Best Seiko Kinetic Watches – The Ultimate Guide

Are you on the market for an elegant, iconic, and durable kinetic watch that is not just suited for hiking but also perfect for everyday use?

Then we are sure you’ll fancy one of Seiko’s many Premier Kinetic Perpetual watches.

And because the brand is renowned for its craftsmanship and innovation, you can rest assured that their exciting blends of Seiko Sportura kinetic watches will fascinate you with their exquisite design and performance.

One thing we have come to love about kinetic watches, especially those from the Seiko brand is the fact that they are not just popular but easy to maintain.

Compared to traditional automatic watches that are somewhat expensive to maintain, kinetic watches do a remarkable job without having to break your bank.

Through the everyday movement of the wearer, which includes actions like arm swinging and handshakes, you can kiss goodbye to winding and changing batteries, as these simple actions can power the watch’s movement.

And for Seiko fanatics who would rather wear a kinetic watch from the brand than opt for other brands, we are happy to inform you about the many amazing Seiko premier kinetic watches waiting to grace your wrist.

In today’s post, we will show you a list of our top Seiko Arctura kinetic watches and why they are a must-have.

But before then, let’s take you through a brief history of the Seiko brand.

About Seiko

The Seiko brand has remained a force to contend with in the watch industry and rightly so.

With many iconic timepieces to its name, it’s easy to see why many Seiko fanatics and collectors are jostling to lay their hands on one of their superb watches.

To give you some background, the Seiko brand kicked off in a small shop in Ginza, Tokyo in 1881, where their 21-year old entrepreneur would normally sit to repair and sell watches.

As business picked up, the company expanded its service with the launch of its Seikosha factory, which became home to many of the company’s best-selling watches.

As a matter of fact, the Seikosha factory was where the company’s very first pocket watch, the Timekeeper, was birthed, precisely in 1895.

Following the unprecedented success enjoyed by Timekeeper, the company launched its very first watch to carry the Seiko brand name.

Today, the Seiko brand has risen to global prominence as many of their watches are not just doing well in Japan but are highly sought after worldwide.

As a globally recognized brand with many impressive timepieces to their name, the Seiko brand has been able to compete with many of the popular watch brands out there.

Seiko Direct Drive Watches

Without a doubt, Seiko is a technically impressive brand and with its kinetic direct drive watches, the company further solidifies its spot as one of the best in the watch business.

Through their kinetic direct drive watches, Seiko was able to achieve its quest for better movements and aesthetics.

Seiko Direct Drive Watches

Their kinetic direct drive watches effectively combine kinetic movement and spring drive to deliver a watch whose movement is unmatched.

Though these watches are quartz-based, they feature a rotor that works almost the same way it functions in automatics

With these types of watches, you’ll notice that their power reserve meter exhibits real-time power generation when winding the crown.

Interestingly, a full wind with these watches will keep it ticking for months.

For those who have no idea, Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive was launched with the Velatura line.

It also showed up with the Seiko Marinemaster and Premier lines.

So if you’re looking for top-notch moon phase watches that are powered by Seiko’s kinetic Direct Drive movement, you’ll not be disappointed to give both the Premier and Velatura lines a try.

Interestingly, the Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive is home to many of the company’s superior quality and upper range timepieces.

Like most of the company’s watches, these watches are classy, sporty, and offer a robust style you’ll not see with many other brands out there.

Seiko Kinetic Perpetual

Seiko Kinetic perpetual is the company’s attempt to uniquely combine the ingenuity of the mechanical perpetual calendar, which by the way is correct until February 28, 2100, with the many advantages that Kinetic offers.

Seiko Kinetic Perpetual

With Seiko Kinetic perpetual watches, you finally have a timepiece that is powered by the movement of your body.

Not just that, these watches also boast perpetual quartz accuracy and up to four years of optimum performance when not worn.

With Seiko Kinetic perpetual, the company flawlessly combined the magic of classical watchmaking with modern microelectronics.

Featuring more than 232, Seiko Kinetic Perpetual goes head to head with most high-end mechanical chronograph watches out there.

More interestingly, the watch features the world’s tiniest ultrasonic motors.

Coming at just 0.4 mm thick, this brilliant Kinetic Perpetual caliber sets a new bar in the world of Perpetual Calendar watches.

Even though its 0.44 mm ultrasonic motor powers the 101 parts fitted in the watch’s mechanical gear train, we are impressed that it correctly displays information on the date, day, months, and even February of leap years.

Unlike many Kinetic watches out there, this one features Seiko’s unique Kinetic Auto Relay technology which has been lauded by watch experts for its impressive performance.

And like we mentioned earlier, this watch is powered by the movement of your body, so you can finally kiss goodbye to automatic or battery-powered watches.

Even when not worn, this watch can operate smoothly for 6 months on a full charge.

And when it is out of charge and goes into sleep mode, the accuracy of the watch’s calendar remains, as it is still able to relay the correct date including information on month and year.

The only difference is that the hands stop functioning.

Seiko Kinetic GMT

Seiko Kinetic GMT is one of the most unique timepieces we have come across.

