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How Good are Invicta Watches – Updated Guide 2024

How Good are Invicta Watches in 2024 is it worth buying into the hype?

We answer these controversial questions that watch enthusiasts are asking.

If you’re a newbie getting into watches then we are sure you must have come across a unique brand of watches: the Invicta, which is gaining prominence among watch collectors and lovers of affordable diver watches.

Invicta is unlike any other brand and what you probably don’t know is that they are one of the most successful watch brands in the world.

How are they so successful, thanks to their home shopping network presence it would be hard to miss the Invicta brand showing up on your TV.

That said, are they worth it?

Well, it depends on who answers the question as they are loved and equally hated by the watch community.

Initially praised for their timeless Invicta Pro diver watch there success moved into the slightly wilder and bigger designs.

invicta pro diver product image
invicta pro diver

Ask any watch enthusiast about their thoughts of the Invicta and you are guaranteed to upset someone or watch their eyes light up about the Pro Diver and shrugg of the later offerings.

Their new offerings:

Gold invicta watch product photo

Unlike your typical watches, Invicta watches uniquely blend traditional aesthetics and design with high-tech materials.

Thanks to their superb design, Invicta unveils a unique line of watches that combines classic watch engineering with modern design, giving rise to a bold, sophisticated, and new future in timepiece design.

Given their luxurious design, overall appeal, and considering how affordable these watches are, you may be forced to ask yourself if Invicta watches are good.

Well, let’s cut to the chase and answer all the questions you have about Invicta watches.

After reading today’s post, you should be able to decide if Invicta watches are good and worth giving a try.

History of the brand

The Invicta brand kicked off in 1837 and was owned by Swiss watchmaker Raphael Picard.

Thanks to the partnership with the Picard family, Raphael Picard was able to run and operate the company well into the latter stages of the 20th century.

Since the company began making wristwatches, Invicta has competed on the biggest stages with some of the most established Swiss watchmakers out there.

Though the Invicta brand has many manual and automatic type winding watches to its name, the company was never able to get the recognition enjoyed by expensive Swiss watchmakers like Rolex and Omega.

That said, the company has been able to build a respectable reputation worldwide.

Unfortunately, like most established watch brands, the Invicta brand couldn’t withstand the shockwave that hit the entire watch industry in the wake of the quartz crisis of the 1970s.

While the quartz crisis was tagged a revolution by many industry experts, the shockwave that swept through the watch industry changed the fortunes of watchmaking to this day.

The coming of quartz timekeeping made watchmaking quite affordable while creating new markets for quality timepieces.

Sadly, the Swiss watchmaking industry, which was reputed for its fine engineering and precision, suddenly found itself in a freefall, as more people opted for quartz-powered watches.

It would take nearly a decade for the Swiss watchmaking industry to restrategize and reclaim its status as makers of the finest watches ever to grace the watch industry.

Though Invicta fortunes took a hit during the quartz crisis, the company was able to weather the storm and returned to winning ways in 1991, when US-based investors took over the company.

With a renewed vision to continue making high-grade timepieces at affordable prices, the Invicta brand roared back to life as many opted for their watches instead of other expensive Swiss watchmakers.

What you should know about Invicta watches today.

The brand’s mission to make watches affordable to the ordinary watch lover has driven the company to produce some of the most affordable Swiss watches ever to grace the watch industry.

While critics have termed Invicta watches as the cheapest Swiss watches, there is no denying their fine engineering.

Even though you can find some Invicta watches for under $100, the brand has a wide array of watches for practically anyone’s taste.

Considering that this brand offers a standard three years warranty and uses quality movements in many of its watches, you’ll agree that the Invicta brand isn’t a walkover.

Currently, the Pro Diver series is the brand’s most popular line of watches.

And people have loved this particular watch because of its impeccable styles, attractive color, and unique sizes.

What we particularly love about Invicta watches is the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and durability.

While the brand is famous for making self-winding mechanical watches, we love the fact that they use some of the finest materials to make their watches, including classic swiss movement and 21-jewel automatic movement.

Is the Invicta brand a full-fledged Swiss watch brand?

Even though Invicta prides itself as a full-fledged Swiss brand, thanks to its Swiss Heritage, unfortunately, not all of their watches are Swiss inside-out.

While the brand still manufactures a large majority of its watches in Switzerland, many of its watches can be traced to Asia.

And just so you know, many of their popular watches, specifically the stainless steel Aviator, uses Japanese quartz instead of Swiss Timekeeping.

That said, the Invicta brand has many Swiss-made watches that have grown to become fan favorites.

While the company likes to mix things up a bit, their Pro Diver series is deemed Swiss-made and perfect for people crazy about Swiss watches.

Are Invicta watches worth it?

Now, to the part you’ve been waiting for: are Invicta watches worth the hype?

Well, we like to think so.

When it comes to value, there is no doubt that Invicta produces some of the finest and most affordable Swiss watches out there.

Although the question about their quality is a bit murky, as not all of their watches have Swiss Timekeeping, but guess what?

We love that the brand uses fine engineering and quality materials in its watches.

While the brand sometimes experiments with quartz timekeeping, this doesn’t make them less of a Swiss brand.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Invicta watches so cheap?

While Invicta watches are lauded for their fine engineering and accuracy, their Swiss watches are some of the most affordable you’ll ever come across.

The reason Invicta watches are so cheap is that a significant portion of their movements is Japanese.

More so, significant parts of their production process are outsourced to China.

Do Invicta watches last?

If you opt for a watch brand with a long history of using quality materials and top-notch craftsmanship, then you can expect their watches to maintain their values over the years.

Even though Invicta watches are staggeringly affordable, you can’t doubt the quality of their watches.

Do Invicta watches glow in the dark?

For people who are crazy about watches that glow, you wont be disappointed to give Invicta watches a try.

Thanks to the Trinite luminous material in their watches, Invicta watches are able to glow brightly in the dark.