buying my first luxury watch

Watch Question – Should I Buy An Expensive Luxury Watch?

If you are a seasoned veteran in watch collecting when it comes to buying a luxury watches then it’s safe to say that you won’t be needing help in this area.

However if you a new watch enthusiast and you are looking to your first watch to buy or you interested in adding an additional piece, but cost in the high 4 or 5 figures price range.

Then in this article, you’re going to learn a different perspective on the acquisition of your first luxury timepiece, and the few reasons why to buy an expensive watch, and when its the time to do it.

Your Not A Real Watch Enthusiast Unless You Buy Something That “Hurts” Financially

Its easy to fall into the opinions of others on what’s considered the ideal luxury purchase and how much you should spend.

But it’s important to check yourself from other peoples opinions and make sure you are doing it for the right reasons so you dont lose yourself when making a purchase.

You see, many toot their own horn on whats the best luxury watch investment however, many tend to forget about their own financial status, it’s perfectly fine to dream.

But It is important to understand the possible repercussions when buying a watch that’s above your means of affordability.

As you may know, watches in the luxury market come with the social stigma of “success”, giving the people around you the impression that the person made it as a businessman or the latter, a trust fund man child like Dan Bilzerian (No hate, but lets just call it for what it is)
Yet it takes another turn into the complete opposite direction from the spectrum of successful or “born in wealth” to the fake it till you make it.

Its true with people who wear a Rolex, who are from the middle class, and managed to buy their grail piece after many years working 8 hour days still get questioned: “Is that thing real?”.

If you come from a lower social-economic background then you know what I am talking about.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Watch To impress People?

If you are the kind of person who wants to buy an expensive luxury time piece to try to impress the people around you like your family and friends (we all do it) then you may be surprised that it probably wont work in your favor.

However, If you are buying the watch to appreciate for yourself then you are going to have a better time enjoying your piece rather than justifying to the people close to you who know nothing about watches that you have a real Rolex.

You won’t get the comment and questions like

  • That has to be fake
  • Is it real?

I believe in the classical belief that if you are successful, financially speaking, then buying a luxury watch to commemorate your years of struggle is perfectly ok and the other people in your life will appreciate it.

On the flip side, Buying a watch on credit card debt is a huge negative and as mentioned earlier many may give you a hard time if your watch is real.

Many fail to understand that if you are not living the life and wearing a classy timepiece that’s worth more than your entire savings or down payment on a home then the social negatives is people labeling you as pretentious, faking it and etc.

Attract Likeminded Watch Enthusiasts And Swat Out The Non-Believers

Rolex, many people know them and its annoying to get the question if the purchase on your wrist that you spent blood sweat and tears getting is real.

The real trick to attract like-minded watch enthusiasts and bamboozle the non-believers, and that’s by getting a piece like a Omega, Tudor, Patek Phillip, A Lange Sone, JLC or a brand that people have never heard of.

I found this trick to be a great way to appreciate my watch even more.

I would be standing in the airport with my Petek Calatrava and a friendly conversation stikes up with another watch collector vs, at a family dinner where your bar belching brother-in-law has no idea and clowning on you.

In Conclusion

Buy what you want and try not to impress your family and your friends because you may develop a negative connotation to wearing your grail you’ve worked so hard to get.

And if you can dont go into debt buying a watch its just a very bad idea.