Getat Marina Militare Panerai Homage Review

If you are reading this then you’ve probably heard of Getat Watches on the forums, if not, Getat is known for their semi-custom PAM homages. They have made a splash amongst Paneristi fans who can’t spend thousands of dollars on a real Panerai.

With that said, Getat + Mariner Militare watches may be the good alternative to collectors who want a beater PAM to get some wear time on the wrist before they consider to invest on the real thing.

See, Panerai is not for everyone when it concerns wrist sizes, their submersibles are generally very bulky and expensive and buying a Panerai as an impulsive buy may be a risky investment as the second hand market is not favourable for new or second hand.

So is it worth taking it for a test drive for $190 over parting with a large chunk of change for the real deal? Possibly…
With cheaper options on the market like Getat’s Panerai Homage watches, I think its the perfect entry level way for PAM fans to get some wear time.

With that said, Getat sent me the 44mill PAM111 homage edition for review with some my own specifications which includes the Blue Superlum sandwiched dial and the Black Leather Strap.

I know many may find that this review is in support of fake watches, The homage and fake argument is a slippery slope which I am not going to cover. And if the idea of Homages bother you, then its probably not the place for you. Here at we accept homages for what they are and if there are cheaper alternatives to the high-end watch designs that offers value to watch enthusiasts then we are open to explore those respective avenues that are not breaching clear copy write.

Many watchmakers make homage of high luxury brands like Rolex. Their prices vary, depending on the quality and movement they use on them. Some Panerai Luminor Marina homages that use ETA movements cost more than $500, while the cheaper alternatives use affordable Chinese automatic movements cost only $125.

Despite the presumption about watches manufactured from China, there are a few watchmakers that offer products with considerable quality and Getat is one of them.

If you’re not open to spending more than $7,000 for a pre-owned Panerai, you should strongly consider going for a homage made by Getat.


  1. This is a good article and the watches look excellent. However, I have been waiting for months after the initial purchase, but no watch has been sent. I have sent numerous emails and within a week or so of each email I have a response that promises a watch will be sent but still nothing. Please let me know if you have a direct contact or some means to motivate them to ship me a watch or refund my money.

    • Hi Bill,
      Hang in there. One thing for me too that the shipping took months until I received the watch and when I finally got it it was kinda falling out of its packet.
      Trey is the one that I spoke to and he was very helpful when it came to the delays, but with China post it can take months and after the first month I just accepted that its going to take a little more time to get this watch but when I did its been worth the wait.
      I have found myself wearing this watch ALOT lately as an everyday beater and I love it. I’ve also tested it in the water and thus far its held up nicely. I recently got a new Nato strap and its been awesome.
      I hope you get yours soon

  2. Watch out (if I may say) Getat is not reliable!
    You may get it or cry your money!
    If you are no gambler, better look somewhere else…

    • I found Trey from Getat to be fairly reliable in communication. However my main concern with anything is the shipping that can be drawn out by months and I think thats no fault of Getat as it is being shipped from China. I would recommend anyone buying a watch from him get Express DHL shipping that way its not going to take months.


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