Seagull 1963 Watch review

Seagull 1963 Watch – A Hands On Look in 2024

We have everything you need to know about the Seagull 1963 Watch in 2024, this gull guide will help you get more acquainted with this watch.

If you’re interested in an iconic mechanical chronograph without having to spend a fortune, you’ll no doubt fancy the all amazing Seagull 1963.

Designed to give other mechanical watches a run for their money, this brilliant timepiece with lots of breathtaking specs will blow your mind the minute you set your eyes on it.

While many people don’t fancy the strap that comes with this watch, its incredible movement, unique dial, sturdy case, mesmerizing design, and overall packaging makes the watch tempting.

But before we take you through everything you need to know about the Seagull 1963, let’s explore a brief history of the Seagull brand.

About Seagull

Tianjin Seagull Watch Group is a renowned watch-making company with roots in Tianjin, China.

Though founded in 1955, the company has risen to prominence thanks to many of its incredible watches.

While their watches charmed their way into the hearts of watch lovers, Tianjin Seagull Watch Group is also recognized as one of the world’s largest producers of mechanical watch movements as the company is believed to produce one-quarter of the movements available globally.

Let us quickly add that the Tianjin watch factory, which was established in 1955, started with four artisans on the order of the Chinese government.

That said, the watch has grown into a global brand.

Though the company was awarded the status of a national company in 1990, it was in 1992 that the Seagull Corporation was fully established.

While the company started off producing mechanical watches, they eventually switched to the production of quartz watches.

Strangely, the decision to switch to quartz watches was rescinded five years later as the company returned to exclusively producing mechanical movements and watches.

Seagull 1963 specifications

  • Case diameter – 38mm
  • Lug to lug – 46mm
  • Water resistance rating – 30m
  • Thickness – 14mm
  • Lug width – 18mm
  • Movement – Powered by the Seagull’s signature ST1901 movement, a hand-wound chronograph that features a column wheel, a 45-hours power reserve, 21 jewels, and 21 600 A/h.

Seagull 1963 all polished case

One of the exciting things to love about the Seagull 1963 is its sophisticated and polished case.

And even though the case is shaped pretty much regularly, the geometric bevel on each of its four lugs adds depth and dimension to the watch.

We love that the case features a polished and refined bezel, deliberately rounded to meet the flat case underneath.

More so, the lugs have been nicely curved to ensure it fits your wrist comfortably.

Another cool thing about Seagull 1963 is that its chronograph pushers protrude in such a way that it adds extra visual bulk to the case.

Also, the crown is quite sophisticated for a manual wind watch.

This allows for hassle-free winding.

More so, it doesn’t feel wobbly or cheap when manually winding it.

Seagull 1963 Dial

When compared to the case, the Seagull 1963 features a more decorative dial and hands.

And as if that’s not enough, you’ll be charmed by the stunning, authentic, and vintage color of the dial.

Besides being stunning, the dial features distinct gold markers for hours.

Plus, the brand’s logo, a red star with an applied gold border, sits just beneath the noon marker.

Like all their other watches, the Seagull 1963 features a dial with clear and legible texts.

Additionally, the subdials are used to represent running seconds as well as elapsed minutes for the chronograph.

The hands are one of a kind, and that’s because the hours, minutes, and sub-dials all feature a rich blue color.

This is further highlighted by the red hand of the central chronograph.

We also love the balance between the colors, which gives the Seagull 1963 a real depth that makes it fashionable and iconic.

Seagull 1963 Movement

Fitted with the company’s signature ST19 mechanical hand-winding chronograph, you can rest assured that the Seagull 1963 will perform exactly as promised.

And trust us when we say you’ll not find a fully mechanical chronograph like the Seagull 1963, especially not in this price range.

Inspired by the Swiss Venus 175 movement, Seagull’s ST19 movement is a one-of-a-kind movement that performs impressively on all fronts.

A look at the back of the case reveals just how sophisticated the movement is.

Its Golden colored cogs, guilloche stripped parts, and purple jewels make it a joy to behold.

Seagull 1963 straps

When it comes to the strap for the Seagull 1963, we have come across different options, so we can’t say for sure what you’ll be getting.

While some Seagulls 1963 come fitted with a sophisticated leather strap, others come with NATO straps.

That said, the straps are all 18mm and designed to fit the watch’s lug width.

Another thing we have come to love about the strap is how comfortable it feels.

While it may not feel right the first time you wear it, a few wears will allow the strap to mold to your wrist perfectly, allowing it to feel comfortable every time you have it over your wrists.


  • Water-resistant up to 30 mm
  • Features a brilliant movement that is super accurate
  • The dial is spot on and not very busy
  • An affordable chronograph watch
  • Sophisticated and vintage design
  • Scratch-resistant


  • The straps aren’t the best on the market
  • The case can do with some improvement

Frequently asked questions

How much does the Seagull 1963 cost?

For a wristwatch under the sub $300 category, you’ll agree that it isn’t too expensive, especially considering its many incredible specs.

Is it water-resistant?

While the Seagull is water-resistant up to 30mm, it isn’t as exciting as other mechanical chronographs from other brands that are water-resistant up to 200m.

Is the Seagull 1963 worth it?

Trust us when we say it is super rare to find a fully functional mechanical chronograph that is as affordable as the Seagull 1963.

Powered by Seagull’s ST19 movement, inspired by the Swiss Venus 175 movement, this watch is all shades of outstanding and worth every penny spent getting it.


The Seagull 1963 is undoubtedly a unique watch any collector will want to lay their hands on.

And even though it is Chinese-made, don’t let that fool you as the watch features a brilliant and fully mechanical ST19 movement that is every inch as good as the Swiss movement that inspired it.

And like we mentioned earlier, mechanical chronographs are rare to find, and their price point scares people away.

That said, the Seagull 1963 is affordable and will make a fine addition to your collection.