How to Buy Mens Luxury Watches Cheap?

How to Buy Mens Luxury Watches Cheap – Guide 2024

Wondering How to Buy Men’s Luxury Watches Cheap then this 2024 guide will help you acquire you next time piece.

Is it plausible to get a cheaper deal on men’s luxury watches?

Buying men’s luxury watches has exploded with pop culture.

Watches symbolize status and wealth and, the more money you spend on a watch the more status you are perceived to have.

That said, what are you prepared to do to get the watch of your dreams without putting all your money into one purchase.

Unfortunately, there are many convincing fakes that rule the watch world and, in most cases people who want to shortcut their way to watch wearing stardom buy the fakes on offer, and there are plenty of expensive ultra legit replicas on the market that can fool the most knowledgeable watch gurus.

However, would you like to be on the receiving end of your fake watching being outed as a fake?

Most people wouldn’t want to put themselves up to be ostracised and embarrassed, being labelled a fraud.

Unlike Asian countries where fake fashion and fake watches are sold like hotcakes, it’s very acceptable to be wearing a fake watch that would otherwise be above your means.

But in the western world, it can be socially damaging, friends and even family members depending on how you flaunt your “luxury items” may give you the cold shoulder.

How to Get A Luxury Watch At A Cheaper Price?

If you want to get the luxury watch and only pay 20% – 50% less on a real authentic luxury watch then the Grey market is the place to be, but it comes at its own hefty price…

You see, watch companies like Rolex sell to dealers at a wholesale rate, and with very little negotiation room for the price that changes from dealer to dealer.

Every dealer makes the same margins on the particular watch being sold.

With Grey Market watches, there is usually shifty business involved with how those watches are obtained from the company, which makes the price much cheaper.

With that said, grey market watches are not sold with their papers, even boxes, and they are typically not recognized purchases by the company.

This means when purchasing a high-end watch on the grey market, you will void all warranty and maintenance amenities.

What does that mean in the long run? most luxury watches need servicing for their inner mechanics to be working normally.

If a watch has been neglected from its scheduled maintenance then you could find yourself with an expensive broken watch.

Grey Market Risk

Apart from the attractive discounted prices, there are problems with buying luxury wrist watches on the grey market and, they are as follow:

  • Void all warranty and guarantee
  • Unable to get the required servicing amenities from the authorized worldwide service providers, which makes watch repair services virtually impossible.
  • “Frankin watches” – its a term used for watches that are not in their original state, and foreign parts have been replaced with parts from other watches to make them work as a result of service issues.
  • Selling the watch onto a new owner is much more difficult from the above mentioned.

Buying Luxury watches online

Evaluating The risk of the grey market is difficult and most of the grey online sellers are pop up shops that disappear within a few short years or months.

However buying a watch with all the service abilities, box and papers can be made possible on Amazon and Chrono24.

I would personally recommend dealing through Amazon as they are known for their excellence in customer service and making sure the customer gets what they want.
And if you do accidentally walk into a dodgy deal through Amazon, then you will be happy to hear that you will much safer with their customer support team.

In Conclusion

Yes, there are ways to get watches like Rolex, Patek, Omega, AP for a way cheaper price than RRP.

But it doesn’t come without its own list of risks, determining whether that risk is worth taking advantage of is another story.

Personally, I would recommend buying through a dealer online or in-store because, you get access to maintenance and servicing, warranties and the ability to sell off your watch at a potential gain, rather than a significant loss.