Seiko Save the Ocean review

Seiko Save the Ocean Series – Is It Worth it in 2024

How do the Seiko Save the Ocean Series collection compare in 2024 and are they worth the extra money?

Call them the top guns in the watch industry, and you’ll not be wrong.

Even though Seiko’s iconic watches don’t meet some of the unique specifications you’ll find with popular Swiss luxury brands like Omega, Rolex, or Patek Philippe, the Seiko brand is still pretty much famous among Seiko fanatics, professionals, and collectors.

While the company has many iconic timepieces to its name, today’s post is about the Seiko Save the Ocean Series.

For people who have no idea, Seiko Save the Ocean Series was uniquely designed with the protection of our environment in mind.

So it’s no surprise to see the Seiko team partner with famous conservationist Fabian Cousteau to make this a reality.

Through sales generated from the Seiko Save the Ocean series, Seiko will channel some funds towards the conservation of our oceans.

That said, let’s take some time to check out the history of the Seiko brand.

About the Seiko brand

Since the company set foot into the watch industry, they have been a force to reckon with, and that’s all thanks to many of the iconic timepieces they have rolled out over the years.

Because of their consistency, the Seiko brand has remained relevant and a force to reckon with even today.

This explains why their watches are not just popular in Japan but also globally.

Though the Seiko brand started off repairing and selling watches in a small shop in Ginza, Tokyo, in 1881, they remained true to their vision and became a globally recognized watch brand in no time.

In 1892, the Seiko brand set up their Seikosha factory, which propelled the launch of their first-ever pocket watch- the Timekeeper.

Following the incredible success of Timekeeper, the company debuted its first timepiece to carry the Seiko brand name.

And even though many watch brands keep popping up now and then, Seiko has maintained its relevance in a highly competitive market.

Popular specifications

  • Glass: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment
  • Frequency: 21,600 BPH
  • Jewels: 23
  • Water-resistance: 150
  • Power reserve: 41 hours
  • Movement: Seiko 4R36 Caliber movement
  • Diameter: 47.5mm (including the shroud)

About Save the Ocean project

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of today’s review, we would like to take a moment to give you some background about the Save the Ocean project.

While many Seiko fanatics are intrigued about Save the ocean watches, very few of them have an idea behind the name.

So this section is all about educating Seiko die-hards about the Save the Ocean series and why they are such a gem.

That said, one thing we have come to know about the Seiko brand is that it doesn’t give its laurels to ambassadors, especially those who have running contracts with the brand.

But with the likes of Novak Djokovic teaming up with the company, Seiko was able to make some exceptions.

So it doesn’t come to us as a surprise to see the company team up with famous marine conservationist Fabien Cousteau for the Save the Ocean Series.

As a proponent for marine conservation, Fabien Cousteau is always looking for a profitable partnership that will champion the course of marine conservation.

Through his collaboration with Seiko, he was able to achieve this feat and more.

While his partnership with Seiko through the Save the Ocean initiative brought about the launch of iconic watches like the Save the Ocean Turtle, Save the Ocean Samurai, and Save the Ocean Prospex Solar Chronograph edition, we are happy to inform you that proceeds made from the sales of these watches were also channeled towards the course of marine conservation.

Trust us when we say it isn’t every day you come across a dive watch that plays such a crucial role.

So if you’re an ardent marine enthusiast, you can get one of these watches to play your part in ensuring the safety of marine life.

Seiko save the ocean Series (Seiko save the ocean turtle, Seiko save the ocean samurai, Seiko Save the Ocean Prospex Solar Chronograph)

The Save the Ocean Series from Seiko features three iconic models that have become gems under the Prospex clan.

They include Seiko Save the Ocean Turtle, Seiko Save the Ocean Samurai, and Seiko Save the Ocean Prospex Solar Chronograph.

One thing that connects all these watch models is their stainless steel coated case.

That said, the Turtle edition also features a unique black PVD-coated bracelet.

Seiko Save the Ocean Turtle

With this iconic and trustworthy companion strapped to your wrist, you can dive deeper into the ocean with confidence and style.

Its impeccable reliability coupled with its stylish design makes it a must-have for professional and amateur divers.

Seiko Save the Ocean Turtle

What keeps us intrigued about this timepiece is its excellent design and mesmerizing specs.

Besides featuring a unidirectional bezel, this watch has a black PVD bracelet along with a 13.4mm case depth.

And despite the incredible specifications that make this watch very popular among collectors, proceeds made from the sales of this timepiece will be donated to Fabian Cousteau’s Ocean learning center to advance the course of marine conservation and education.

For those who know a thing or two about the Seiko SRP Series, you’ll agree that Seiko Save the Ocean Turtle is one of the most iconic SRPs to be released to the dive watch space.

From its stunning bright to blue color-fade dial, together with PVD-coated bezel and crown, you’ll enjoy the incredible performance delivered by this monster dive watch.

