cheap Affordable Swiss Watch Brands

Affordable Swiss Watch Brands – Best Options 2024

When it comes to quality and affordability, nothing compares to Swiss-made watches.

Although prominent for being the bastion of luxury watchmakers, the country also houses a number of affordable Swiss watch brands.

What are the best swiss watch brands?

The best swiss watch brands that come in at an affordable price are Swatch, Oris, Tissot, Wenger, Liv, Movado, Mido, Alpina, Amand Nicolet, Tag Hauer, Rolex, Breitling and many more.

Cheap Swiss watch brands

LIV Watches

LIV watches is a young Swiss watch brand that produces high-end watches at an affordable price.

Ranging from divers to chronographs, they produce limited edition runs of innovative designs that you won’t be able to take your eyes off.

You be the judge, I reviewed the LIV GX1-A Signature orange and its easy to see that LIV are on a different playing field from everyone else.

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You’ve most likely heard or seen the name Swatch at least once in your life.

It’s no wonder because they’re one of the most popular Swiss-made watches around since the company’s inception in 1983.

Following the Quartz Crisis brought about by the use of quartz mechanism in Japanese-made watches, Swatch answered the competition with its own cheap, disposable, but trendy watches.

To date, they’re the most affordable Swiss watch brand in the market.

Swatch is known for having eccentric and colorful designs that make watches more of a fashion statement than a functional accessory.

This bold move is what made millions of people buy their watches and triggered a trend that gave birth to the rise of fashion watches.


Tissot began its operation in 1853 through the efforts of the father and son tandem of Charles-Felicien Tissot and Charles-Emile Tissot.

From its base in Le Locle, Switzerland, the company mass-produces a huge number of watches for their customers all over the world.

Tissot is known for their bold designs.

Some of their models even have components made of wood, stone, mother of pearl, and plastic.

Although they’re prominent for being an affordable Swiss watch brand, you can’t disregard the quality of their products.

Being an official timekeeper of many sports events and organization like the NBA, MotoGP, and Tour de France, you can rest assured on the precision and reliability of their timepieces.


Wenger started as a manufacturer of knives before they ventured into creating Swiss-made watches.

Although they’re now part of the Victorinox group, they can still create knives, luggage, and watches using their brand name.

Wenger has a range of fashion and sports watches that fit both men and women customers.

They all house Swiss movements but the assembly and parts are sourced from other parts of the world.

This shouldn’t give you any doubt, though, because Wenger watches remain to be quality products you can rely on.


Movado has been manufacturing Swiss-made watches since 1881.

Even when they were bought by the North American Watch Corporation, the company continues to create watches with Swiss quality and movements.

Movado’s most prominent timepiece belongs to their Museum Watch series.

All their designs emphasize on a minimalist concept including those with chronograph subdials.

You can easily recognize a Movado watch by the circular icon located at the 12 o’clock position on the dial.


Mido was established in 1918 with the aim of producing authentic Swiss-made watches with timeless designs and reliable functionalities.

Their watches are distinguished for their durability, discreet sophistication, and technical innovativeness, with looks displaying the manufacturer’s high attention to detail.

Not many are able to match the beauty of their products, especially at a price point uncommon for premium watches, making them one of the most affordable Swiss watch brands with the best bang for the buck.

Their most popular models belong to the Ocean Star collection.

Aside from this diver watch, they also offer sports and dress watches and timepieces with commemorative designs.

They use ETA movements in their watches and they’re proud of how their products score high in COSC tests, attesting to the quality of their timepieces.


Alpina began operations in 1883 under the leadership of Gottlieb Hauser.

His goal was to provide quality and durable watches to engineers, sportsmen, adventurers, and technicians.

This gave birth to the “Alpina 4” concept which focuses on creating watches that are water-resistant, anti-magnetic, anti-rust, and shock-resistant.

Alpina is prominent for making their own calibers which other watch manufacturers source from them.

They provide movements to luxury Swiss-made watches like Rolex and Omega.

Alpina has a wide range of analog and smartwatches in its collection.

They have diver, pilot, and dress watches that cater to every budget level of their customers.

Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil started operations in 1976 when Swiss-made watches were experiencing a crisis due to the influx of quartz watches from Japan.

Aiming to revive the Swiss watchmaking industry, the company’s founder Raymond Weil, quickly adapted to the situation by combining Swiss craftsmanship and technological innovations in horology.

The result is a collection of watches with luxurious looks but with affordable prices.

The brand offers a plethora of affordable Swiss-made watches catering to both men and women.

Although many of their watches use quartz movement, they also develop mechanical and automatic watches that go through the traditional watchmaking process.

From classic and sporty to minimalistic and complicated, Raymond Weil has them all.


Oris has been manufacturing Swiss-made watches since 1904, and that includes pocket watches and alarm clocks.

During World War II, their prominence in making functional and reliable watches caught the attention of the German Army and they were enlisted to provide pilot watches to the military.

The Swatch Group later bought the company after the war ended.

Oris is known for its Aquis and Big Crown Pilot collections.

Aside from these, they have a huge number of models suitable for sports, diving, racing, and formal occasions.

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer.

Aside from manufacturing Swiss-made watches, the brand also develops fashion accessories, eyewear, and even phones which are distributed all over the world.

Having their roots in sports, it’s no wonder why their timepieces have sporty designs.

Their Carrera collection features their most famous models but they also have a good number of timepieces with designs and functionalities suitable for sports, diving, dress, and casual activities.


Breitling is known as a manufacturer of Swiss-made pilot watches.

Established in 1884 by Leon Breitling, the company continues to produce aviation watches with high precision, excellent functionality, and rigorously tested reliability and durability.

Among luxury watchmakers, Breitling is one of the most affordable Swiss watch brands that offer quartz and automatic movements on their products.

The Navitimer series is the most prominent timepiece from the brand.

Aside from aviation watches, they also have diving, sports, and dress watches with GMT and chronograph complications.


The world knows and trusts Swiss-made watches not only for their quality, design, and durability but also for their affordability and reliability.

Known for being the center of watchmaking in the world, Switzerland is home to both luxury and affordable Swiss watch brands that cater to a wide variety of consumers.

If you’re looking for a reliable timepiece with an inexpensive price tag, you can rest assured about the quality of Swiss-made watches.