Ginault Ocean Rover 181270GLID Review – Updated 2024

Looking for an in-depth review of the Ginault Ocean Rover and find out if it’s worth it for 2024?

Welcome to a brand new Watchdig review of a watch that I have personally been excited to review and has been one of the highlights of 2019.

If you are in the dark about what Ginault.

Ginault is a watch company that debuted in 2011.

They released their first watch named BM1 which didn’t have any branding to it, but it was clear that it was a homage to the Rolex Submariner.

It didn’t gain much attention back then, but then when they improved the design of the watch a strong community of followers rose beside it, propelling the brand to new heights even attracting to the attention of luxury watch enthusiasts who’ve bought into the Ocean Rover series because the quality clearly surpassed the rest.

Click here to join the Ginult Facebook Group, you’ll find Rolex owners sporting their Ginault alongside their luxury steel sports pieces.

As the Ginault brand has grown the brand has been pitted in some controversy and has divided the community up into haters and lovers of the brand.

I’m not going to get into much of controversy as many people in the watch forums and groups have voiced their opinion on their brand.

Instead, we are going to take an objective review of the Ginault Ocean Rover, nothing more, nothing less and why you may be interested in getting one.

When John (From Ginault) and I connected up I was excited to review Ginault because its been one of the most polarising brands in the forums that has been on the top of my review list and I would have to Thank John for making it happen.

The Ginault Ocean Rover 181270GLID

So lets jump straight into the Ginault Ocean Rover, the first look of it indicates that its a super homage of the Submariner, however you may notice the distinct differences with the hands, dial and bezel, and while the case is very similar to the Rolex Submariner its important to note that there are many microbrands that use a similar design to a steel sports Rolex.

The Ocean Rover measures 40mm wide and 13.5mm thick.

Its case is made of 316L stainless steel similar to many other tool watches on the market.

The 120-click bezel glides counter-clockwise and locks perfectly in place which no back play The bezel also has a luminous pip at the 12 o’clock position and large Arabic numeral minute markers which is flawless work for the price of this watch.

The bracelet is also made of 316L stainless steel which has a sliding adjustable clasp that feels and looks better than many other higher-end oyster bracelets within the price range.

There’s absolutely no play between the links so you won’t hear a clinking sound when wearing it out.

The package comes to complete in a faux leather box with timing results card, a manual, a polishing cloth, a screwdriver for adjusting the bracelet, and a sand-colored NATO strap.

You’ll also find a Certificate of Authenticity inside as proof that Ginault guarantees the quality of the watch.

The overall unboxing experience and presentation is next level and makes you feel like your investment has been well worth the wait.

Design and Movement

The Ocean Rover 181270GLID has a black enamel dial is protected with a sapphire crystal treated with anti-reflective coating and is clear as day, no specks or scratches or visual signs of printing errors can be found.

The sword-shaped hands are covered with sand lume and charge up in seconds to emit a strong enough glow even with a limited amount of exposure to light.
The absence of a date aperture is its greatest difference compared to the Submariner we probably all know and love at this point however you have the choice to opt for the No-date and a date with a cyclops on their website.

Surprisingly, Ginault manufactures its own movement in its headquarters in the USA.

Other parts, including the hairspring, are sourced from Chinese manufacturers so there is where some of that controversy starts for the “Made in America” stamp.

As many won’t probably know the FTC in America has laws in qualifying products that are 100% made in America, for those products who are approved for the “Made In America” stamp can be issued to a product. However with a watch, it starts to get somewhat complicated, and as John from Ginault has said via email, many of the parts are made in America with the exception of small parts like screws, hairsprings and the bracelet, and while this may be a cause of concern for the legal side of the “Made in America” Stamp it shouldn’t be a deciding factor if the watch is good value or not, as this is just bureaucracy.

The company took 5 years to create the Ginault Caliber 7275 which is arguably similar to the Swiss ETA 2824-2 movement.

Ginault made a few adjustments with their in-house movement so it would fit the specifications they’re looking for to feature in their watches.

Who Is The Ocean Rover For?

The Ocean Rover 181270GLID is for enthusiasts of diver watches, specifically of the Rolex Submariner.

And while the market for steel sport continues to go up in demand, so does the price (click here for the reason why).

The resemblance between the two is uncanny that and many do mistake the Ocean Rover for the actual Submariner from afar as I found to be a first have experienced while wearing the watch.

The main advantage of the Ocean Rover is its price.

It’s way more affordable compared to the Submariner, making it the ideal choice for divers and steel sports watch enthusiasts to wear an everyday beater that is budget-friendly.

Wearing Experience

Lets just get this out there, the Ginault is a slick piece and carries with it a lot of bang per buck and it may even make you think a second time before investing in an actual Rolex, after all, prices are at an all-time high and you cannot even purchase them from an Authorised dealer anymore.

For me I’ve had my fair share of compliments and criticisms depending on the people I’ve asked, and the main gripe has been “Fake Rolex” which has kinda taken away from the overall value.

That said the comments of other people dont stir my opinion in any direction.

Ginault clearly knows how to make a top-quality diver watch at a very affordable price and its evident whether you love them or hate them.

They are a watch that can be appreciated by new and seasoned watch enthusiasts alike and that’s what I love about it.

I am hopeful to see Ginault continue to grow and create a pieces that make people smile, and I hope they eventually make a piece that is truly unique in design and I can’t wait to see what they come out with next.

Pros and Cons

The Ocean Rover 181270GLID sure has advantages compared to other dive watches but it also has a few weaknesses.


  • Solid bracelet links
  • Bezel has no back play
  • Accurate timekeeping
  • Superior longevity of applied lume
  • Water-resistant up to 300m


  • Nothing apart from people mistaking it for a Rolex

Final Conclusion

The Ocean Rover 181270GLID is priced at around $1,300, which is within the average price of a mid-range diver watch which is not expensive for its quality, design, and functionality, the Ocean Rover 181270GLID is an excellent alternative to the Submariner.

With the perfect machine work and polish of the Ocean Rover, you won’t feel wearing a homage timepiece.

Click here to check out the Ginault website where you will find no-date and cyclops designs