While this watch is powered by Kinetic technology, where this watch stands out from other Kinetic watches is that it combines Kinetic technology with a robust GMT function, delivering to watch lovers a timepiece that has become the perfect travel companion.

Seiko Kinetic GMT

Another unique thing about Seiko Kinetic GMT watches is that you can seamlessly set the hour hand without infringing on the accuracy of Seiko’s Kinetic movement.

This is a huge plus when you compare Kinetic GMT watches from Seiko with other Kinetic watches from other brands.

And just like how other Kinetic watches work, Seiko Kinetic GMT is powered by the movement of your body.

Plus, this streamlined, topnotch, and exquisite timepiece uniquely combines elegance and powerful design to deliver a watch you’ll fall head over heels for.

If you’re on the market for a watch that screams convenience along with a set-and-forget performance, then you’ll not be disappointed to check out Seiko’s Kinetic GMT watches.

Best Seiko Kinetic watches

Now that you know a thing or two about Seiko Kinetic watches and all of the types of Kinetic watches they offer, it’s time to take you through our list of the top Seiko Kinetic watches waiting to grace your wrists.

Seiko SKA369 Kinetic Diver

The first Seiko Kinetic diver watch to grace our list is the SKA369 dive watch.

Like many dive watches from the Seiko brand, this watch is water-resistant up to 200m, making it perfect for scuba divers looking for a water-resistant timepiece that leaves up to its promise.

Besides appealing to Scuba divers and professionals, this watch is also fancied by people looking for a sleek and iconic timepiece they can use on a daily basis.

Right from the get-go, this watch will capture your attention with its stylish stainless steel band and case.

Even though most stainless steel bracelets may not fit almost immediately, you can always take this one to a jeweler to resize the bracelet for a better fit.

And if you have the tools at home, you can just do it yourself.

But before you get your hands dirty, let us tell you upfront that the band doesn’t feature typical tension rods you’ll find in many other watches.

Instead, this one comes with straight rods along with a female-end cylinder.

So be careful when you go about resizing the band.

The clasp fitted on the stainless steel bracelet has a fold-over design along with a double push-button safety.

This not only increases the bracelet size significantly but also allows the watch to perfectly fit over a wetsuit, assuming you’re a diver.

The only caveat is that the spring pins are somewhat difficult to open with bare hands, which can prove quite a hassle underwater.

Thanks to the dial window effectively protected by Hardlex crystals, you won’t have to worry about cracks and scratches.

And just like other dive watches, this one features a bezel that is both stainless steel and unidirectional.

With provision for the date display, you can’t go wrong with this watch gracing your wrist.

While the Seiko SKA369 Kinetic diver is a large and hefty watch, it feels super comfortable on the wrist.

And because the watch is accurate, durable, and looks great in all ramifications, you’ll not be disappointed to add it to your watch collections.

Seiko SUN019

Seiko SUN065 has so much going for it, so it doesn’t surprise us to see professionals and watch collectors jostle to add this beauty to their collection.

From its impeccable design to its breathtaking specification, this Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT watch is one of the most charming and functional dive watches to ever hit the watch industry.

While the watch will instantly capture your attention with its pristine design, we love that it is powered by Seiko’s signature Kinetic quartz movement.

Although the watch is simply amazing in all ramifications, its lumbrite coating ensures that the watch comes alive even in the darkest parts of the ocean.

Even with gloves on, you should be pretty much able to turn the bezel with ease.

Featuring a dial window material that is made from sapphire crystal, you can rest assured that your watch is protected from cracks and scratches.

While the watch’s 47mm case sounds pretty big, it certainly doesn’t wear that way.

More so, the diameter of this watch is on the big side due to the protective outer metal ring nicely put in place to protect the Bezel.

Unlike many dive watches, this timepiece features four functional hands.

And besides the hour, minute, and second hand, this Seiko Kinetic diver has a GMT hand that functions like a second-time zone.

Fun fact: The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), has partnered with Seiko for many years now.

And to cement their partnership, Seiko released a number of special edition watch models, including the Seiko SUN019 which has not failed to thrill Seiko fanatics so far.

While this watch is categorized as a special edition, it performs way above its weight class.

So if you’re looking for a versatile kinetic dive watch that is not just great looking but also lives up to its promise, you’ll not go wrong to opt for the SUN019.

Seiko SUN017

The Seiko Sportura SUN017 is one of those Kinetic watches you just can’t get enough of.

Coming in at 45mm, this men’s Kinetic watch with stainless steel case features a distinct analog dial that makes time-telling a stroll in the park.

Like many other dive watches from the Seiko brand, this watch is protected by sapphire crystal, so you won’t have to worry about cracks and scratches.

While this watch is powered by Seiko’s signature 5M85 caliber quartz movement, the only caveat with this movement is that it cannot be manually wound.

But to make up for that, we are happy to inform you that the movement can be hacked.

When fully charged, the watch should pretty much run for up to 6 months without any hassle.

Being an integral member of a family of four watches, it can be pretty hard to identify this watch, especially considering their unique resemblance.

