Seiko SARX055 Presage review

Seiko SARX055 Presage – Luxury or Dressy?

The Grand Seiko Snowflake Presage is one of the most famous and luxurious creations from Seiko second to the Grand Seiko line up.

However, its high price tag and limited supply prevent many users from owning the much-coveted timepiece.

Thankfully, Seiko has created the successor of the Grand Snowflake: the Seiko SARX055.

Seiko SARX055 Presage History

Back then, the closest thing you can get to the Grand Seiko Snowflake is the Seiko SARB035.

But with the emergence of the Seiko SARX055, which is often dubbed as the “Baby Snowflake”, collectors now have an option to get a similar looking watch at a fraction of the cost.

The Seiko SARX055 is dubbed as the successor of the Grand Seiko Snowflake because of the similarity in their appearance.

The Baby Snowflake also has a polished, mirror-like appearance with a brushed surface around the bezel area, giving it a classy presence.

But the main selling point of the Seiko SARX055 better is its price, which is just a fifth of the cost of the Grand Seiko.

Design and Movement

The Seiko SARX055 Presage measure 41mm wide and 11mm thick, which is just right for a dress watch.

It’s larger than the usual dress watch which averages 39mm wide.

However, the huge 46mm lug-to-lug length makes the watch easily wearable by anyone.

The lugs give a nice flow that makes the Seiko SARX055 easy to fit under your cuff.

The Seiko SARX055 Presage has a titanium case that’s lightweight but sturdier than the usual stainless steel metal used on watches.

Its lack of weight might turn you off, but that’s what makes titanium better.

Other watches will weigh around 130g to 150g, depending on their size.

However, the Seiko SARX055 weighs only around 105g, which is similar to the weight of many minimalist watches.

You may not immediately feel the difference when you wear it, but you’ll get what we mean once the watch stays on your wrist for prolonged periods.

The overall brushed polish of the titanium bracelet is well-executed.

If you look at the links closely, you’ll find that their outer edges are highly polished.

The center links also have angular edges that give the bracelet an overall different visual appeal from the usual appearance of bracelets you often see in other watches.

The sapphire crystal has an anti-reflective coating that is so clear, you’d think it’s not there.

It’s called Super Clear Coating by Seiko and true to its name, it looks as if you can directly touch the hands and the indices of the watch.

Seiko Presage reivew

The most glaring similarity between the Grand Snowflake and the Baby Snowflake is the dial.

The SARX055 features a grainy pattern that looks like snow scattered on a silvery plain.

This gives the watch a lustrous look from afar with an impressive amount of detail from up-close.

In the noon position, there’s an applied “Seiko” inscription.

On the 3 o’clock position, you’ll find a framed date window.

The silver chapter ring perfectly complements the color of the watch.

The Baby Snowflake has dauphine style hands and applied hour markers, both of which are given a highly polished finish for that lush appeal.

These components glint when they catch the light, giving the watch an extra ounce of extravagance.

Speaking of the hands and the indices, both are sharply finished in the SARX055, giving the dial an additional dash of elegance.

To make things exciting and move away from being monotone, you’ll find the blue second hand gracing the dial with its smooth movement.

The Seiko SARX055 features the Seiko 6R15 automatic quartz movement runs at 21,600bph and has a 50-hour power reserve.

The stated accuracy of the calibre is +25/-15 seconds per day which is a humble estimation from Seiko since you can get somewhere around +/-5 seconds per day upon careful observation.

Seiko SARX055 Presage caseback

Talking Points

Here are some points to consider that will help you decide whether you should buy the Presage SARX055 or not.


Price around $1,000, the Seiko SARX055 might be a hard sell to you.

If you look at the features of the watch, there’s nothing unusual or highly exceptional about any of them.

In fact, some Seiko models are equipped with better calibres than the Baby Snowflake.

However, the use of titanium and the overall craftsmanship displayed in every detail of the watch makes the price reasonable.


You’ll find the watch surprisingly light, thanks to the use of titanium on the case and the bracelet.

You don’t have to worry about the strength of the watch just because it feels flimsy.

You may prefer a watch that you can feel on your wrist, but the Seiko SARX055 will change your mind on this aspect.


The intricate details placed on the watch further justifies the price of the Seiko SARX055.

If you look closely at the dial, hands, chapter ring, bracelet, and case back, you’ll see that Seiko put a lot of attention to polish every corner of the watch.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Presage Seiko SARX055

Is the Seiko SARX055 water-resistant?

Yes, it’s water-resistant up to a depth of 100 meters.

You can’t use the watch for diving, but you can use it for casual swimming activities.

What is Seiko SARX055 made of?

The material used for the construction of the bracelet and the case is titanium.

Titanium is said to be more durable than stainless steel but weighs several times lighter, making it the perfect material for wrist accessories.

The titanium case has been coated with DiaShield to help prevent corrosion.

The coating also helps maintain the pristine condition of the case and keep its stainless steel look.

Does the bracelet allow micro-adjustments?

The double-push deployant clasp has a milled polish and a perfect flush that leaves no gap when locked into position.

The only problem with this is that there’s no micro-adjustment feature for perfectly fitting the watch on your wrist.

You can still remove or add the half links for adjustments, though.


The Seiko SARX055 belongs to the Presage collection which comfortably sits at the mid-range price point.

Priced at around $1,000, the Seiko SARX055 presents an affordable alternative to the Grand Seiko Snowflake that cost up to 10 times more than the Baby Snowflake.

If you’re looking for a classy dress watch you can wear without regret, the Seiko SARX055 is a strong candidate to consider.