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How To Choose A Watch – The Updated Guide 2024

Wondering How To Choose A Watch in 2024 we go in-depth on how to go about it.

Are you looking for the perfect watch for yourself but don’t know where to start, or better still, you’re shopping for a decent timepiece for birthdays, holidays, and other special events, and you seem to be confused about what to get?

Well, today is your lucky day as we have put together a detailed guide on how to choose a watch that fits your personality, taste, and style.

After reading our tips on how to pick the suitable wristwatch that ticks all your boxes, you’ll never again be overwhelmed when shopping for a brilliant timepiece, whether for yourself, a friend, or a loved one.

Without mincing words, choosing the perfect timepiece for yourself or others can be a little daunting, especially if this is your first rodeo.

Thoughts and fears like how much should I spend, should I go for a sporty watch or a dressy one, should I get a watch with a bracelet or one with a leather strap?

In today’s post, we will try to make the process of choosing a brilliant timepiece less terrifying and more reinforcing.

By following some of the exciting tips we will outline shortly, you’re on your way to choosing a timepiece that ticks all your boxes or one that will make a great gift of time to anyone.

Who is going to wear the watch?

Before you decide to buy a watch for yourself or others, put into careful thought the person’s interests, likes and dislikes, hobbies, fashion style, and more.

Also, ask yourself questions like; is the person a business executive, a sports fan, or a fashion maven?

This should give you some pointers on what you should get.

Here are some suggestions you’ll find pretty helpful:

  • If you or the person you want to get a watch for is a sports enthusiast, you’ll not go wrong to opt for sports watches like Zenith Defy or Breitling Navitimer.
  • For the fashion-savvy, opt for Hermes Galop.
  • If you’re a sucker for business, then Patek Philippe Calatrava will tick all your boxes.
  • For creative folks, a Hublot Orlinski watch will make a perfect fit.
  • For people who always opt for the minimalist every day ‘Beater” lifestyle then watch brands like Casio, Nomos, or the Citizen will not disappoint.
  • If you like timeless designs that are affordable than watches that have appeared in movies then check out watches from Hamilton, Seiko and Casio that will surely get you going.

Another thing you should consider when choosing a watch for yourself or others is considering the climate you or the recipient live in.

If you live in a dry climate, then you’ll find a cool watch with a bracelet worth it.

On the flip side, a watch with a great leather strap and a vintage padded look will work in most climates.

Put your budget into consideration

Even though you already know what you or your recipient likes or dislikes, you still have to consider your wallet before buying any timepiece.

And that’s because there are many timepieces on the market for every budget, whether it is $50 or $100,000.

While you may be that person who isn’t afraid to splurge cash when you find the right timepiece, still, it will make a lot of sense if you already have a budget in mind.

To be honest, there is really no need to dig deep into your pocket to buy a watch that you honestly don’t have the budget for.

Seiko Save the Ocean review
Seiko Save the Ocean

Once you have a sense of how much you’re willing to spend figured out, choosing the perfect timepiece wouldn’t be as daunting as you imagined.

Here are some suggestions you’ll find worth checking out:

  • If you don’t intend to spend more than $500, you should consider a Seiko Prospex like the save the ocean series or even cheap the amazing Seiko 5 series, for more Seiko watch reviews then click here. This watch delivers a lot of personality, style, and performance for the money spent.
  • If you have around $1000 to $3000 to play around with, you can opt for an Oris, Tudor or an Omega Speedmaster, just look on websites on Chrono24 to get an idea of some of the prices.
  • Buying a luxury time piece on the second hand market – It can be beneficial to buy on the second-hand grey market however you need to know what you are doing to avoid being scammed. If you are truly a first timer then consider getting someone to help to do your due diligence on any pieces over the $3000 price mark. To avoid all problems then consider buying retail at your local AD and this will help you rest easy.
  • Resale value – Many people will scoff at resale value, but its an important aspect to cover as there are many watches like Hublot and Omega that do lose their value as soon as you take it off the shop floor. If losing money doesn’t bother you then carry on with the watch you would most desire. However, if you have plans to maybe one day sell it on then buying a watch you’re also investing in the brand and brands like Rolex have increased massively in value which has made their hard to find in ADs for RRP prices and can only be sourced via grey market dealers.
    So buying a brand and model that has had a good track record may be a good angle if you are a newbie looking to make your first big purchase.

Breitling diver watch collection review

Consider watch movements and precious metals

Before you decide on the perfect watch that ticks all your boxes, we suggest you take a minute or two to understand the different types of watch movements along with their materials.

This is super important as these factors have a way of influencing pricing, performance, and styles.

For starters, timepieces with quartz movements are typically more affordable than mechanical automatic timepieces with manual-winding and self-winding functionality.

Likewise, timepieces built from stainless steel materials are cheaper than watches made of lighter-weight titanium, carbon fiber, and noble metals.

Before you jump on any watch deal, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to do your own bit to figure out the types of movements or materials your preferred watch comes with.

This will no doubt save you a lot of headaches.

Style and features are of the essence.

Part of our earlier suggestions was that you consider the recipient of the timepiece.

And that’s because it is among one of the most critical factors anyone should take into cognizance when shopping for the perfect timepiece.

Suppose you’re buying a watch for a pragmatist who has no interest in gadgets and functionality; opting for a decent three-hand watch along with an easy-to-read dial will make perfect sense.

If the recipient is fashion savvy, you won’t go wrong to go for watches with unusual shapes of colorful dials or even sandwich dials like Panerai.

Just like styles, features are also an integral factor when shopping for the perfect timepiece.

