Filippo Loreti Ascari – Is It Worth it in 2024?

Filippo Loreti is a watch manufacturer that’s quite a newcomer in the watch industry.

The company started in 2015 through a crowdfunding campaign that attracted blockbusting turn out of crowd funders that funded the companies vision.

Since their fruition into the world of watches they haven’t been slowing down, each year they have been growing which has been indicated with their diverse line up of watch styles.

Today, Filippo Loreti continues to pursue its goal of making watches accessible to the everyday user.

The brand’s ‘Direct to consumer’ mantra has many collectors divided.

With that, many have been asking the question if Filippo Loreti watches are any good?

The answer is certainly subjective based on your wants, desires and how much you’re willing to pay.

Filippo Loreti makes nice looking watches at reasonably low prices and they are another contender of choice in the affordability of owning a watch.

Its a testament for consumers not having to spend thousands of dollars on a luxury watch to get timepieces that’s both appealing functional.

Its easily compared to a Casio or Seiko, a respectable everyday watch that has a great modern style, so that even if you lose it, you can always buy a new one without spending thousands.

Today we are looking at the recently sold out, and very popular Filippo Loreti Ascari Two Tone Black Rose which is one of the newest chronographs on their line up.

So if you are looking for stealth looking chronograph then the Ascari will certainly tickle your fancy.

The Ascari Two Tone Black Rose

The Ascari Two Tone Black Rose has a stainless steel case that measures at 42mm wide and 12mm thick.

The watch itself isn’t that huge, but it gives a considerable presence on your wrist.

The unidirectional bezel has a 12-hour scale in Arabic numerals.

The bezel has little play, so you can be assured of its quality and stability.

The strap of the Ascari Two Tone Black Rose is made of rubber.

This type of material suits the sporty theme to the watch is no doubt to be popular for people who swear by the black on black look.

However, the only thing that’s left to be desired is a better quality rubber strap as this one feels too rubbery to the touch.

The dial is protected by a sapphire-coated mineral glass.

This type of material is stronger than ordinary mineral glass and is more impervious to scratches.

It also has an anti-glare coating for enhanced visibility even under direct light which copes well during use.

You’ll find two crown pushers on the Ascari are in typical chronograph configuration.

The 2 o’clock position is for starting and stopping the chronograph function, The other one on the 4 o’clock position is for resetting the hands of the subdials.

Filippo Loreti provides a 10-year warranty on the Ascari Two Tone Black Rose.

This warranty period is way longer compared to what other watch brands provide, so this is a huge plus point for Filippo Loreti.

Design and Movement

There’s no denying that the Ascari Two Tone Black Rose is attention-grabber I understand its appeal just by looking at it in is bare form.

Its currently sold out on Filippo Loreti’s website which only means one thing.

Im unsure when they will be back in stock but if you are looking to get your hands on this piece then it’s worth getting on their mailing list to assure you don’t miss out.

The black and rose gold theme of the Ascari Two Tone Black Rose gives the watch a sporty and luxurious appeal often seen on higher-end watch brands like AP and Hublot.

The case, the dial, and the straps are all clad in black, further highlighting the tinge of rose gold on the crown, bezel, hands, and hour markers.

It gives the watch a more expensive appearance that perfectly fits the branding of Filippo Loreti.

The Ascari is a solid case back engraved with an iconic artwork of an old automobile race car which pays respect to the legacy of Alberto Ascari, the legendary Italian Grand Prix champion.

The index hour markers have rose gold outlines for added emphasis.

Its complemented by the rose gold hands that precisely align with the minute scale on the outer dial of the watch.

Both the hands and the hour markers are filled with lume to enhance readability even under low-light conditions.

The watch features two chronograph subdials.

The subdial on the 3 o’clock position has a 24-hour indicator.

The other one on the 9 o’clock position has a 60-minute scale.

The 24-hour subdial can be used for dual time zone settings, so If you’re an avid traveller then you’ll find this feature very useful.

The Seiko VD54 quartz movement beats on the inside of the watch case and has an accuracy of +/- 20 seconds per month which is expected of a quartz movement.

Seconds hacking is allowed with this movement, which is a plus for many users.

Being that it’s a Quartz movement it can last up to 3 years of continuous use before it requires battery replacement.

Who Is This Watch For?

If you have ever wanted to own a chronograph then you probably know that a mechanical version of a chronograph can be very expensive to purchase along with the additional hundreds of dollars for maintenance.

Filippo Loreti’s Ascari Chronographs make it cheaper to own one without all the additional maintenance costs.

Pros and Cons

The Filippo Loreti Ascari Two Tone Black Rose sure has advantages compared to other watches in the same price range, but it also has a few weaknesses.


  • The highly legible watch face
  • Accurate timekeeping
  • Sporty design
  • Hacking is allowed
  • Chronograph functions are easy to manage
  • Extra time zone feature
  • Water-resistant up to 100m


  • Strap feels cheap
  • Mediocre lume brightness


Overall, the Ascari Two Tone Black Rose is priced at $190 which is incredibly affordable when you look when you compare it to other watches in the same price range.

There are several variants to choose from to fit your style.

If you’re looking for a budget chronograph with a great looking design then the Ascari will impress.

If you are interested in getting the Ascari for yourself then click here.