Omega vs Breitling – Comparing Watches in 2024

Want to know how the Omega vs Breitling compare in 2024 then we answer all your questions and more in this guide.

Omega and Breitling are masters of chronometer watches, which is why they’re often compared with each other.

They’re also alike in the way their watch collections are designed for specific purposes like diving, aeronautics, casual, and formal wear.

So, which of the two luxury models is better?

Here’s a comparison of their advantages and disadvantages that will help you choose which of the two brands to select on your next purchase.


Omega is a brand that has been around since 1848.

For more than a hundred years, they’ve been churning out high-quality innovations that made history in the watchmaking industry.

This includes the development of the first minute-repeating timepiece, the first watch to be worn on the moon, and the first to survive incredible depths underwater.
In 1932, Omega became the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games, and this gained them even wider recognition as a top-quality watchmaker.

A little over a decade later, they released their most symbolic and prominent watch model: the Seamaster.

They achieved another milestone with their Speedmaster model by surviving a trip to the moon and back.

Today, Omega remains to be one of the most prominent luxury brands worldwide.

Celebrities, presidents, artists, scientists, and other prominent figures from various industries have trusted the brand for providing fashionable and reliable timepieces that simply do their job.


  • Popular and easily recognizable
  • Long manufacturer’s warranty
  • Precise movements
  • High water-resistance rating


  • Less exclusive compared to other luxury brands
  • They don’t offer free strap selection unlike Breitling
  • More utilitarian look compared to other watch brands


Founded in 1884 by Leon Breitling, the company was known for producing chronograph watches for military and scientific applications.

Later on, his son, Gaston Breitling, showed the world what the brand is all about by demonstrating one of the world’s first chronograph wristwatch in 1915.

From here, Breitling has made countless innovations in their products that made the brand prominent.

Breitling is more renowned for making pilot watches with the introduction of their Navitimer series which features a built-in slide rule.

Since then, they focused on creating chronograph variations that suited different purposes and professions.


  • Wide variety of watch designs
  • Has a watch that combines both digital and analog features
  • Large, chunky markers
  • Good water resistance rating


  • Watch face can be too busy on some models
  • Designs might be too busy to some users
  • Designs can be too loud

Head-to-Head: Omega vs Breitling

Here’s a brief description of what Omega or Breitling offers better than the other.

Movements and Quality

Omega and Breitling are two of the most recognized watches worldwide and are known for their top-quality products that surpass standards.

The quality and craftsmanship each brand present can’t be simply compared, but both undoubtedly produce top-notch timepieces for different purposes.

Although both brands use in-house and outsourced movements, Omega produces more complicated ones compared to Breitling.

The latter focused on creating innovative timepieces with a variety of designs over developing more accurate in-house movements.

Style and Variety

Breitling’s target market is professionals, including pilots, divers, nautical professionals, search and rescue teams, doctors, astronauts, and more.

Each watch they design is optimized for specific purposes required by each profession or situation.

They’ve even made a watch with a tracking beacon that can make you easier to find in case of emergencies like natural disasters.

Simply put, Breitling offers a good range of design options made for specific purposes.

They have more daring designs compared to Omega, with some featuring several complications in one watch.

Another plus for Breitling is that you get to customize the strap style you want upon purchase.

Omega is geared toward sports and time-sensitive activities.

They have an impressive line of chronograph watches with in-house movements that provide accurate time measurements.

They offer diving, racing, and aeronautics watches, but they’re designs are not as extensive compared to those offered by Breitling.


Breitling and Omega belong to the top 50 most recognized Swiss brands in the world, with Breitling taking the no.

41 spot, while Omega sitting in the no.

7 spot.
Omega is more recognizable by people around the world compared to Breitling because of their iconic models like the Moonwatch and the Seamaster.

Being featured in several installments of the James Bond franchise further boosted Omega’s popularity.
Breitling’s most popular models are the Superocean and the Navitimer.

Omega, on the other hand, has the Speedmaster and Seamaster.


Omega has improved the components of their watches that they now require infrequent maintenance compared to other watches.

This allowed them to offer a 5-year warranty on their products which is way longer than Breitling’s 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


You can get an entry-level Breitling or Omega for the price of $3,000.


It’s difficult to compare Omega and Breitling because each brand has its own advantages and disadvantages over the other.

There’s no clear-cut winner but rest assured that both offer top-quality products that are functional and fashionable.
If you’re attracted to large watches with sporty designs, consider the collection offered by Breitling.

If you give more emphasis on accuracy and legacy, Omega may be the right choice for you.