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Where are Tissot Watches Made in 2023 – Explanation

Tissot watches are among some of the most popular watches out there and many people are wondering where Tissot watches are being made in 2023.

Have they stayed true to their origins?

Thanks to their precision and quality, Tissot watches are fast becoming a watch of choice for watch enthusiasts who a looking to add this little piece of history to their wardrobe.

Overall, the Tissot brand is operated under the umbrella brand Swatch Group, a company known for its extensive line of premium jewelry and Swatch watches.

A brief history of Tissot watches

The Tissot brand was started by father and son, Charles-Felicien Tissot and Charles-Emile Tissot in 1853, under the brand name Charles-Felicien Tissot & Sons.

Before metamorphosing into such a big brand, the company started as a small assembly shop in Switzerland, precisely in a place called Crêt-Vaillant.

While the company started off building stylish gold pocket watches, most of its watches were primarily intended for exports.

As their watches penetrated different markets, it wasn’t long before they found a base in the US market.

In 1858, Tissot watches flooded the Russian watch markets.

From there, the company continued to expand its base.

Today, Tissot watches have become a household name, especially in the sports industry, where many of their watches have become the official timekeeper of many sports.

Tissot Watches and their Official Timekeeper tag

Thanks to the precision of Tissot watches, their watches have been adopted as the official timekeeper of several sporting brands.

For several years now, Tissot watches have been the official timekeeper for different sporting events, including MotoGP, cycling, Fencing World Championships, ice hockey, Basketball Federation, Women’s National Basketball Association, and a host of others.

Tissot watches and their Swiss origin

Having a Swiss connection is always important for a watch brand that wants to appeal to watch lovers interested in a watch with pristine quality and history.

And guess what?

The Tissot brand wears the Swiss-made label with utmost perfection.

Unlike high-end watch brands like the Jaeger-le-Coultre and Rolex, the Tissot brand builds premium watches that are a little more affordable for the average shopper.

Because of the unique price point of their watches, Tissot watches enjoy massive demand across different watch markets.

And because they wear the Swiss-made tag without costing a fortune, most watch lovers would rather wear a Tissot watch than other lower-priced watches on the market.

How do watches earn the Swiss-made tag?

For a watch to earn the Swiss-made tag, it must possess the following feature:

  • The watch must have a Swiss movement
  • The watch must also have its movement cased in Switzerland
  • The watch must be inspected in Switzerland

By now, you must wonder why such a quality brand like Tissot, with its products manufactured in Switzerland, is so affordable.

The answer is simple, Tissot is part of the Swatch Group.

To this end, most of their watch components are manufactured or purchased in bulk.

This has helped to push down the price of their watches over the years.

Also, keep in mind that many loopholes in the watch industry allow some brands to purchase most of their components outside Switzerland but still carry the much-coveted Swiss-made tag.

How to Spot fake Tissot watches

While it is not every day you’ll spot a Tissot watch replica, fakes do exist, and you have to be careful when buying one, especially when you aren’t buying from a verified retailer.

While we have certainly seen reports of some watches claiming to be Tissot, a close look reveals that these watches have most of their parts made in China or somewhere in the Asia Pacific.

Besides the “Made in China” inscription on the back, most replicas feel lightweight, which isn’t the same as the real Tissot, which feels a little heavy.

Compared to genuine Tissot watches, replicas don’t only feel cheap but also noticeably lighter.

If you spot a fake with a bracelet, you’ll most likely hear a rattling sound every time you make a move.

You can spot a fake Tissot chronograph replica by looking at the subdials.

If you notice that the dial isn’t working as designed, then it is most likely a fake.

Are Tissot watches worth it?

With more than a hundred and fifty years of experience up their sleeves, Tissot watches have written their names in the sands of time and have continued to churn out quality watches even till now.

Right from the get-go, the Tissot brand has maintained its promise and has continued to produce only quality watches.

Iconic models like the Tissot Visodate have remained relevant since they were launched in 1953.

Today, they are still highly sought after by collectors who love their impeccable quality.

Suppose you’re still not convinced about the quality of Tissot watches; the brand’s partnership with celebrities as well as being the sponsors of several sporting events should tell you the quality of watches they put out.

Some popular celebrities spotted wearing Tissot watches include Grace Kelly, Angelina Jolie, Catherine, Nelson Mandela, and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Frequently asked questions: Learn more about Tissot watches.

Why are Tissot watches so affordable?

Even though Tissot watches carry the Swiss-made tag, their watches are super affordable.

And the reason is that the company has found a way to source most of its components from different parts of the world.

This brings down the cost of production significantly.

Also, being part of the Swatch Group means the company can afford to produce its components in bulk.

Is Tissot a luxury watch brand?

Tissot is among some of the finest luxury watch brands in Switzerland.

With most of its watches fully manufactured in Switzerland, Tissot wears the Swiss-made tag with utmost pride.

Let us also add that the Tissot brand is a subsidiary of the Swatch group, a popular luxury brand in Switzerland.

What is unique about the Tissot brand?

Even though the Tissot brand wears the Swiss-made tag proudly, their watches are super affordable.

Despite their unique price point, Tissot watches boast superior quality.


Whether you’re a watch enthusiast, a watch collector, or just looking for a decent watch for a loved one, you’ll not be disappointed to pick a Tissot watch.

The Tissot brand has proven to be a reliable brand over the years.

And its Swiss origin makes them one of the most sought after watches on the market.