Equalizer-suunto watch core review

The Equalizer Watch – Suunto Core All Black 2024

Denzel Washington is such a badass in the Equalizer movie franchise especially with his Suunto Core All Black watch.

His cold-as-ice character remains calm and cool even when dispatching hard-hitting enemies.

Every move he makes is calculated, making him very efficient in his craft.

But aside from his tactical use of weaponry, his deadly show of skills, and his unfazed reaction, one of the things that seem to have remained in the minds of the viewers is the Equalizer watch.

In both movies, Denzel is seen wearing a digital watch which he uses to gauge how fast he can take care of the antagonists.

There have been many speculations on what the Equalizer 2 watch brand is.

But, the question remains: What watch does Denzel wear in The Equalizer 2 movie?

The Suunto Core All Black

It seems that Denzel was wearing a Suunto Core All Black.

Seeing that it has a bezel with compass markings, a luminous pip, a rubbery material covering the watch, a large display, and an all-black theme, it’s unmistakably the Suunto Core All Black.

People are doubtful, though, because of one feature: the watch’s digital display has a blue tint in the movies.

Upon further research, it has been confirmed that Denzel really was wearing an All Black.

However, the blue-colored display was edited post-production just for the film.

The All Black really has a white-colored digital display.

Nonetheless, the Suunto Core All Black remains to be an astounding watch.

The Suunto Core All Black measures 49mm wide and 15mm thick.

It barely weighs 65 grams, making it very comfortable and lightweight to wear.

Its case is made of composite material that’s sturdy, durable, and weather-proof.

It has an aluminum bezel, a mineral crystal, and an elastomer strap.

These materials make the watch suitable for outdoor use.

What makes the Suunto Core All Black a standout among digital sports watches is the array of features it offers.

It has an altimeter, a barometer, a compass, a temperature reader, a storm alarm function, a depth meter, a sunrise/sunset indicator, a multilingual menu, and a GPS feature, to name a few.

The Suunto Core All Black is water-resistant up to 30 meters underwater.

It’s a bit of a weak point, considering it’s an outdoor watch that should be able to withstand greater pressure underwater.

Design and Functionality

The All Black is a digital sports watch with a bit of a futuristic feel to it.

The large digital display is surrounded by a bezel with bearing markings for the compass.

Everything is enclosed in black composite material that gives the Equalizer watch a rugged look suited for outdoor activities.

The Equalizer watch runs on batteries and powers a quartz movement inside.

Who Is This Watch For?

The Suunto Core All Black is for those looking for the Equalizer watch that Denzel wore on the film.

Its sporty feel and the multiple features useful for outdoor activities make it the perfect timepiece for those who always want to go on an adventure.

If you’re a person who wants a digital watch that can act as your compass, fitness tracker, altimeter, and weather indicator, then the Suunto Core All Black is the watch you need.


  • It’s packed with a lot of features
  • Its price is very affordable
  • Durable build that can withstand rugged use


  • Water-resistant up to 30m only
  • The backlight isn’t powerful enough to make the watch face readable in low-light conditions
  • Cheap watch strap


You can get the Suunto Core All Black for only $330; Amazon and other online stores are currently selling it for $175, which is a great steal if you can grab the offer.

With its affordable price, cool look, and the multiple features it has, you can’t go wrong with the Equalizer watch.