That said, the Seiko SUN017 has a unique strap you’ll not find with many Seiko Sportura Kinetic watches.

Seiko SRG019

The all amazing Seiko SRG019 Kinetic Direct Drive watch leaves nothing to be imagined and that’s because the watch comes with some impressive specifications that you’ll not find with many dive watches.

The icing on the cake is that, unlike other Kinetic watches that are expensive, this one has a pretty attractive price point.

From its beautiful design to its functionality and overall finishing, this watch will leave you absolutely breathless with its pristine design.

And because it feels comfortable on your wrist, you can wear it all day long without any complaints.

To start with, the Seiko SRG019 features a lovely black dial and bezel, which adds to the watch’s great appeal.

While the hands are very high contrast, which contributes to its impeccable legibility, we like this watch’s dial for its richness and attractive design.

Though many people are not impressed with the large indicator arc on the side of the watch, it isn’t all that bad as it adds to the sheer elegance and design of the watch.

In terms of movement, the Seiko SRG019 is powered by Seiko’s caliber 5D22, a Kinetic Direct Drive movement with so much to offer in terms of performance and style.

Seiko SNP089

The Seiko SNP089 screams attractive right from the get-go and that’s all thanks to its pristine design, powerful movement, and outstanding technology.

In terms of design, very few Seiko watches out there are as aesthetically pleasing as the Seiko SNP089.

Besides its flawless design, this watch is versatile, functional, and delivers way above its attractive price point, not to mention that it is a special edition timepiece with many unique specs you’ll not find in other dive watches.

Besides being powered by Seiko’s 7D48 caliber quartz movement, this watch also has a responsive analog dial display.

While the movement cannot be wound manually, it can be hacked, which is pretty effective too.

For starters, this brilliant watch features two sub-dials, which are uniquely designed to track hours and months, respectively.

Also, this superb watch features a date display that sits just at the top of the dial, specifically below the noon marker.

Measuring 42 mm in diameter, this watch will fit your wrist nicely.

Plus, it has a stainless steel case along with a black-silver dial that is effectively protected by sapphire crystal.

The design and sophistication of this watch mean that it will fit nicely and will go with any dapper gentleman attire.

Seiko SNP109

If you’re interested in a powerful kinetic dive watch that punches way above its weight class, you’ll no doubt fancy the all amazing Seiko SNP109.

Featuring a stainless steel case along with a two-tone stainless steel bracelet, this gorgeous timepiece has everything and more you want to see in a kinetically powered wristwatch.

More so, its stainless steel bezel and gold-tone rim add to its impressive design.

While the dial of this watch is similar to what you’ll find with most SNP models, we like the grey dial along with luminous gold-tone hands.

Also, the index hour markers of this watch are one of a kind.

Despite the minute markers located just on the outer rim, we are impressed by this watch’s digital dial.

Additionally, this watch’s luminescent hands and markers come alive even in the deepest parts of the ocean.

Like many kinetic watches, the Seiko SNP109 features two multi-function sub-dials, with one displaying 24 hours and the other providing information on the month.

Let us also add that this watch provides information on leap years.

Together with its Kinetic quartz movement and scratch-resistant Hardlex which protects the dial, this watch is all shades of superior and will deliver a performance you’ll love.

With a solid case back that measures 42 mm, this timepiece will fit almost every wrist.

Plus, its deployment clasp and push-button release make wearing this watch super easy.

Let us also add this watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters.

Frequently asked questions: Learn more about Seiko Kinetic watches

What is the history of Kinetic watches?

While Seiko has an enviable watch-making heritage that stretches back as far as 1881, the company has continued to churn out iconic timepieces that are relevant even until now.

In 1988.

The company released an incredible collection of watches that effectively combined automatic and electric watches, to achieve something not seen in the watch industry- the Seiko Auto-Quartz watch.

While these watches were powered by automatic quartz movement, in 1997, the company renamed these watches to kinetic.

How does Seiko Kinetic watches work?

The technology behind Seiko Kinetic watches is pretty simple.

As the wearer moves, the rechargeable battery in the watch charges itself.

Compared to conventional batteries, the batteries in Seiko Kinetic watches don’t require frequent charging.

Basically, all the watch needs to be consistently powered is a human movement that ranges from a simple handshake to swinging your arms.

Are Seiko Kinetic watches worth it?

From their impressive specifications to their breathtaking design and overall performance, this brilliant timepiece will leave up to its promises.

More so, its attractive price point makes it a must-have for watch lovers looking for a kinetic watch that doesn’t cost a fortune yet delivers overwhelmingly in terms of performance.


The reason Seiko watches are highly sought after is because of their unmatched performance and with their many Kinetic watches, they deliver a timepiece that is both sophisticated and accurate.

From their stylish design to their durable finishing to their practical and luxuriant appeal, Seiko Kinetic watches will appeal to most watch lovers.

While the quality of their watches and craftsmanship is not in doubt, these watches will give the likes of Rolex a run for their money and that because of their attractive price point.