Why Do People Wear Watches Upside Down

Why Do People Wear Watches Upside Down? – Guide 2024

Are you curious as to know Why Do People Wear Watches Upside Down in 2024 then this guide will help you understand these interesting facts?

Many watch wearers are accustomed to wearing their watches the traditional way.

But guess what?

There are many watch wearers out there who prefer wearing their timepieces upside down.

With this position, the watch face is positioned on the inside of the wrist.

Sure, this may come off as pretty weird to some people, especially for people who have become used to wearing their timepieces in the normal position, but for many watch wearers, wearing their watches upside down is pretty standard.

That said, there are several great reasons why anyone would want to wear their watches upside down.

While for many civilians, wearing a watch in an inverted fashion may just be a matter of choice and style, for special forces, this is quite a culture as they go about their responsibilities.

special forces wear watches upside down

Special forces and Police need to wear their watches upside down

For many military personnel taking part in Special Ops missions, wearing a watch upside down makes a lot of sense.

If you have your watch face on top of your wrists, for instance, the face of your watch will be away from your body and out of your line of sight.

To tell the time, you may need to make some unnatural movements, which may not be convenient.

For special forces who have their guns in their hands and use their watch to time a target, it makes so much sense to wear your watch upside down as this position allows you to tell the time without breaking a sweat.

To be honest, it doesn’t make any sense to wear your watch the usual way if it’s going to disrupt your work.

More so, tactical precision is required when you’re on a Special Ops mission, so you don’t want your watch getting in the way of your operations.

Here are the most popular tactical watches used by the Special forces.

Another reason why special forces wear their watches upside down is to protect the crystal dial from scratching or nicking, especially when a soldier finds himself in a tight space.

To add to that, the reflection of the crystal can give away the position of a soldier in a life or death mission.

So to evade any notice, most special forces on the field wear their watches upside down.

This way, they are less likely to be spotted by an enemy or potential target.

Special Ops soldiers are indeed likely to be given away by the reflection of their night vision goggles; nevertheless, wearing a watch upside down is a recommended best practice among special forces personnel.

That said, the special forces is just one example, and that’s because many people prefer wearing their watches upside down for very good reasons.

Why would anyone want to wear their watch upside down?

There are many instances when wearing a watch upside down makes perfect sense.

For example, some pilots prefer wearing their watches in inverted fashion because this position allows them to perfectly time turns and calculate distances.

Even though modern GPS displays have made this method pretty obsolete, some pilots still love the old-school way.

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Besides pilots and other professionals, many people out there love to wear their watches upside down.

For instance, if you have a very fragile timepiece that isn’t as rugged as the Casio G-Shock, wearing your watch in an inverted fashion will protect your delicate timepiece from crashes and random bangs that may end up ruining the crystal of your watch and rendering it useless.

Also, keep in mind that this isn’t the only reason why ordinary people will wear their watches upside down.

For many watch wearers, having their watch in this position makes it super easy to tell time.

More so, people with wrist and arm problems like arthritis, who find it challenging to turn their wrist and arm to tell the time, find this position manageable.

Another reason for wearing watches upside down may not be unconnected to the glare of the watch dial, which can be extremely annoying sometimes.

While the glare from the dial can be extremely distracting, especially for people who work with heavy machinery, wearing your watch upside down can be a smart way to keep safe while going about your daily job.

Frequently asked questions

What type of timepiece do Navy SEALs use?

Navy Seals usually wear Luminox SEAL watches, and that’s because of their rugged construction, limited glare, and comfortable fit.

That said, these are not the only watches being used by Navy Seals and Special Ops soldiers.

Another watch brand you’ll find on the wrist of many Navy SEALs and Special Ops soldiers is the Casio G-Shock series.

These watches are sturdy, water-resistant, offer peak shock, and are pretty affordable too.

They have undergone extreme testing and proved to hold up nicely.

Is it okay to wear your Apple Watch on the right wrist?

While it may come off as inconvenient to wear your Apple watch on the right wrist, especially because of how the crown sits and the button layout, Apple has made it easy for anyone to wear their watch on either wrist, whether the usual way or the inverted fashion way.

Regardless of what wrist you wear your Apple Watch, the screen will automatically rotate to match your orientation.

Can you wear your Fitbit on the inside of your wrist?

Sure you can.

While the company always recommends that users wear their watch outside their wrist for optimum efficiency and readouts, we have discovered that your FitBit will deliver the same utility so long the watch isn’t hanging loosely.

If the FitBit has any contact with your skin, you can expect it to work seamlessly, regardless of how you wear it.


Wearing a timepiece upside-down may feel a little weird, but guess what?

This is pretty standard practice for specialized professions like Special Ops soldiers and Navy SEALs.

Wearing your watch in this position comes with many perks.

For soldiers and Navy SEALs, wearing their watch in this position not only makes time reading easy but also protects soldiers from glare that may give up their position.

Also, this position ensures that your watch’s crystal dial is protected from random bumps and scratches.