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Pulp Fiction Lancet Trench Watch – Guide 2024

Wondering whats the deal with the Pulp Fiction Lancet Trench Watch the featured in the film and how you can get this rare piece in 2024?

Since the movie hit the screens 27 years ago, Pulp Fiction has remained a Hollywood classic, even as millions of movie buffs still find the film intriguing.

Twenty-seven years after winning the Palme d’Or awards, Pulp fiction still finds its way into many watch magazines, and that’s because of its iconic watch connection.

While the movie’s plot will keep you glued to your screen, what captured the attention of watch fanatics is the brilliant Pulp Fiction watch scene we can’t seem to get enough of.

Sure, many Hollywood movies have featured many brilliant timepieces, but the Pulp Fiction watch brand plays a vital and unforgettable role in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction plot.

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History of the brand

There isn’t much information about the Lancet Trench Watch, especially when it comes to its history, but we will try to make the information we have about this watch as compelling as possible.

To start with, the Lancet Trench Watch first hit the scene during World War I as it was used by soldiers who found pocket watches impractical to use.

While many watch brands have produced the Lancet Trench Pulp Fiction Watch replica, the original Lancet Trench Watch was produced by the Swiss Langendorf Watch company or if you are looking for another known watch brand then check out the longines heritage 1918.

Lancet Homage With The longines heritage 1918
Lancet Homage With The longines heritage 1918

Many years later, the Lancet Trench Watch featured on the screens of the Hollywood blockbuster movie Pulp Fiction.

And since then, they have become a treasure, especially among collectors who are always looking for classic pieces to add to their collections.

Lancet Trench watch and the Pulp fiction connection

Pulp Fiction was an instant hit when it first debuted as many movie lovers hailed the movie for its unique storytelling and humor.

The film became even more compelling thanks to the director’s use of symbolism.

But what stands out for many watch diehards is definitely the Pulp Fiction watch scene.

Our first introduction to this watch came after seeing it in the hands of Captain Koons, one of Christopher Walken’s characters.

In that scene, Captain Koons is seen visiting young Butch Coolidge, whose father had died at the war front.

Koons, who fought alongside Butch’s father during the Vietnam war, is seen handing Butch the inheritance his father left him.

Koons further narrates to Butch how his family had first gotten possession of the watch through chilling humor yet, heartbreaking monologue.

How the Lancet Trench Watch set the climax for the movie

The role of the Lancet Trench watch in the movie Pulp fiction may be obscure, but guess what?

It plays a significant role in the plot of the film.

After the monologue with Captain Koons, the movie opens to Butch’s long-awaited boxing match, where he came out victorious, despite agreeing to a match-fixing deal with Marsellus, another character in the film.

In a bid to evade a furious Marsellus, Butch took off with his French partner Fabienne.

On their journey, Butch came to a chilling realization that he had forgotten to pack his father’s gold watch.

This sent him into a rage as he went to great lengths to retrieve it.

The quest to retrieve his father’s watch ultimately pitched him with his enemies along the way.

Other scenes in the movie build on this plot.

Lancet Trench from pulp fiction
Lancet Trench from pulp fiction

The Lancet Trench Watch: A brief highlight

The Lancet Trench Watch is a unique watch with quite a fascinating story to it.

While it looks very much like a pocket watch, the Lancet Trench Watch features a protective case that protects the watch against shrapnel, especially since it was unveiled during World War I.

Thanks to the coming of Trench watches, wristwatches became a fashion piece for men.

Before featuring in Pulp Fiction, the Lancet Trench watch first graced the scene between 1914 to 1918.

Besides its incredible design, this watch is pretty small in size and measures only 25m.

We like that this watch comes fitted with a hand-winding movement as well as 15 jewels.

Additionally, its white dial stands out.

Trench watches and military connection

As trench watches grew in popularity, they became a go-to choice for many military personnel.

This spurred popular companies like Rolex and Gruen to build their own versions of the trench watch.

So by the time the World War was over, military-style watches became a trend as many jostled to have one.

With the history, personality, and patriotism that came with military watches, it wasn’t long before ordinary citizens, and the wealthy showed interest in these watches.

At the moment, there are still some companies that build historical timepieces that bear close semblance and aesthetics like their predecessors.

Furthermore, some companies have opted to improve the design and performance of classic trench watches.


  • One of the finest military watches of its time
  • Rugged and durable
  • Impeccable movement
  • Brilliant personality
  • Iconic connection to the Pulp Fiction movie


  • Its small size meant it didn’t fit people with a large wrist
  • The movement wasn’t all that great.

Frequently asked questions:

What size were trench watches?

Unlike traditional watches, trench watches were minimal in size, and that’s because their case diameter measures between 30mm or less.

Despite their size, these watches became a fashion fad for men in the 1930s.

Did they have wristwatches in 1917?

Large trench watches became super popular during WW1.

Though they looked exactly like pocket watches, they were modified through the soldering of wire lugs.

After the war, many people became fascinated with trench watches, further increasing their popularity.

Are trench watches collectible?

Like traditional pocket watches, collectors are always looking for trench watches to add to their watch gallery.

Sure, there are many Pulp Fiction watch replicas available on the market today; you’ll be lucky to find a classic piece from the World War era.


The Pulp Fiction movie may have been an instant hit when it debuted, but so is the Lancet Trench Watch used in the movie.

Launched between 1914 and 1918, the watch became an important tool during World War I.

And after the war, it became an iconic piece that everyone wanted to have.