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Sinn U1 Watch – Afforable German Quality

Are you looking for a serious diver watch with a distinctive style?

If you’re tired of hearing the names Submariner and Seamaster like they’re your only options, then the Sinn U1 is the watch for you.

Sinn U1 Watch History

In a world full of Submariner lookalikes, the Sinn U1 stands out because it doesn’t try to be one.

It has an identity of its own that adds to its appeal as a diver watch.

The Sinn U1 is known as one of the ultimate tool watches for diving because of its functionality and quality that can be compared to those from more expensive brands.

However, the seriousness of its features means it’s not for beginners who just want to own a diver watch.

The Sinn U1 has earned a cult following ever since it graced the market with its distinctive styles.

It’s available in a variety of colors and limited-edition models that collectors are always on the lookout for.

Design and Movement

The Sinn U1 measures 44mm wide and 14.3mm thick, so it’s not a small watch by any chance.

It’s quite bulky, and the head alone weighs 113g, meaning it’s not for those with small wrists.

The case is made of bead-blasted stainless steel that’s the same material found on German submarines.

This type of steel is highly resistant to magnetism and corrosion.

Some Sinn U1 variants have black PVD coating to increase scratch resistance.

The material also gives the watch a military look that you might love.

It’s clear to see that the additional thickness of the watch comes from strengthening the case to withstand intense underwater pressure.

The Sinn U1’s components are also made to be shock-resistant to ensure they remain reliable even with rugged use.

The watch has oversized, tapered lugs that go great with the bulky body of the case.

The domed, stainless steel case back gives the watch a more solid look.

Overall, the Sinn U1 gives an impression of being tough.

Even though it’s bulky, it’s surprisingly well-balanced.

You’ll feel that Sinn has well thought out about the overall design of the watch and that every inch of it is a work of art.

The Sinn U1’s crown is located at the 4 o’clock position to make the watch easier to wear.

It has deep threading that gives an excellent grip that’s perfect for divers who wear gloves underwater.

At 7mm, it’s larger than the usual size found on casual watches.

Its unidirectional bezel is made of tegimented stainless steel.

The notches on the bezel are deep and easy to grasp.

But having a 60-click rotation makes the bezel movement less crisp and leaves a little play.

Although not a deal-breaker, you might find this part lacking, especially for the watch’s price.

The bezel is lined with minute markers in 5-minute gradations.

There are no inserts, so you’ll feel the numbers directly engraved into the bezel.

At the noon position of the bezel, you’ll find a lumed triangular marker that’s a standard for diver watches.

Disappointingly, this is the only part of the bezel that has lume.

The U1 stands out even among Sinn watches because there are no other collections from the brand that features the same dial style as this.

The designs of the dial and the hands are the complete opposite of the solid, masculine appeal of the watch.

They’re shaped like Lego blocks with red and white combination.

However, their imposition on the plain black dial makes the face very legible at a single glance.

Both the hands and the hour markers are coated with luminescent material that glows bright green under low-light conditions.

With how blocky the markers and the hands are, you’ll see them instantly in the dark.

The Sinn U1 uses a 26-jewel Sellita SW 200-1 movement.

It features seconds hacking and a 38-hour power reserve.

The movement precision is acceptable even if it gains a few minutes every month.

Main Points

Here are some points to consider that will help you decide whether you should buy the Sinn U1 or not.

Hand Precision

A minute detail about the Sinn U1 that you might miss is how the seconds hand perfectly aligns with the markers on the dial.

Many manufacturers don’t care much about this tiny detail, but it’s one of the signs of a respected watchmaker that values craftsmanship.


Although the Sinn U1 has a somewhat minimalistic and utilitarian appeal, the watch is chunky and won’t easily fit under the sleeves.

It’s ideal for casual and sports use, but it can be out of place if worn with business or casual attire.


Sinn U1 is designed for professional divers who often go beyond 200 to 300 meters underwater.

With a water-resistance rating of 1,000 meters, you can line this up along more expensive models from luxury brands like Rolex, Omega, and Blancpain.

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FAQs – Sinn U1

Is there a date indicator on the Sinn U1?

A date window can be found in the 3 o’clock position.

There’s no cyclops lens over it like the one on the Submariner and similar homages.

Although it’s good that Sinn U1 doesn’t go with a style that will make them look like a Submariner wannabe, it doesn’t help the case that the date window on the watch is too small for its own good.

What is tegimented steel?

TEGIMENT technology is a special technique applied by Sinn to make the surface more resistant to scratches and corrosion compared to ordinary stainless steel.

Are the straps of the Sinn U1 interchangeable?

The Sinn U1 comes with either a stainless steel or rubber strap.

For the steel bracelet, you can choose between regular stainless steel and tegimented steel.

The drilled lugs make it easy to swap the straps whenever you want to.


The Sinn U1’s blocky built might not be appealing to you, especially if you’re looking for a watch with a sleeker appearance.

However, the Sinn U1’s distinctive design, solid quality, and rugged finish redeem it for the lack of ‘refined appearance’ that you might look for in a diver watch.

The Sinn U1 isn’t your run-of-the-mill, entry-level diver watch.

Priced at around $2,000 to $2,500, it’s a timepiece made for serious divers and watch collectors.

If you’re a diving professional or a serious watch collector, this timepiece is a purchase you must consider.