Watch That Runs Without Batteries – Explanation 2023

Is there such thing as a watch that runs without batteries, this question is answered and more in this 2023 watch the guide.

With the plethora of watches on the market today, watch experts are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect watch that ticks all their boxes.

While a cross-section of watch enthusiasts love battery-powered quartz watches for their functionality, design and affordability, others prefer automatic or mechanical watches that don’t require a battery to perform optimally.

Even though many watch enthusiasts have this notion that a watch requires a battery to work optimally, the many innovations in the watch industry say otherwise.

Today, there are tons of watches on the market that don’t require batteries to work correctly.

And just so you know, these watches are impeccable and almost as accurate as quartz battery powered watches.

Today’s post will delve into how mechanical and automatic watches work and how these brilliant watches are the perfect alternatives to battery-powered watches.

What are automatic watches?

Since automatic watches launched ions ago, they have become the go-to watches for people looking for a watch with impeccable performance.

For starters, automatic watches don’t use batteries to power their movements.

Instead, these watches are powered via the kinetic energy generated through the movement of the arm.

Featuring a robust rotating weight that moves with the natural movement of the arm and wrist, automatic watches are sure to stay powered all day long.

And just so you know, automatic watches are sometimes referred to as self-winding watches.

However, for automatic watches to remain accurate and keep telling the correct time, they need to be worn now and then because, without any movement, these watches stop winding.

If you’re a watch collector who enjoys wearing different timepieces, getting a watch winder won’t be such a bad idea.

Using this device, your automatic watches are sure to stay wound as the device is engineered to gently shake your automatic watches every now and then to keep them turning.

How do watches work without batteries?

Are you wondering how watches work without batteries?

Read on to find all the explanations to your question.

Just like we mentioned earlier, automatic watches do not require batteries to work; instead, these devices feature a robust main-spring that powers their movement.

With a balancing wheel that oscillates continuously, these watches will keep ticking with every wrist movement.

While some mechanical watches have to be wound regularly, some advanced automatic watches on the market are self-winding.

If you have a mechanical watch that needs to be wound manually, you can do that every day, once a week or more.

The major selling point for automatic watches is that they do not require batteries to work perfectly.

Instead of batteries, automatic watches generate power via kinetic energy produced from the wearer’s arm or wrist movement.

So by simply wearing your watch and moving about, your automatic watch will keep ticking.

The only caveat with these watches is that if you don’t wear them often, they will stop working and lag behind in terms of accuracy.

So keep this in mind in case you don’t plan to wear your automatic watches every day.

But we doubt if that will be a deal-breaker especially considering that automatic watches can be wound easily to keep them running.

Top automatic watches you should consider

Now that you know a thing or two about watches that don’t require batteries, its time to take you through a list of some of our absolute favourite automatic watches:

Hamilton Jazzmaster automatic watches

Hamilton is one of the best watchmakers on the market currently, and with their new Hamilton Jazzmaster Automatic watch, the company took things up a notch.

Thanks to its impeccable design, robust movement and the fact that the watch doesn’t require a battery to work optimally, you’ll fall head over heels for this brilliant masterpiece.

Even though the Jazzmaster series is available in quartz, many watch lovers fancy the automatic series that functions seamlessly without a battery.

The only downside with this watch is that it doesn’t come cheap.

Nevertheless, if you have the cash to splash, you’ll no doubt be impressed with the quality and performance of this iconic timepiece.

Hamilton GMT Jazzmaster

Seiko 5 Automatic Series

The Seiko 5 automatic series have earned their place as some of the best value automatic watch series out there.

With the craze for automatic watches, especially among collectors, seeing Seiko 5 automatic watches go for such an affordable price is exciting.

If you’re interested in a watch that doesn’t require a battery, you’ll find the Seiko 5 automatic series worth checking out.

In terms of movement, performance and overall functionalities, the Seiko 5 automatic series is in the league of its own.

The only caveat with this watch is that the company focused more on functionality than aesthetics.

Seiko Men's SNZH57 Seiko 5

If you want an impeccable automatic watch that wouldn’t cost you a fortune, you’ll not be disappointed to give the Seiko 5 automatic a try as it is a lot more affordable than many automatic watches on the market today.

Citizen Grand Touring Signature

When it comes to building quality watches, you have to give it up to the Citizen watch group.

With many years of experience up their sleeves, Citizen has continued to build quality watches worthy of accolades.

With the Citizen Grand Touring Signature Automatic collection, the company built a collection of brilliant watches that don’t need batteries.

And the cool part is that these watches don’t cost a fortune.

These watches feature a signature Japanese automatic movement produced by the company.

Thanks to the Miyota 9100 automatic movement that comes with the Signature collection, you’re sure to get an automatic timepiece that performs way better than other automatic watches in the same price range.

Frequently asked questions

Can a timepiece work without a battery?

While there are many battery powered watches on the market, there are also brilliant collections of automatic watches that work without batteries.

Instead of batteries, these timepieces are powered by kinetic energy generated from wrist movement.

Do Seiko Automatic watches require batteries?

While Seiko has a brilliant collection of battery powered watches, Seiko automatic watches are designed to work flawlessly without batteries.

Are automatic watches expensive?

Like every watch type out there, there are both affordable and expensive automatic watches.

So it depends on your budget and the watch brand you’re interested in.

That said, automatic watches tend to be more expensive than battery powered watches.


Even though advancement in watch technology has ushered in a brilliant collection of iconic watches, classic mechanical movements are still in vogue today.

Without mincing words, automatic watches will add something unique to your watch collection.

If you’re tired of quartz watches, opting for automatic watches wouldn’t be such a bad idea.