Ellen DeGeneres Watches – See Her Collection Here

Ellen DeGeneres is the queen of day time television with her 33 EMMY awards for the Ellen show and with a growing career in television and comedy.

By the mid 80’s she became a touring standup comedian which has since created a 30-year windfall of success for Ellen.

Ellen DeGeneres love for Watches can be noted on the Ellen show where you can see her wear Rolex Daytona’s, GMT’s and Submariners, Day-date and they are all from the rare and hard to find variety.

GMT-Master 116718

Another GMT Master on this list only this time its the  GMT-Master 116718 with a green dial.

The Green dial pays homage to the Chinese culture and was released on the 50th-anniversary models.

Its tri-color palette with the polished gold oyster bracelet is the perfect statement piece that draws the eye and we love it.

GMT-Master 1675 Blueberry

Another Rolex, Do you think Ellen likes Rolex?

Well, you would be right to assume that because later in this list is a new Daytona addition that will sweep you off your feet.
She knows how to appreciate new and vintage watches and she has been seen wearing and particularly rare and hard to find a piece in the Rolex world called the GMT Master 1675 Blueberry.

The Blueberry modal came from the limited run of Blueberry bezel inserts that have been very hard to find and obtain.

I guess Ellen has connections and thanks to her successful career she has access to some incredible pieces like the GMT 1675 Blueberry.

Day-Date 228238

Ellen has been spotted wearing a gold day date which is a nice upgrade from the president yellow gold modal.

The President has a slightly larger case, 40mm and heavier.

As you may has suspected already that the President is considered a mans watch but Ellen pulls off the style wonderfully.

Ellen DeGeneres New Phillips Daytona Purchase

Ellen was recently pictured with a crazy rare Phillips styled Rolex Daytona 6241 which is reminiscent of the Paul Newman dial with its contrasted with a black dial, with gold subdials, gold pump pushers, the black bezel finished with the yellow gold case and bracelet. This is probably Ellens more expensive purchase, coughing up 800,000 swiss francs for the piece.

All Ellens pieces are stunning and one could only dream to be that successful to be able to afford the endless plethora of amazing pieces like this.

Yet the indication of obtaining their pieces are evidence of hard work and persistence to follow your dreams.