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Halios Watch Brand – Are They Worth The Hype?

Halios is a brand focused on bringing diver watches to more affordable price points without sacrificing functionality, reliability, and overall quality.

If you’re into diver watches with subtly striking designs and mid-range prices, then Halios is a watch brand worth checking out.

Halios is a watch company that started in 2009.

They manufacture both analog and digital watches that have high water resistance ratings built for everyday use and extreme water activities.

The goal of the company is to create well-built watches with iconic designs, supported by after-sales service that exceeds customer expectations.

The manufacturing process is done in Asia, while quality control is conducted in Canada.

The watch movements used are either made from Japan or Switzerland.

Since the company is just small the watch production is made limited.

But on a positive note, this allows Halios to concentrate on the quality of every product they release to the market.

Halios Watch Models

Here are the most popular Halios watch models available (and soon to be released) in the market:

Halios Universa

The Halios Universa is an upcoming model from the company that’s yet to be released in December 2020.

It has been announced to measure 38mm wide with an automatic movement.

It’s said to come in two color variants appropriate for casual use.

Haulios Delfin

The Halios Delfin is a no-nonsense dive watch with its plain but highly legible watch face.

It’s a solid tool watch with a 500-meter water-resistance rating, which is ideal for scuba diving.

Halios Fairwind

The Halios Fairwind’s blue-green theme perfectly matches the function of its purpose as a dive watch.

It has blocky hands and hour markers for increased visibility underwater.

It boasts a water resistance rating of 200 meters.

Halios Laguna

The Halios Laguna is a sports watch with a mature look and a very unique case design.

It’s large, thick, and heavy, with an overall build focused on reliability and functionality.

It’s a watch that should be owned by every man.

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Design and Movement

As a tool watch, Halios watch cases were designed to be very sturdy to withstand all kinds of stress you may subject the watch to.

The stainless steel case used in every Halios watch is industry-grade and resistant to corrosion; the moving bezels have little play, and the steel bands are tightly linked together to minimize jangling.

Halios watches are presented with minimal playfulness on the watch’s face.

The watches feature simple but easy to read dials that sit on top of sturdy bases that can withstand almost anything you throw at it.

They’re basically tool watches that can endure rugged use while sporting an appearance that can be worn with casual and business attire.

Halios doesn’t cheap out when it comes to using crystals.

All their watches have scratch-resistant sapphire crystals.

Unlike other brands in the same price range that use Hardlex or lower-quality crystals, Halios gives customers the quality they deserve.

Additionally, the crystals are double-domed and applied with an anti-reflective coating to increase legibility even underwater.

Halios watches are often available in a variety of colors that fit the theme the timepiece was designed for.

Although the choices are limited, you’ll surely have a pick from among the options available due to their exquisite designs.

Halios watches often use ETA movements to run.

The Halios Laguna, for instance, uses Swiss ETA 2824-2 with a -/+3 seconds/day accuracy.

Sometimes, Halios uses also Sellita movements like the SW200-1 used in the Fairwind model.

Either way, calibres made by ETA and Sellita are very reliable.

In fact, they’re often used by big watch brands that don’t want to raise their prices by making their own calibers.

Halios give little care about the addition of complications on their watches.

The only feature those that are versatile and necessary to use.

The most commonly used complication in their timepieces is a date complication.

The way they put the date window on the dial is seamless but at the same time noticeable; it doesn’t look odd and out of place relative to the watch face, but it’s legible that it’s easy to recognize at a glance.

Notable Features

Here are some points to consider that will help you decide whether you should buy watches from Halios or not.

Water Resistance

Halios is originally a manufacturer of affordable diver watches, so it’s a given that their products have high water-resistance ratings.

The Halios Delfin, for instance, has a water-resistance rating of 500 meters that is way above the usual 300-meter rating you see on watches from other brands in the same price range.


Halios has released only a handful of models, but they all get sold out easily because of their enticing designs and functionality.

When it comes to colors, Halios does nothing too fancy and tends to keep things sleek and classy.

It gives their watches a high-end appearance that is well-loved by their patrons.


Halios watches cost around $500 to $800, which is still fair considering the quality, design, and overall functionality of each model.

halios Laguna Grey

Limited Production

Halios produces only a limited number of products per year to ensure the quality of each item they release into the market.

Their production quantity makes each model elusive to collectors, although the supply is enough to keep the fair prices intact.

FAQs – Halios Watch Brand

How long is the warranty for the Halios watches?

Halios watches are covered by a 12-month limited international guarantee from the date of purchase.

Are Halios watches automatic?


All Halios watches have self-winding automatic movements made either by Sellita or ETA, both of which are trusted caliber manufacturers by watch brands.

Are Halios watches luminescent?

Massive amounts of C3 Superluminova paint are applied to the hands and markers of each watch to ensure they remain highly-visible under low-light conditions and when underwater during scuba diving sessions.


Halios is a trustworthy brand that churns out quality products worth a slot in your collection.

They produce tool watches that have classy designs that you’ll easily mistake them coming from a luxury brand.

With its fair, mid-range price point, Halios is a strong contender to consider when you want to buy a reliable diver watch.