About us

What exactly is watchdig about?

We are passionate about luxury watches, mens style and lifestyle and we talk about great watches on the market that are great for the middle of the path user who is looking for a watch, but can spend 20K to 100K on a watch.

…style through smart modest affordability is the aim of our game.

As an owner of Hublot, Rolex, Philippe Patek, Audemars Piguet I can appreciate the craftsmanship behind the watches, and I think you do too.
But maybe its just not the right time for you to invest into such an extraordinary watch and you are looking for an affordable alternative that offers quality and style without breaking the bank or looking cheap.

Not Breaking the bank

We talk about Homage watches (not fake replica watches) and other mid tier watches on this blog to help you discover more outside of known high-end pieces.

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