Purchasing Amazon Luxury Watches Safe?

Purchasing Luxury Watches Online Safe?

Want to buy a luxury watch on an online shop, but feeling concerned that you may be getting yourself into a potential nightmare?

Well hold onto your cufflinks and dive in and discover why buying a luxury watch on online is 99% safe if done right (Buy at your own risk).

E-commerce has taken the online shopping world by storm and, its extended way beyond its humble beginnings selling books and morphed into a globalized web shop specializing in all matter of products and services.

With Online shopping becoming a massive pillar in the way we shop online, its now second nature for us consumers to use it on a regular basis.

Making it easy to buy regular home consumables, electronics, fashion, groceries, and now its making it a secure and viable option to make your own grand purchase of a luxury watch you desire.

The same mesmerizing ranges you’d imagine as you would see walking by a prestige luxury watch dealership.

Websites like Chrono24 and many others have made it possible to purchase your dream watch brand new or second hand through individual online dealers.

Online shopping portals like Chrono24 you are dealing with 3rd party dealers.

But you also have the advantage of buying directly through the big brands like Rolex, Omega and etc.

Buying Through A Watch Dealer Vs Online

Part of the experience of buying luxury watches at a dealer is the velvet customer service that customers get.

The assist takes their time with you to assure you get what you need and you get the red carpet experience.

The sales assistant pours you champaign, you sit in luxurious chairs in a room that’s decorated to utmost elegance and, makes you feel like you are on the upper echelons of society trying on amazing timepieces.

Its quite an amazing experience

As for buying online, your experience of the watching buying process as described falls flat.

Click add to cart, fill in your credit card information and WOOP you are done in an instant.

Wait for your watch to come in the mail and the experience is over, then back to hunt for the next big purchase.

That said, if you are busy and you know what you want, then buy it online and you will be thankful you did it to save the time.

If you are looking for more than just the watch, and you want to be taken through the watch buying dance in a beautiful dealership then do what your heart desires.

Risk of Buying a Pre-owned Watch Online

Buying a pre-owned watch online through Chrono24, You’ve got to be the judge, jury, and executioner when it comes to doing your own due diligence when it comes to your purchase.

Unfortunately, the watch market is rampant with amazing fakes that can fool even the most devoted collectors.

However, if you are buying a Rolex from a reputable online shop (like Jomashop) or the Rolex store then you are 100% in good hands.

When buying a pre-owned watch from Amazon or any other online deal be sure to:

  • Call the dealer to see if they are available to talk on the phone
  • Do a quick search of their online presence on Google and see how long they have been in business.
  • Ask the dealer “whats the customer warranty/care program like”
  • Ask if the box and papers, service history included in the sale? – It’s important to get all the documentation so you can run your own checks, and will be a large proponent if you choose to sell it on.

Be aware of the risk – if you have completed all the steps above, then you are on right track to getting a quality pre-owned watch.

That said buying pre-owned from a dealer does not void all you of any potential complications with the sale.

If in doubt, go directly to a in-store dealer or seek professional collector that you trust and respect for more advice.

Buying Luxury watches from Online safe?

Many online watch dealers have esteemed reputation when it comes to buyer satisfaction and they act on it with such force that its a no risk situation for their customers like you.

Bottom line you are 100% safe with buying a watch from online, just be assured that buying it straight from the official store.

That said, its not so clear-cut when you are buying from pre-owned 3rd party dealers…

Always make sure you do your research before buying any pre-owned watch.

Why Buying Luxury Watches Online Is Not A Good Idea

If you are not in the position to be flinging money for luxury watches online then it would be better to purchase from an Authorised dealer or second hand because customs and duty fees may bite you.

If you are buying online and overseas you may want to familiarize yourself with the any tax, duties and customs fees that may be incurred by bringing your new grail watch into the country.

Providers like DHL, Fedex and many others are at the mercy of customs, and in most places customs will even prioritise packages to be searched if they are labeled to be a watch.

Its little known by many that customs are out there trying to make as much money as they can, and Jewellery and watches are their go-to pay packets to sting you with a high bill.

In any case its probably worth, its probably worth to buy a plane trip to the place you decide to buy from to insure you are getting an authentic watch and avoid customs fees.

The latter alternative would be to find a local seller to assist you with your purchase to avoid all the problems with importing watches over the border.

In Conclusion

E-commerce world has been selling luxury goods for a long time now and there are plenty of amazing success stories surrounding it, so good in fact, it has become a grave concern for many dealers afraid of becoming obsolete in retail space as they get squeezed out by big tech companies.