Is Rolex Worth The Investment?

you’ve heard it on facebook and the watch forums users asking if “is rolex worth the investment”?

While this question goes much deeper than just buying the readily available Datejust from an AD the value of Rolex steel sports models like the explorer, Milgauss, Daytona, deepsea and the submariner and etc are exploding in value

I just got back from a holiday in Greece and I ran into a Rolex store in kafelonia and i asked sales woman the age old question 😂 if they have any Rolex steel sports stock, and cue the laughter track

she sighed and said, we wont ever get steel sports again in europe for a long time, in fact she said the last time they had a steel sports modal in stock was 1 year ago, and it was the explorer 2.

So while the question is still open on if Rolex is a good investment is YES which the exception of buying steel sorts modals.

And there lies the problem, you cant pick up rolex sports modals from ADs anymore and one who seeks out these models will need to explore the grey market dealers which can be a daunting journey into the abyss if you dont know ehat to look for.

Grey markets

While i was in the kefelonian rolex Authorised dealer the woman there told me about her experience seeking out the grey markets in China and Singapore as many may know are plentiful with the desired sports models, she said she couldnt believe her eyes

Around the corner from the official rolex authorised dealers where steel sports are no where to be seen, only meters away yout find grey market dealers back to back flushed with all the sort aftet steel models one could only desire.

Except in this instance the prices are through roof and ADs are now taking action to try to deter dealers from systematically buying up stock at the cheap Rolex AD prices.

But where there is serious money to be made, there are exploits to use for ADs to cross over to the grey market sector and do some illegal things.

How to find a good deal on Rolex steel sports?

With rolex ADs not being able to compete with grey matket dealers the only solution they offer is a 10 year waiting list to get a submariner at rrp.

But if you want a rolex you can call yours with in this decade the only option is to buy from a grey market dealer and that in itself can be a tricky to weave through shady dealers.


Getting a good deal can sometimes be too good to be true and it is best to go with reputable grey market dealer like jomashop, david sw as online dealers and brick and morter shops.

Never buy online without checking the shops online reputation first because you may get taken for a ride, but if you read you know that already.

To sum up if rolex is worth the investment is subjective, if you like the watch then buy it, dont “invest” in watches if you plan on making money.

Its true, you can go into buying a rolex, keeping it for a certain amount of time and end up selling it for equal or more that you paid for it, that said like anything else in investing “what goes up must come down”.

Where are Rolex prices at?

Rolex resale prices are higher than they have ever been so if you are not in a rush to snag a steel sports Rolex then you may find it beneficial to wait until the market corrects itself.

However waiting for the perfect deal to come around is a unicorn and it’s very rare to find a steel sports model at RRP.

What do you think and what had been your experience buying a Rolex