Additionally, it supports day and date display, automatic movement while being 200m water-resistant- a stunning feat that many dive watches from other brands aren’t able to achieve.

Seiko Save the Ocean Samurai edition

Seiko Save the Ocean Samurai edition is undoubtedly among the best dive watches we have come across, and that’s all thanks to its impressive specifications and overall performance.

Seiko Save the Ocean samerai

Released in 2004, the Save the Ocean Samurai has earned lots of praises among amateurs and professionals who can’t get over the fine detailing of this one-of-a-kind timepiece.

Unlike other Save the Ocean series, the Samurai edition comes fitted with a solid titanium case, which many Seiko fanatics have been fascinated about.

For a fact, titanium isn’t something you get to see with a lot of Seiko watches today, except of course for the Astron edition, so seeing the Save the Ocean Samurai with this impeccable material makes things a little interesting.

Also, seeing the watch with its signature Samurai back steel allows people to differentiate this timepiece from other Seiko dive watches out there.

Thanks to its superb angular lugs, this brilliant watch features a unique design that makes it simply irresistible.

With Seiko’s Save the Ocean Samurai edition gracing your wrist, you can be sure you’re playing your part in saving our oceans.

Thanks to its impressive blue whale dial, you’ll constantly be reminded to keep our oceans clean at all times- making it a safe space for marine life.

Like the Turtle edition, this brilliant timepiece features a unidirectional bezel, a 12.8 mm case depth, 43.8 mm case width, rubber strap, black PVD case, blue dial, date display, automatic movement, as well as being water-resistant up to 200mm.

Seiko Save the Ocean Prospex Solar Chronograph

Compared to other dive watches from Seiko, Save the Ocean Prospex Solar Chronograph has won a lot of fans over, and that’s because of its unique proposition.

While its full name, Seiko Save the Ocean Prospex Solar Chronograph, is a handful, we are excited to let you know that the name is what makes this timepiece really special.

To start with the exciting part, this incredible timepiece falls under the Prospex line.

What this means is that the watch is designed and built to professional specifications.

No wonder why it is highly sought after by divers who are out for a timepiece that is able to perform in the most extreme conditions.

Seiko Save the Ocean Prospex Solar Chronograph

Another incredible thing about this watch is that it is also a chronograph.

While this may not come as a surprise, seeing that the watch market features many chronograph-based timepieces, it is intriguing in the sense that it isn’t something you find very often in the dive watch industry.

The fascinating thing about this timepiece is that it falls under the “Save the Ocean” series.

While Seiko has released a couple of Save the Ocean Special editions over the years, the Prospex Solar Chronograph edition is extremely popular among collectors and professionals, and that’s all thanks to its unbeatable performance.

Like other watches under the Save the Ocean initiative, this watch was designed in collaboration with famous marine conservationist Fabien Cousteau.

To this end, portions of sales generated from the sales of these watches were channeled towards marine conservation efforts across the globe.

One unique thing we have found among these watches is that they use a distinct blue color, a move Seiko made to depict the beautiful color of our ocean.

Let us also add that this timepiece is a solar watch.

What this means is that the watch uses solar technology for power and movement.

If you’re ready to challenge every limit and want to reach depths you never imagined, now is the perfect time to give the Seiko Save the Ocean Prospex Solar Chronograph a try.

Like other Save the Ocean Series, this one can reach up to 200m underwater.

Plus, its design makes it come alive even in the most extreme condition.

In terms of specifications, the Solar Chronograph debuts a unidirectional bezel, a 13.8mm case width, rubber strap, date display, black PVD case, solar-powered movement, blue dial, chronograph as well, as being 200M water-resistant.

Seiko Save the Ocean Series Dial

The Seiko Save, the Ocean Series, features a textured dial and a wonderful blend of light to dark while looking almost blue to black.

We love the graduated horizontal lines of the dial, which don’t display a perfect parallel.

A glance at the dial from a distance gives off this subtle take on the ocean waves that you won’t find with other dive watch brands.

It’s true that the Seiko Save the Ocean Series features a dial that gets a lot of mixed reviews; that said, we are thrilled that the dial perfectly displays the energy that it is intended to give off.

We particularly fancy the dial for its extensive and applied hour markers.

More so, Seiko’s trademark hands are not missing from this series.

Together with rimmed steel and Seiko’s signature Lumbrite luminescent material, the Save the Ocean series features an almost perfect dial.

Seiko Save the Ocean Series Case

Encased in a 45mm stainless steel case, you’ll agree that this watch is on the big side.

Like other Prospex models, the dial of the Save the Ocean Series is protected by Hardlex with a unidirectional bezel.

While Hardlex crystals have proven their sophistication over the years, many collectors like to replace them with sapphire crystals for even more durability.

Featuring a 120-click bezel, the Save the ocean series is all shades of amazing and a watch you’ll definitely want to own.

A closer look at the bezel reveals that it has two very distinct colors.

The first is a light blue shade that comes alive for 20 minutes, while the darker blue comes alive after that.

