Sternglas Naos Bauhaus Watch Review – Is It Worth It 2024

Today we are looking at another fine Sternglas watch only this time we have their new release called the Naos which according to Marriam Webster is a greek meaning to “dwelling of a god” or a “Shrine or temple”.

All seeming subliminal meanings aside Sternglas have yet again released another amazing addition to their impressive lineup of Bauhaus style watches and we managed to get a close and personal look at their Quartz version of the Naos, they do have an automatic mechanical version appropriately named the Naos Automatik.

(See the links to the Automatik version below)

Sternglas is a name yet to be known in the industry of watchmaking.

They started their journey by posting a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign back in October 2016.

With more than a hundred supporters pitching in, they surpassed their first production target.

Today, they continue to produce a number of models are exclusive in modern and stylistic Bauhaus designs that will give your known Bauhaus watch brands like Junkers, Junghans and etc a run for their money and without further to do, lets jump straight in.

The Sternglas Naos Quartz Review

The Sternglas Naos Quartz measures 38mm wide and a whopping 8mm thick.

Its dimensions are the same as that of the renowned Junghans Max Bill which is a popular minimalist watch.

Its thin build makes it perfect as a dress watch as it easily slips in between your wrist and the cuffs of your shirt or blazer.

The case is made of polished 316L stainless steel which adds to its classy look.

The material also makes it lightweight (it weighs only 75g) without sacrificing the sturdiness of the overall build.

The lug measures 20mm wide and features a locking mechanism that allows you to change the strap in seconds without much hassle.

I choose between a stainless steel mesh and a leather strap, I chose the black leather and later changed it to a black mesh stainless steel bracelet, more on why later.

The Sternglas Naos Quartz’s is everything you could want in a elegant Bauhaus style.

Its lush black watch face is protected by a domed sapphire crystal which offers resistance to scratches.

It has a double anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and make it easy to read the watch face even under a good amount of light.

Design and Movement

The plain-colored dial has stick indices give the Naos an overall star-shaped design with its alternating long and small lines.

On the 3 o’clock position there’s a small cutout for the date window.

Its size and font perfectly adheres to the overall feel the Bauhaus-style watch and wants to give which the Sternglas designers have continued to nail with each of their releases.

But where’s the second’s hand?

Good question, the Naos dosnt have a seconds hand, but it perfectly compliments the minimalism without sacrificing too much.

You get full unhindered view of the dial without being distracted by the quartz ticking.

Back to the dial, the thin hour and minute hands make it easy to read the time as it presents a good color contrast with the background of the black dial and feels spacious even though it measures at only 38mm.

The Sternglas Naos Quartz runs on a calibre 714 Ronda quartz movement.

It has a precision of -10 to +20 seconds per month which is good enough for a budget watch.

Who Is This Watch For?

The Sternglas Naos Quartz is designed for people who want an affordable Bauhaus watch that’s durable and stylishly bold.

The Naos is marketed mainly as a mens watch, however can a woman wear the Naos?


Thanks to its thin profile it can make a great unisex timepiece where the Bauhaus design can be appreciated by both genders.

Upon receiving the watch in the mail my wife loved the look of the design, and even though the 38mm is considered quite big for most ladies, she wore it perfectly and gets many compliments.

She got herself a new black mesh strap to compliment her style and now the watch is hers.

Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages you can expect from the Sternglas Naos Quartz:


  • Very affordable pricing
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Water-resistant up to 50m


  • None


Priced at $200, the Sternglas Naos Quartz is a great competitor in the realm of affordable minimalist and Bauhaus styled watches.

I can see from the now 2 reviews (check out the Topograph review) on that Sternglas is not just another microbrand chasing vapid trends on social media, but they seem to be a legitimate brand that focuses on bringing great quality minimalist watches at an affordable price.

And for those looking for an affordable minimalist watch, the Sternglas Naos Quartz should be one of the top choices to consider purchasing.

For its look, price, and overall quality, you’re in for a treat.

Check out the Naos Quartz Here and the Naos Automatik here