guide will give you the run down of the Khaki Field Murph.

The Hollywood industry has seen many popular watches grace its screens, and this time, it is the Hamilton watch that made its cameo on the blockbuster movie “Interstellar” In this epic movie, we see the Director, Christopher Nolan, use the elements of space to tell a brilliant story.

And thanks to the immense contribution of the Hamilton watch, Interstellar became a huge movie.

But what makes the Hamilton Murph watch such a brilliant timepiece?

Read our Hamilton Interstellar watch review to learn more.

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History of the Hamilton

The Hamilton brand was founded in 1892 and had its factory in Pennsylvania.

Since the company was established in an era when pocket watches were gaining momentum, it’s no surprise that the company focused on building quality and accurate pocket watches.

It is these principles that have allowed the brand to metamorphose into an internationally recognized watch brand.

In the early years of the American railroad revolution, the precision and accuracy of Hamilton pocket watches helped the industry overcome the frequent accidents that occurred due to poor timing.

This explains why Hamilton pocket watches were dubbed: The Watch of Railroad accuracy.

In 1918, Hamilton aeronautical watches were launched and soon adopted by the US Airmail for the Washington, New York, and DC regions.

Surprisingly, this kicked off the company’s long history of building technical watches for the flying community.

Hamilton’s famous Piping Rock timepiece was announced in 1928, with the engraved version specially presented to the New York Yankees team for their heroics in bringing the World Series home.

Thanks to their growing reputation for accuracy and precision, especially in the aviation industry, Hamilton watches were officially adopted by four Major American airlines.

Today, Hamilton watches have a bit of celebrity status even as their watches have graced the screens of many Hollywood blockbusters.

The Interstellar and the Hamilton connection

To make the Interstellar film a reality, the Swiss watch brand Hamilton built two impeccable watches which played an integral role in the movie.

While both watches were crucial to the time narrative of the movie, the Hamilton Murph watch played a more critical role.

To understand why Hamilton H70605731 was crucial to the movie’s plot, we will briefly focus on the film to show you some pointers.

Movie buffs who have watched Interstellar are still in awe that Hamilton played no role in influencing the amazing screen time enjoyed by their watches.

Like we mentioned earlier, while the Hamilton watch worn by “Cooper” in the movie was pretty significant, it was the watch worn by Cooper’s daughter Murph that got most of the attention.

When it comes to the plot of the story, Murphs Hamilton plays a more incredible role in communicating Morse code through time and space.

The movie showed the extraordinary power of a watch, and its use in the film is quite interesting.

watch worn in interstaller

The Hamilton watch used in the Interstellar movie proved just how important time is to our existence.

Unveiling the watch worn by Cooper

The watch worn by the Character Copper in the Interstellar movie is the famous Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date Auto.

Surprisingly, this brilliant timepiece is currently available under the brand’s line-up with reference number H64615135.

The Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Auto is powered by the company’s signature ETA 2834-2 automatic movement.

In terms of size, this watch measures 42mm in diameter.

Thanks to the character’s unique background, it’s easy to see why the Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date watch was a brilliant choice.

Overall, the watch boasts of a robust movement, sturdy bracelet, stainless steel case, and water-resistant up to 100m.

To add to that, the timepiece is legible and spots an impeccable modern design.

Hamilton Interstellar custom Murph watch

For the Hamilton Interstellar custom Murph watch won by Murph Cooper, Hamilton had to design the timepiece specifically for the movie.

While the watch was custom built, it featured elements from existing timepieces in Hamilton’s Khaki collection.

Since the watch was put together specifically for the movie, it isn’t available to the public.

That said, small numbers are believed to be out there as part of a giveaway.

Since the watch was primarily built for the movie, it’s no surprise to see that it played a significant role in the movie as the watch brilliantly communicates Morse code through space and time.

Hamilton Interstellar watch movement

The Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot used in the Interstellar movie is powered by automatic H-40 caliber movement.

Since the watch is self-winding, it basically generates its power from the movement of your wrists.

And even when you aren’t wearing the watch, its extended power reserve means that the watch can last up to 80 hours.

On the flip side, the Hamilton Murph watch features the automatic H-10 caliber movement.

And just like the Hamilton worn by Cooper, this one is powered by the movement of your wrist.

Similarly, it also has an impressive power reserve of 80 hours.


  • Insanely accurate
  • Durable
  • Practical design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Powerful movement
  • Legible dial
  • Water-resistant up to 100m


  • Like all Hamilton watches, the Hamilton Interstellar watch is super pricey
  • Not many were made

Frequently asked questions

What is the watch used in interstellar?

The interstellar movie featured two brilliant Hamilton timepieces, and they include the Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date and the Hamilton Murph watch.

Are Hamilton watches collectible?

Studies have shown that Hamilton watches are among the most collectible watches out there, and that’s thanks to their luxurious design, popularity, and being featured in tons of Hollywood blockbusters.

Does Do Hamilton watch increase in value?

Compared to other luxury watches, Hamilton watches don’t appreciate so much in value.

That said, the brand is lauded for building high-quality watches.


Many movie buffs are so engrossed over characters, the plot of movies, and location that they barely pay attention to other elements.

But with the Interstellar movie, we saw the incredible attention given to the Hamilton watch that it was almost impossible to miss it.

We loved the fact that the Hamilton watch used in the Interstellar movie didn’t just play an aesthetic role; instead, it played a significant role in the movie’s plot.

This explains why a lot of movie lovers were interested in getting these brilliant Interstellar watches.