Become A Watch Reviewer

Dear Watch Enthusiast,

Have you thought what it would be like to take your love for watches above to the next stage?

A level where you will be recognized at events and the various communities as a valuable commentator to the world of watches?

Imagine being noticed for your work every time you walked into an event, getting exclusive behind the curtain access to the new and exciting timepieces as a regular punter, wouldn’t be possible before.

Here at we love to talk watches, we reach thousands of people every month and, through this medium of sharing reviews and writing about watches, we’re been invited to be apart of some exclusive watch releases and events.

And now you can too

If you have been thinking about becoming more than just watch punter with the sideline view to being at the forefront of the industry.

Then this amazing opportunity could be for you, where you can to share your knowledge, experience, reviews, and hot takes without thousands of readers

  • You’ll be given a platform to share your thoughts and reviews with a huge reach.
  • Be apart of a special group of enthusiasts that get the red carpet treatment to events around the world
  • Get an insider look at new and exclusive pieces, and in some cases, get VIP review privileges and, much more

This position is not for everyone, we are looking for a few passionate individuals who share a passion for watches.

Want to join this journey with us? 

How To Apply

Step 1:

  • A brief cover letter about yourself
  • What interest you the most: Reviews, commentary, news & updates and etc
  • Answer this question: why this position appeals to you?

Step 2:

Then Email us your information to [email protected]

**This is NOT a paid position