Casio Databank CA53W Twincept back to the future

Back to the Future Watch Casio – Updated Review 2024

If you are a fan of the Back to the Future Watch series and the Casio watch piqued your interest then here’s an updated 2024 review.

Digital watches have created continuous arguments among watch enthusiasts.

Even though the advent of quartz watchmaking nearly crippled the mechanical watch-making industry, digital watches eventually saved the day.

At a point when mechanical watches were shoved to the backburner, electronic watches began gaining momentum as they made their way into horology.

The early 1890s saw the launch of video game watches, TV-capable watches, and a couple of Bond-style timepieces, which became an instant hit.

These new digital watches became the new boys on the block as they appealed to techies.

Even though digital watches weren’t for everyone, they were pretty loved and soon started featuring on major Hollywood blockbusters.

One of such watches that would eventually feature in one of Hollywood’s most astonishing movies yet, Back to the Future, is the Casio Databank, worn by Marty McFly, one of the main characters of the Back to the Future film.

But before we take a detailed look at the Casio Calculator watch Back to the Future, let’s take you through a brief history of the Casio brand.

History of the Casio

Casio stands out as one of the most established watch brands in the world.

And for many years, the Japanese watch company has consistently built premium quality watches that have become a must-have for many watch lovers.

While the company remains an enduring symbol of watchmaking, they also have a vast selection of calculators and electronic products in their fold.

Like many watch brands, Casio had grass to grace story.

Founded in Japan in 1946, the founder Tadao Kashio started the company by producing mechanical parts just after World War II.

Later on, he was joined by his brothers.

Together they built some of the world’s most astonishing watches and electronic products.

By 1949, the company had also begun building high-quality calculators to meet the needs of the diverse Japanese market.

While the company’s watches enjoyed massive patronage, their electronic products and calculators soared greatly, so much so that Casio became a household name by 1970.

By early 1974, Casio watches became a hit once they were released.

This was the first time the company would be mass-producing electronically powered quartz watches.

While their watches were considered the world’s first successful electronic watches, they were also fashionable at the same time.

Today, the company is still well renowned for its watchmaking, even as they enjoy a cult following.


Casio Databank CA53W Twincept and the Back to the Future spectacle

Just like Johnny B.

Goode’s character in the Back to the Future movie, Casio Databank CA53W was an instant sensation when it first hit the scene.

Launched in 1983, the company’s Databank line was one of the finest gadget watches of its era.

Without mincing words, it was one of the very few watches that could store data while telling time impeccably.

While the Casio Databank CA53 Twincept was well-received when it first launched in 1982, it would take another two years for the piece to become culturally iconic.

Featured in Back to the Future Hollywood Blockbuster and sitting on the wrist of Mr.

McFly, the on-screen exploits of the Casio Databank were unprecedented.

While we thoroughly enjoyed McFly’s on-screen heroics, including rock and roll, time travel, his fabulous wardrobe, and getting his parents to fall in love, the Casio Databank he wore in the movie soon became part of the “hip to be square culture” that was insanely popular in the 80s.

Some fascinating things about Casio’s Back to the Future watch are that it is a stopwatch, water-resistant up to 165 feet, and offers an intuitive eight-digit calculator functionality.

Thanks to the movie, many people thought it was cool to wear calculator watches around.

Casio Databank and current style

Although the Casio Databank line was insanely popular in the 80s, they are now marketed as retro on its website.

Many years after featuring in the Back to the Future film, the Databank still holds a special place in the hearts of diehard fans, both old and young.

Artisans, engineers, and professionals who would sometimes require quick math as they go about their daily schedules are still spotted wearing their original Databank.

If, like us, you are fascinated by Casio’s Databank, there is no need to look for a used one as Casio still produces three different models of the Databank, all in varying designs.

Some of these new Databanks can perform seamless operations, including calculations, phonebooks, and full multilingual calendar functionality.

And they aren’t so expensive.

With the modern Casio Calculator watch Back to the Future going for only $20, anyone can get their hands on this nostalgic 80s piece.

Thanks to the popularity of the Back to the Future film, this watch will remain in vogue for many years to come.


  • Has all the Casio trimmings you love
  • Practical and works almost flawlessly
  • Impeccable and fantastic calculator functionality
  • Fantastic calendar function
  • Durable and built to last
  • Affordable
  • Water-resistant up to 165 feet


  • The strap is not so great and may get spoiled after a couple of years.

Frequently asked questions

What watch featured in the Back to the Future film?

The watch worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future is the Casio Databank CA-50 Twincept.

That said, it isn’t the only watch featured in the movie.

In one scene, we saw Doc Brown, another prominent character in the film, wear the Seiko A826 Training Timer watch.

Like other Seiko watches, this one featured a unique rotating bezel that activates different modes.

Is the Casio Databank Back to the Future worth it?

If you’re interested in a classic gadget watch with a lot of history, you’ll not be disappointed to give the Casio Databank a try.

It is arguably one of the best retro calculator watches out there.

From style to performance, this wristwatch will not disappoint.

Can I buy the Casio Databank today?

Even though the watch made its debut in the 80s, it is still very available on Casio’s website under the retro section.

Plus, it comes in three fascinating styles.


Casio Databank calculator watches were an instant hit when they first debuted in 1980.

Also, since featured in the Back to the Future film, the watch became an instant sensation for both young and old.

Today, you can still get your hands on modern Casio Databank directly from the company’s website.