Seiko Save the Ocean Series Movement

Seiko Save, the Ocean Series, is powered by Seiko’s 4R36 caliber movement.

Like all other Seiko movements, this one is made by the company and features 25 jewels as well as a 41-hour power reserve.

Besides having a 21,600 beat per minute, this timepiece has an accuracy of +45 and -35 seconds per day.

Seiko Save the Ocean Series Bracelet

While Seiko Save the Ocean Turtle series features a robust stainless steel bracelet, Seiko Save the Ocean Samurai and Seiko Save the Ocean Prospex Solar Chronograph feature a rubber strap that makes for a comfortable wearing experience.


  • Water-resistant up to 200m
  • These series feature both a rubber strap and stainless steel bracelet
  • The dial is protected by Hardlex
  • Date function at 3 o’clock
  • Seiko caliber 4R36 movement.


  • It is somewhat bulky and may not perfectly fist some wrists.
  • It is not all that cheap.

Seiko Save the Ocean Series Pricing

Without a doubt, Seiko Save the Ocean Series looks staggeringly breathtaking.

From their impeccable design to their impressive specifications and more, these gorgeous timepieces will go head to head with many luxury watches out there.

But guess what, even though these watches look all shades of luxurious, they are pretty affordable.

No wonder many collectors are striving to lay their hands on these beauties.

For Seiko fanatics and professionals looking for a dive watch that is pocket-friendly and delivers exactly as promised, you’ll not be disappointed to get one of these watches.

Stay with us as we take you through their pricing.

Ocean Turtle Pricing

While this iconic timepiece has everything you want to see in a dive watch, its pocket-friendly price has endeared it to many Seiko fanatics, professionals, and veteran watch collectors who value the watch’s unique proposition.

At the moment, the Seiko Save the Ocean Turtle edition, goes for nearly $596.90, which is quite affordable, especially if you compare it to some of the expensive dive watches out there with almost the exact specifications.

Ocean Samurai pricing

When it comes to pricing, Save the Ocean Samurai is a lot cheaper than Seiko Save the Ocean Turtle, so if you’re looking for a decent dive watch that you won’t have to spend a fortune on, you’ll surely fancy Seiko Prospex Save the Ocean Samurai.

And because it comes loaded with fascinating features you’ll not find on other famous dive watches; it’s easy to see why this watch is a rare gem waiting to grace the wrist of someone special.

The average price of this extraordinary dive watch on the private sales market starts at about $295.

That said, you can expect the price to be about $332 if you’re buying from a gray market dealer.

And because professionals and collectors highly value this watch, you can expect the price to tick up in the coming years.

So if you come across a good deal for this watch, we will advise you to take it.

 Ocean Prospex Solar Chronograph

Compared to other watches in the Save the Ocean Series, the Save the Ocean Prospex Solar Chronograph is perhaps the most expensive.

That said, when you pitch it against what other dive watches are selling for, you’ll agree that this watch isn’t all that expensive, especially for a chronograph of this caliber.

As per pricing, this watch will cost around $602.99.

And considering the many exciting features that this impeccable timepiece offers, you’ll agree that this is a steal.

And because the watch is extremely popular among collectors and professionals, we expect the watch to cost a lot more in a couple of years.

Why you should get the Save the Ocean Series

By now, we know you must be intrigued about the many exciting features that the Save the Ocean Series watches offer, but guess what?

These watches are a lot more valuable than their many charming specifications and attractive price point.

Designed to champion the course of marine conservation, getting one of these Prospex dive watches will mean contributing to efforts aimed at preserving the ocean.

That’s because proceeds generated from the Save the Ocean Series sales are channeled towards protecting our oceans.

So if you’re a marine enthusiast looking for ways to protect our great oceans, investing in one of these timepieces wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

And because these watches are not super expensive, you won’t have to spend a fortune to add them to your collections.

Frequently asked questions

Is Seiko a luxury brand?

Although Seiko may not come close to luxury watch brands like Patek Philippe and Rolex, guess what?

Their incredible collections of watches like the Prospex editions will give other luxury brands a run for their money.

Why are Seiko watches so cheap?

While most timepieces with automatic movement usually cost more, the main reason Seiko watches cost a lot less is because of their age.

And just to add, most of their tooling and parts have been totally paid off.

Are Seiko watches as good as Rolex?

Seiko timepieces have proven to be as durable and reliable as their Rolex competitor.

While the company tried to penetrate into the luxury watch market with the Grand Seiko in the early 1960s, they fell below par, no thanks to their affordable price.


The Seiko Save the Ocean series is more than just dive watches, and that’s because they were specially designed to help conserve the oceans we love.

Getting one of these timepieces will mean playing your role in ensuring that our oceans are safe for marine life.

Without mincing words, the Save the Ocean Series is worth every penny spent purchasing it and more, so if you want a timepiece that has a lot of value to its name, in addition to its excellent performance, you’ll not be disappointed to give this series a try.