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Alien Watches from Seiko – Watches From The Movies

The Aliens movie franchise is already decades old but the characters and the xenomorph queen remain alive in the minds of the people.

But aside from the gripping scenes and terrifying entrance of alien species, there’s another portion of the film that caught the viewers’ attention: the actors wore different Seiko timepieces throughout the franchise.

Fans hunted for these valuable accessories that seem to come from another galaxy and found that they were all made by Seiko.

The Seiko Watches Featured In Alien Movies

Here’s a list of the Alien watches that made an appearance throughout the movie franchise.

Giugiaro 7A28-7000

The 42mm Giugiaro 7A28-7000 has a stainless steel case, a solid case back, a stainless steel band, a mineral crystal, luminescent hands and markers, and a 7A28 quartz movement.

It has 3 chronograph subdials with 30-second, 60-minute, and 12-hour measurements.

What makes this watch futuristic is the large vertical panel which has the start/stop/reset buttons for the chronograph.

Aside from being an iconic timepiece in the Aliens movie franchise, the Giugiaro 7A28-7000 has become more valuable because of the 7A28 movement which is considered to be the first analog quartz chronograph.

This watch was later re-issued in limited quantities to commemorate the success of the original model.


  • Futuristic vibe
  • It’s affordable
  • Made of solid materials that can withstand shocks and bumps
  • Legible watch face
  • Water-resistant


  • Large vertical panel
  • The watch itself is bulky to wear
  • Limited production makes this a rare find

Price: $260 to $300

Seiko H556-5050

Burke played only a minor character in the movie but his Seiko H556-5050 was a major hit among watch enthusiasts.

It’s not as eccentric as the Alien watches from Giugiaro but it presents a unique look that warrants attention.

The Seiko H556-5050 has a plain black dial with an inner bezel, all covered with mineral crystal.

It offers a mix of analog and digital display.

On the outermost portion of the dial, there’s a tachymeter bezel, followed by a ring with seconds marker, and then a 24-hour marker on the innermost ring of the watch.


  • Luminescent hands and markers
  • Legible watch face
  • Sophisticated design that makes it look more expensive than its actual price


  • Rare and hard to find
  • Crown is hard to pull out
  • No date display

Price: $270 to $400

Giugiaro 7A28-6000 “Bishop”

The Giugiaro 7A28-6000 is almost similar to the 7A28-7000 except for the vertical panel and a few minor details.

It’s nicknamed “Bishop” as it was worn by a character of the same name in the movie franchise.

A limited-edition reissue of the model was released in 2013 with minor tweaks on the design.

The 41mm Bishop has a stainless steel case with black PVD coating, a bidirectional rotating bezel with minute markers, an acrylic crystal, luminescent hands and markers, and a 7A28 quartz movement.

It has 3 chronograph subdials with1/5-second, 60-minute, and 24-hour measurements.


  • Color contrast makes the watch face highly legible
  • Sporty look with a retro-futuristic appeal
  • Water-resistant


  • The 6000 has oversized chronograph buttons
  • It’s designed to be worn on the left hand
  • It’s hard to find

Price: $400 to $1,000

Pulsemeter S234-501A

Aside from the watches worn by Bishop and Ripley, there’s another noteworthy timepiece that appeared in the Alien series: the Pulsemeter S234-501A, worn by Hicks and the USCM military in the movie.

The Pulsemeter S234-501A has a squarish shape and a digital display.

It displays the date and time, has an alarm function, and pulse measurement feature.


  • Futuristic look and functions that are ahead of its time
  • Legible watch face
  • Water-resistant


  • It’s a bit thick and bulky
  • Cheap strap quality
  • Hard to find

Price: $400

Who Is This Watch For?

These Seiko watches are not only for fans who want to proudly wear accessories which were popularized in a movie franchise but also for watch collectors who want to add a rare piece to their treasure trove.

These timepieces are hard to find nowadays that even the re-issues are considered rare in the watch community.

What to think About Seiko’s Watches in Alien?

The Alien franchise defined the horror/sci-fi genre during its time.

Similarly, the Seiko watches that were used in the film established what a futuristic timepiece should look like.

The rarity and out-of-this-world design of the watches will surely delight any enthusiasts who fancy collecting accessories that are pop culture references.