Do Bulova Watches Have Real Diamonds

Do Bulova Watches Have Real Diamonds – Is It True in 2024

Many people are wondering if Bulova Watches Have Real Diamonds set in, we answer this commonly asked question of 2024 and you may be surprised.

We get asked a lot by many watch enthusiasts whether Bulova watches have genuine diamonds, and in today’s post, you’ll get all the answers you have been looking for and more.

Even though the Bulova brand doesn’t make some of the most costly timepieces, the diamonds in their watches often leave many watch enthusiasts confused, especially when it comes to putting a price tag on a timepiece that features genuine diamonds.

Today, we will do you the honors of reviewing the Bulova watch brand.

After reading today’s post, you should know for sure whether Bulova pieces feature real diamonds or not.

But before delving deeper, let’s take you through the history of the Bulova brand.

History of the Bulova brand

The Bulova brand is one of the oldest watch brands in the US.

Founded in 1875 by renowned Bohemian watchmaker and immigrant Joseph Bulova, the brand has become a household name, especially among people who love luxury timepieces.

Today, the Bulova brand is owned and managed by the Citizen Group.

Thanks to their watches’ impeccable look and luxury features, Bulova watches are loved across the watch industry.

Plus, their watches don’t cost a fortune to get.

Although the Bulova brand is recognized for building quality timepieces, they also get a lot of accolades for the accuracy of their watches.

Some of the company’s Accutron line units are believed to feature some of the most delicate and accurate timekeeping mechanisms you’ll ever find in this industry.

In terms of accuracy, Bulova timepieces are accurate up to 2 seconds per day.

Moreover, partnering with NASA has shot the company to stardom.

And since David Scott used the Bulova Moon Pilot Chronograph for his mission to the moon, the Bulova brand has continued to rise to global prominence.

While the watch worn by David Scott was later auctioned for over $1.5 million, the company was subsequently contracted by NASA to build Accutron technology into several NASA’s hardware.

Considering the brand’s long-standing heritage and knack for building quality watches, it won’t come as a surprise to learn that Bulova includes diamonds in their timepieces.

The only thing that may surprise you is why their watches aren’t as expensive as other luxury watches on the market.

Bulova Lunar Pilot Chronograph product shot showing the moonlanding

Does the Bulova brand use diamonds in its watches?

It may sound too good to be true, but take it from us, the Bulova brand uses genuine diamonds in their watches, especially if the watch is part of the company’s “Diamond collection.”

Unfortunately, there is very little information as to where and how the Bulova brand sources its diamonds.

Likewise, the Bulova brand hasn’t specified if they cut the jewels themselves.

How expensive are Bulova watches

Even though the Bulova brand doesn’t build expensive watches, some of their timepieces are pricier than others.

For instance, the brand’s Accutron Percheron was among the first timepieces in the world to be built from 24K gold.

Given the materials used to make this watch, it’s no surprise to see the unit sold for $40,000.

Regular timepieces from the brand, including those with diamonds, sell for about $500 or less.

A good example is the Men’s 97D108, which cost only $332.

This particular watch is carefully built from gold-plated stainless steel.

And because the steel is surgical grade, you’ll never have to worry about corrosion leaving a dent on the watch.

Thanks to the pristine quality of the metal used to fabricate this timepiece, you won’t worry about dirt sticking on the watch either.

Another thing that stands out on this watch is the eight diamonds nicely placed between its hour markers.

At 40mm, the face of this watch is perfect in size.

And because the bracelet isn’t heavy, you’ll feel pretty comfortable wearing this watch.

Thanks to featuring the Accutron mechanism, this is one of the most accurate timepieces you’ll ever come across.

The Bulova logo on the clasp gives the watch that premium look that is missing from other watches.

Where are Bulova watches manufactured?

Seeing that the Bulova watch brand features premium materials yet doesn’t cost so much, you may be wondering where the brand’s units are built.

Read on as we will get to that in a bit.

While the Bulova brand is an American company, its timepieces are produced in different countries.

Most of the brand’s high-end products are designed and produced in Switzerland.

On the flip side, the affordable ones and the middle range units are built in Hong Kong and Japan, respectively.

How to spot a fake Bulova watch

One of the surest ways to differentiate a genuine Bulova watch from a fake is that the original Bulova tends to be heavy.

But this isn’t always very accurate, so we have put together other ways to spot a fake Bulova watch.


Every Bulova unit usually features the Bulova brand name on the dial or metal exterior.

It may also feature the model name, for instance, “Bulova Caravelle” or “Bulova Accutron.” On a fake Bulova watch, what you’d typically see a “Bulova movement.”

Serial number

Because the company wants to make it easier for people to differentiate original Bulovas from fakes, they have started including serial numbers on the back of their watches.

So all you have to do is run the serial number through their website to see if it is a real piece or not.

Also, you can reach out to their customer support for further assistance.

Visit a jeweler

The serial number only comes with newer Bulova units.

So if you bought an older piece, you may have to contact customer support, who will then direct you to a jeweler that could help.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Bulova brand considered a luxury watch brand?

The Bulova watch brand is one of the most renowned luxury watch brands in the US.

While it was established in 1875, the watch brand is now owned and managed by the Citizen.

Thanks to their visual appeal, technological achievements, and the premium quality materials use to build their watches; the Bulova brand can compete with some of the top luxury watch brands out there.

What is so special about Bulova?

Bulova has an incredible reputation for building quality watches with impeccable accuracy, durability, and style.

While their units are some of the finest you’ll come across, we like that they make their products available to the general product at reasonable prices.

Does Bulova use real gold?

While the Bulova brand is famous for using diamonds in its watches, some of its units are made from solid gold.

So yes, Bulova uses real gold in some of their watches.


The Bulova watch brand is famous for not only using diamonds in some of their units but also using the finest materials to build their watches.

From design to performance to technology and more, very few watch brands can deliver the quality of watches you’ll find with the Bulova brand.