Mido Baroncelli Heritage

Mido Baroncelli Heritage – Updated Guide 2024

Looking for an updated 2024 review of the Mido Baroncelli Heritage watch then you have come to the right place.

Mido is a brand known for its creative combination of aesthetics and functionality that endow their products with timelessness and durability.

One of their popular creations is the Mido Baroncelli Heritage which is known for its classy design that defies its actual market price.

Why consider Mido Baroncelli?

The Mido Baroncelli Heritage was created to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the collection in Mido’s staples.

It’s distinguished for the minimalistic and classy appearance that makes it look like a luxurious timepiece.

This is a challenging feat for manufacturers, especially when creating a budget to mid-range watch that can everyone can appreciate.

Another distinctive feature of the Baroncelli Heritage that not many users may notice is the intricate work done on its hands.

The watch features beveled hands with diamond polish on one side and sandblasting on the opposite side.

This process is often done on more expensive watches, so it’s a pleasant surprise to get this type of treatment on a mid-range watch.

Because of the uncluttered design of the dial, it appears bigger than its actual size.

This makes it a highly functional dress watch that doesn’t trade off elegance for usefulness.

Design and Movement

The Heritage is known for its sleek and classy appeal, further emphasized by the minimalistic dial, double-sided hands, and double gadroon.

The watch is made of 316L stainless steel case measuring 39mm wide and 7.25mm thick.

It has a sleek size that perfectly matches its classic design.

Because of its slim frame, it can be comfortably worn with any formal dress as it slips nicely under the cuffs.

The Heritage has a transparent case back that greatly adds aesthetic value to the classic theme of the watch.

It shows the clean-cut components of the ETA-based movement that makes the timepiece tick.

The watch comes with a leather strap to complete the watch’s classic appeal.

Some variants have a stainless steel bracelet with a fold-over clasp.

The dial has circular minute markers on the outer rim.

The hour markers are presented with long, thin lines to accentuate the minimalist aesthetic of the watch.

The Mido Baroncelli Heritage has a subtle texture on the dial that doesn’t call too much attention while remaining one of the main attractions of the watch.

At the 3 o’clock position, you’ll find a date window that’s large enough for you to easily spot at a glance.

The date window is cleanly cut without the need to put borders to make it stick out of the dial.

The minimalistic theme of the watch makes the date window very legible despite its small size.

The luxurious dial is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

It’s been given anti-reflective treatment on both sides to ensure a highly visible watch face even under direct sunlight.

The Mido features a Mido 1192 automatic movement.

The movement is based on the ETA 2892A2 that is known for its accuracy and reliability that lasts for years.

It boasts a 42-hour power reserve that is the average duration that mid-range automatic watches carry.

Mido Baroncelli Heritage review

Talking Points

Here are some points to consider that will help you decide whether you should buy the Baroncelli Heritage or not.

Water Resistance

As a classic watch designed to be worn with formal attire, it’s expected of the Heritage to have a low water-resistance rating.

The watch can withstand water pressure up to a depth of 30 meters only.

Essentially, it’s splash-proof and can handle casual swimming.


Being a classic watch, neither the hands nor the markers have any luminous substance applied to them.

This makes the dial hard to read under low-light conditions.

Case material

The Mido Baroncelli Heritage is made of 316L stainless steel used for decades because of its durability and compatibility with most skin types.

It’s resistant to corrosion and magnetic fields, making it a very versatile component for watches.


When it comes to color variety, the watch has a lot of options to choose from.

There are silver, gold, pink, and rose gold tones, and there are also two-tone variants available.

You’ll surely have something that will suit your taste from among these choices.


Weighing only 40 grams including the strap, the Mido Baroncelli Heritage is very comfortable to wear every day.

Measuring only 39mm wide, the watch isn’t too large to make it unsightly to wear for those with small wrists.

The overall size and weight of the watch match the expected heft and versatility expected from the timepiece.


The watch is priced at around $1,100 that is above the average value for mid-range watches.

You can say that this belongs to the higher bracket for mid-range watches, so it’s not that cheap even though it’s considered a budget mid-range accessory.


How long is the warranty for the Mido Baroncelli Heritage?

Mido provides a two-year warranty on services.

Servicing depends on the availability of components.

For ordinary watches, Mido services watches up to 10 years old from their manufacturing date.

This is extended up to 20 years for gold watches.

How often do I have to service my watch?

Regular checkup is a must if you want to maintain the reliability of the watch.

It’s recommended that you have it serviced every 4 to 5 years for optimum performance.

Is the coating used on the watch electroplated or PVD coated?

Other variants of the watch have PVD coating which is more durable than gold electroplating used by other watch brands on their products.

The PVD coating also has a warm feel that compliments the dressy look of the watch.


The watch defines how a mid-range dress watch should be crafted.

It features craftsmanship and intricacy on details found often only in luxurious brands.

This proof says a lot about the dedication Mido has put into the collection to make it stand out among the competition.

However, since the Mido Baroncelli Heritage is priced a bit steeper compared to your sub-$1,000 mid-range timepiece, so think carefully before you make the purchase.

Nonetheless, whichever your decision is, rest assured you’re getting a masterpiece that will last for decades.