If you or the person you’re getting the watch for is a die-hard sports fan with an interest in swimming or running, going for a chronograph will be a smart move.

On the other hand, if the recipient is a world traveler or business executive, you should opt for watches with functions such as GMT dual timezone, calendar, world time indications, moonphase and more.

What brand do you prefer?

Sure, the concept of brands can be a bit confusing and complex, but before we go deeper, we need you to understand this: You aren’t obligated to buy a specific watch brand.

That said, it’s cool to know the best watch brands across all price points.

Doing a little research before purchasing any timepiece will save you a lot of headaches.

If you’re interested in a brand with an attractive and affordable price range, going for more prominent brands that are popular will make a lot of sense, and just like having a luxury watch you will be associated with status.

Consider watches like Rolex, Tudor and their famous Blackbay diver, AP and etc, they have become status symbols over the years.

For more expensive watches, your personality, personal style, and pristine taste take center stage which means you don’t need to spend an arm or leg for a nice classy watch that will compliment your style, just see the micro brands we have reviewed.

sternglas topograph
Sternglas Topograph

While some people are conscious about watch brands and prefer wearing big-name brands, others like to take the less beaten path and opt for lesser-known watch brands with a knack to deliver excellence and performance for the buck.

At the end of the day, keep in mind that everything boils down to whom you are buying for and how much you’re willing to spend on a timepiece, whether it is a personal gift to yourself or to others.

What is your wrist size?

Before you even start shopping for the perfect wristwatch, you’ll need to first figure out the size of your wrists.

Whether you have a slender, medium, very thing, or thick wrist, these factors will significantly impact how the timepiece looks on your wrists.

To this end, you’ll need to figure out which of these categories you belong to before choosing a suitable wristwatch for your wrist.

Once you have figured out your wrist size, you can then select the perfect timepiece that looks great and feels comfortable on your wrists.

More so, having an idea of your wrist size will also come in quite handy, especially if you like to shop online.

Armed with this information, you should be able to shop for a wristwatch that is perfect for you without trying it on.

Again, figuring this out will help you narrow down your list, especially if you have many options to choose from.

If you have a very thin wrist, it will make sense to opt for a dress watch.

Alternatively, a sports watch will look fabulous and flattering if you have a pretty thick wrist.

How to Measure Your Wrist

As we mentioned earlier, knowing your wrist size will save you a lot of headaches when shopping for a suitable wristwatch.

To make things easy for you, we have put together some helpful tips on how you can measure your wrist correctly.

Check these tips out below:

  • To measure your wrist, you’ll need a flexible measuring tape or a strip of paper.
  • Start by wrapping a flexible measuring tape or strip of paper around your arm, particularly where your watch band will typically sit.
  • If you decide to use a strip of paper, use a pen or pencil to mark the area where the ends meet.
  • After that, unwrap the paper and set it flat, just next to the ruler, paying close attention to the measurement.
  • If you have a 14-16cm measurement, it means you have a very thin wrist. If you get a 16 to 17cm measurement, you have a slender wrist. And if you end up measuring 17-18cm, it means you have a medium wrist. An 18cm measurement and above indicates you have a thick wrist.

What type of band do you want?

A watch with metal links or a leather band is perfect for a professional or business setting.

If you’re interested in comfort and durability, you’ll find watches with fabric or canvas NATO straps are great for casual settings.

For something contemporary and urban, you’ll not be disappointed to opt for watches with suede bands.

Plastic and rubber bands are a bit more common among and sporty and diver watches.

If you’re interested in leather and other fabrics, we suggest you also consider whether the materials have been stitched or glued together.

Over the years, we have discovered that watches that have their bands stitched perform way better than watches with their components glued.

Keep calm and enjoy the experience.

Watch shopping should never be a nerve-wracking or scary experience, especially when you have us at your corner to guide you.

Shopping from an authorized dealer or an online store for new or pre-owned watches should be an exhilarating experience.

When shopping for a timepiece, see it as a challenge and a learning curve.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

While you’ll most likely have access to a sales staff or an online concierge who is more than willing to guide you by offering little directions here and there, we urge you to follow all the tips we have earlier outlined in today’s post.

And if you’re buying from an authorized dealer, you can be at least sure that you can return the timepiece if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Also, if the person you’re getting the watch for doesn’t end up liking it, you can always exchange it or return it for a full refund.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of watch goes with everything?

Are you interested in a timepiece that goes with everything?

Then you’re welcome to read further.

Sure, you can find a watch that goes with almost everything, but it isn’t always easy to figure that out by yourself.

To save you all that stress, we will urge you to go for wristwatches with plain black or white faces.

Also, a timepiece with a steel bracelet or leather strap will go with almost everything.

How do I choose my first timepiece?

Choosing your first timepiece can be pretty daunting.

But since we have you covered, you have nothing to worry about.

To choose your first timepiece, follow these helpful tips.

  • Opt for a watch with a bracelet band.
  • Go for a watch with simple details.
  • Focus on fit.
  • Go for a watch that is within your budget.

How much should I spend on a watch?

Nice watches don’t come cheap.

Let’s say you want a decent mechanical Swiss watch; you’re going to cough out at least $500 for the most affordable unit.

For entry-level mechanical Swiss watches, you may end up spending between $1000 to $3000.

A mid-range mechanical Swiss watch should cost you between $5000 to $10,000 or more depending on the market.


Like we mentioned earlier, choosing the perfect watch that ticks all your boxes can be pretty scary at first, but if you follow all the tips listed in today’s post, you shouldn’t have a problem choosing the perfect watch for yourself and others.

In case you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, and we will be happy to reply.