Which Wrist to Wear a Watch – Updated Guide 2024

Wondering Which Wrist to Wear a Watch is what many people are asking in 2024 and we cover this topic once and for all with a full guide on how you should wear your time piece.

One common question that pops up now and then is, what hand do you wear a watch on?

While there has been a lot of argument about this, we want to set the record straight in today’s post.

Even though a lot of people prefer wearing their timepieces on the left wrist, there is no rule that says you only have to wear it on either side of the wrist however there is some interesting psychology traits that may surprise you on which arm you wear your watch on.

Read on to learn more about the right wrist to wear your watch.

Also, we will talk about the psychology of wearing a watch in the right hand.

What wrist should my watch sit on?

There are no hard or fast rules you must adhere to when it comes to wearing watches.

More so, most renowned watch professionals always admonish people to fit their timepieces on their non-dominant hand.

This means if you’re right-handed, you should wear your watch on the left wrist as that is your non-dominant hand.

On the flip side, if you’re left-handed, you should do the exact opposite.

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What is the dominant hand?

Yes, you must have spotted many people wearing their watch on their right wrist and some people wear watches upside down, but that isn’t where it always belongs.

Just like the left wrist, the right wrist is also great for wearing watches.

That said, most people who wear their watches on the left wrist because they don’t want to overburden their right hand when writing or performing other actions with their dominant hand.

And since most people are right-handed then you can probably understand why some prefer wearing their watches on their left wrists.

That said as a lefty writer myself, I also wear the watch on my left hand because it feels more natural.

Is it okay for right-handed people to fit their timepieces on their right hand?

Like we mentioned earlier, there are no hard or fast rule to wearing watches so rest assured you are not breaking any rules.

Sure, the rule of thumb is always to wear your wristwatch on your non-dominant hand; some watch lovers simply find wearing their timepiece on their dominant hand more comfortable, like I do!

That said, always remember that most timepieces feature a crown that sits on the right side of the case and 90% of watch wearers are right-handed and the design was probably intentionally done to make the watch more comfortable on the left hand.

Also, the design ensures that the crown isn’t digging into your wrist when flexing or stretching your hand or wrists.

Nevertheless, there is now a new category of watches called the Destro.

Unlike most conventional watches, Destro watches are specially designed watches with their crown fitted on the left side of their case.

Thanks to their design, Destro watches are perfect for people who wear their timepieces on their right wrist.

What rules apply to women when it comes to wearing watches?

Like their male counterparts, we have also come across questions like which wrist to wear a watch female?

While there isn’t a hard or fast rule on right versus left when it comes to wearing a watch, there is no denying the fact that some gender rules exist.

We are sure you must have come across some insinuations that suggest that men should fit their timepieces on their right wrist while women should do the exact opposite.

Unfortunately, we found no hard evidence as to which wrist women should wear their watches.

Indeed, wristwatches were initially designed for women, but all that seized to be commonplace once soldiers started wearing field watches to the battlefield.

As much as we would love for women to have something that is unique to them, we will always encourage people to wear their watch on the wrist that feels more comfortable, whether right or left.

Psychology of wearing a watch on the right hand

There are a lot of claims-making rounds that there is some psychological reason why some people would prefer wearing their watch in the right hand.

Some think it points to a dominant personality, hidden symbolism, or absent-mindedness, we find it quite ridiculous that there is any truth to this absurd psychology.

However, maybe you know someone who has those domineering personality traits.

We think it’s time that every watch lover comes to terms with the fact that there is no right or wrong way to wear a timepiece.

If you find wearing your wristwatch on your left wrist more comfortable, feel free to wear it there.

And if it is more comfortable on your right wrist, you’re also not doing anything wrong by wearing it there.

When it comes to which wrist to wear a watch male, no one can tell you that you’re doing anything wrong.

If it feels good on your wrist, wear it about with confidence.

For those who still feel skeptical and remain resolute that there is a rule they must follow, we urge you to do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Frequently asked questions

Does wearing your watch on the right wrist mean anything?

If you’re left-handed, it makes a lot of sense to wear your watch on your passive hand so it doesn’t interrupt your daily activities.

That said, wearing your wristwatch on the right hand is the most incredible way to get noticed.

And that’s because the right hand is more exposed.

Plus, it is the one you’d most likely use to shake hands.

Which wrist should women wear their watches?

While social rules suggest that women should wear their watches on the left wrist, this isn’t always the case.

In actual fact, you must wear your watch on whichever wrist feels comfortable for you.

Do you fit your timepiece above or below the wrist bone?

When it comes to placement, it’s important you don’t wear it too low.

To keep it comfortable, your watch should sit at the tip of the ulna.

Anything above that bone will result in discomfort.


Regardless of which wrist you decide to wear your watch, you want to ensure that it fits and sits correctly.

It is also important that your watch doesn’t slide up and down too often.

If it slides too often, it simply means it is too big and sloppy.

Additionally, it shouldn’t be too tight; a snugly tight fit is perfect for a comfortable experience.