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Who Makes Tudor Watches? – Explanation 2023

Wondering who makes Tudor watches then this Q&A article will answer your question.

Tudor watches are one of the most insane luxury watches you’ll ever come across.

These watches are made using quality materials and fine engineering.

Thanks to their breathtaking luxury design, Tudor watches can go head to head with luxury watches from top brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and others.

Because of the close relationship between the Tudor brand and Rolex, many watch enthusiasts are still confused about how both brands connect.

While it is an open secret that Tudor is closely associated with the Rolex brand, watch enthusiasts aren’t sure just how close this relationship stretches today.

While the Tudor brand has a close connection to the Rolex brand, does it mean that Rolex builds Tudor watches?

Well, read today’s post to get all the answers to your questions.

Brief history of Tudor watches

The Tudor brand is among some of the most established watch brands in the world.The brand came into limelight in 1926, and was owned by Hans Wilsdorf, who also owns the Rolex brand.

Thanks to incredible watch craftsmanship and quality materials, the Tudor brand soon became well known for building quality tool watches.

Today, the brand produces some of the finest timepieces for the military as well as professional divers.

In the early 1960s and the late 1980s, the Tudor brand built sophisticated watches for different navies across the world.

Today, Tudor Submariners are the official watch for the US Navy SEALS and the French Marine Nationale.

Tudor and the Rolex connection

Since the Tudor brand stamped its foot in the watch scene, there has been a series of comparisons between the brand and its sister company Rolex.

And like we mentioned earlier, both Rolex and the Tudor brand are closely intertwined.

Unlike the expensive Rolex brand, Tudor watches were designed as a more affordable option for people looking for quality luxury watches that wouldn’t cost a fortune.

When the Tudor brand launched in 1926, it became an instant sensation.

Unfortunately, the company stopped distribution in the early 2000s and exited the US market completely, no thanks to poor sales and a loss of direction.

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But things changed dramatically for the brand in 2009 as the company sought to make a massive comeback.

By 2010, the Tudor brand had reestablished itself once more as a force to reckon with in the watch industry.

While the Rolex brand is the holy grail of luxury watches and needs introduction, its sister company, the Tudor brand, is still struggling to become a household name in the watch scene.

Again, the Tudor brand has remained in the shadow of the Rolex brand, despite being a favorite among many watch enthusiasts.

One thing you’ll love about the Tudor brand is that they build quality and affordable luxury watches.

So if you have ever wanted to wear a luxury watch without breaking the bank, you’re welcome to give Tudor watches a try.

What makes the Tudor brand unique?

Since the Tudor brand reinvented its style in 2017, it has continued to build more youthful and style-focused watches that have caught many watch lovers’ attention.

Today, the brand has added top celebrities like Lady Gaga, the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, and David Beckham as part of the brand’s ambassadors.

But while Tudor places its celebrity ambassadors at the forefront of its marketing campaign, Rolex leads the pack as the brand keeps its celebrity testimonials in the background.

Notwithstanding, Tudor watches are still one of the finest luxury timepieces on the market currently.

Thanks to a blend of a fashion-focused mindset and the Rolex connection, Tudor watches have become highly collectible.

And since Tudor watches are a tad more affordable, it’s easy to see why their timepieces are fast becoming the go-to watches for luxury watch enthusiasts.

Are Tudor watches made by Rolex?

To the part, you all have been waiting for, are Tudor watches built by the Rolex brand?

Well, not entirely.

While Rolex and Tudor have worked together to release some of the finest watches, Rolex doesn’t build Tudor watches entirely.

Sure, both companies have collaborated in the past; today, only certain parts used in Tudor watches are built in Rolex’s facilities.

And that’s because it has proven to be a cheaper alternative for the Tudor brand, especially since its sister company has an advanced factory.

That said, the Tudor brand is also believed to outsource most of its parts.

Anyways, here is what you should know.

From what we have figured out so far, components used in Tudor watches are most likely built by the same individual contracted to make Rolex components.

Are Tudor watches expensive?

One thing about luxury watches is that they don’t come cheap; that’s why brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe cost a fortune.

But with the Tudor watch brand, you don’t have to pay through your nose to own a decent luxury watch.

With as little as $4,000, you can get a decent Tudor Black Bay that ticks all your boxes.

Frequently asked questions

Is Tudor worth it?

Compared to other luxury watch brands out there, there is no doubt that Tudor offers excellent value for money spent.

Without going overboard with your budget, you should be able to get a high-quality and robust timepiece that features top-notch in-house caliber and is built using Rolex’s expertise.

Is Tudor a cheap watch brand

Tudor is by no means a cheap watch brand.

Even though the brand builds some of the most affordable luxury watches, Tudor is still quite expensive compared to many traditional watches.

However, if you’re in the market for a cheap luxury watch, you’ll not be disappointed to give Tudor a try as their units are relatively more affordable than those from Rolex or Patek Philippe.

Is the Tudor brand under the Rolex brand?

While the Tudor brand is an independent watch brand, it is closely related to the Rolex brand, and that’s because Hans Wilsdorf owns both brands.

More so, Tudor watches use similar components found in Rolex watches.


Tudor watches are arguably one of the finest luxury watches out there.

And guess what, they are a lot more affordable than luxury watches from top brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe.

If you have always wanted a decent luxury watch that wouldn’t cost you a fortune, you’ll not be disappointed to explore Tudor watches.